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Awesome DIY Bedroom Door Decor

We were walking down our upstairs hallway recently and we couldn’t help but feel like the place was too plain. Now, don’t get us wrong, the rest of our house is decorated quite nicely and we even have some pretty things on the walls of our upstairs hall too, but there’s just nothing there to hint at how fun and homey the bedrooms leading off the hall are. That’s why we think it’s time to use our DIY skills to fancy up the bedroom doors a little bit!

Just in case your doors are in need of a little spiffing up like ours are and you’d like to get creative with your own skills on them too, check out these 15 awesome DIY bedroom door hangers that will give the place some personality.

1. DIY basketball door hanger

Diy basketball door hanger

Are your kids big sports fanatics who are particularly good at (and fond of) basketball? Then we have a feeling they’re going to love this idea, as well as the idea of making it with you! Check out how The Eyes of A Boy used a wooden monogram letter from the local crafting store as a base, painting it to look like a basketball and, if your kids would like something a little more on the girly side, embellishing it with some faux flowers.

2. Baby girl door hanger

Baby girl door hanger

Are you (or is someone you love) expecting a new baby girl soon, so you’re hoping to make some cute, lovingly homemade door décor for the nursery so visiting family know exactly where to go to greet the new little bundle of joy? In that case, we think Sanity Amongst Chaos might have just the DIY design for you! Check out how they hand painted fabric to make a cute little stroller with lettered bunting.

3. Wooden knob hanger with paint, sparkles, and stickers

Wooden knob hanger with paint, sparkles, and stickers

What if you’d rather make a classic door knob hanger like the kind that were popular in the 90s instead of hooking something on the surface of the door itself so you don’t mar the paint job? Then here’s a simple project that your kids can basically make entirely themselves! Epic Toys Unite guides you through the process of using sparkly foam pieces to make the base of the door hanger, decorating it with fun stickers of their favourite cartoon characters and making fun puffy paint designs.

4. Country string wrapped monogrammed door hanger

Country string wrapped monogrammed door hanger

Were you a huge fan of the monogram style letter shaped door hanger but you’d rather make one for your own bedroom door and basketball isn’t really your thing? In that case, maybe you’d prefer this simple, rustic looking hanger project from Door Frame instead! We love the way they used yarn wrapping techniques with jute string to get a beautifully weathered but somehow still chic look.