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Awesome DIY Bedroom Door Decor

We were walking down our upstairs hallway recently and we couldn’t help but feel like the place was too plain. Now, don’t get us wrong, the rest of our house is decorated quite nicely and we even have some pretty things on the walls of our upstairs hall too, but there’s just nothing there to hint at how fun and homey the bedrooms leading off the hall are. That’s why we think it’s time to use our DIY skills to fancy up the bedroom doors a little bit!

Just in case your doors are in need of a little spiffing up like ours are and you’d like to get creative with your own skills on them too, check out these 15 awesome DIY bedroom door hangers that will give the place some personality.

1. DIY basketball door hanger

Diy basketball door hanger

Are your kids big sports fanatics who are particularly good at (and fond of) basketball? Then we have a feeling they’re going to love this idea, as well as the idea of making it with you! Check out how The Eyes of A Boy used a wooden monogram letter from the local crafting store as a base, painting it to look like a basketball and, if your kids would like something a little more on the girly side, embellishing it with some faux flowers.

2. Baby girl door hanger

Baby girl door hanger

Are you (or is someone you love) expecting a new baby girl soon, so you’re hoping to make some cute, lovingly homemade door décor for the nursery so visiting family know exactly where to go to greet the new little bundle of joy? In that case, we think Sanity Amongst Chaos might have just the DIY design for you! Check out how they hand painted fabric to make a cute little stroller with lettered bunting.

3. Wooden knob hanger with paint, sparkles, and stickers

Wooden knob hanger with paint, sparkles, and stickers

What if you’d rather make a classic door knob hanger like the kind that were popular in the 90s instead of hooking something on the surface of the door itself so you don’t mar the paint job? Then here’s a simple project that your kids can basically make entirely themselves! Epic Toys Unite guides you through the process of using sparkly foam pieces to make the base of the door hanger, decorating it with fun stickers of their favourite cartoon characters and making fun puffy paint designs.

4. Country string wrapped monogrammed door hanger

Country string wrapped monogrammed door hanger

Were you a huge fan of the monogram style letter shaped door hanger but you’d rather make one for your own bedroom door and basketball isn’t really your thing? In that case, maybe you’d prefer this simple, rustic looking hanger project from Door Frame instead! We love the way they used yarn wrapping techniques with jute string to get a beautifully weathered but somehow still chic look.

5. Foam box door hanger

Foam box door hanger

Are you still thinking about how fun the door hanger idea is but you’d rather make it something interactive so that your kids can have fun during the crafting process and enjoy it afterwards when it’s all done? Then we definitely think you should check out this adorable DIY foam basket doorknob hanger idea from Merryweather’s Cottage! Slip your kids little morning time notes or their allowance by filling the basket.

6. Painted magnetic door hangers

Painted magnetic door hangers

Did the idea of an interactive door hanger really get you but you’d actually still prefer that it be a little more decorative than the basket we showed you above? In that case, here’s an idea that’s super simple for your kids to make but also a lot of fun to change up and swap around! The Neighbourhood Moms guides you through the process of making a magnetic foam door hanger with all kinds of cute, simple shapes to choose from.

7. Pirate themed name plaque

Pirate themed name plaque

Despite how cute, kitschy, and fun all these interactive doorknob hangers for your kids look, did you actually have something a little more permanent and decorative in mind? Well, we have a feeling this wooden name plaque with foam detailing featured on The Photographer’s Wife might be a little more up your alley! Their tutorial shows you how to cut and glue the right pieces to create an awesome pirate ship and a cute pirate’s hat.

8. Customizable chalkboard door hanger

Customizable chalkboard door hanger

Did we really catch your attention when we suggested using the basket door hanger to pass notes to your kids, but more for the cute notes idea than the basket hanger itself? Then here’s another design that’s a little less kid-ish and a little more customizable in itself! Check out how Double Treble Craft Adventures painted a basic hanger with black chalkboard paint so different messages can be written each day.

9. Harry Potter inspired door knob hanger

Harry potter inspired door knob hanger

Have you actually already found a wonderful looking doorknob hanger that you’d been hoping to customize in a really fun way that both you and your kids can appreciate? Well, if you’re a family of Harry Potter fans, rejoice! Rhitler Pan is here to show you how to use simple decoupage techniques to create a Potter themed “alohomora” hanger featuring a lock and flying keys.

10. Felt bunny door hanger

Felt bunny door hanger

Have your DIY skills actually always lied more in yarn, fabric, and soft tool crafting techniques rather than in paper, wood, or foam? Then we know you’ve probably been scrolling through our list looking for a technique that’s a little softer than what we’ve shown you so far. That’s why we’ve included this lovely felted bunny! Find out how it’s both made and embellished on Smooth Foam.

11. Wrapped embroidery floss and tassel hanger

Wrapped embroidery floss and tassel hanger

Were you pretty pleased to find a softer crafted idea in the door hanger department but you’re not actually familiar with felting techniques (or perhaps you’re just not really into bunnies)? Then here’s one for the embroidery floss enthusiasts out there! We love the way Glitter Inc Wrapped a bundle of floss carefully to create a pretty, striped hanger handle and then cut and fluffed the ends to make an awesomely thick and impressive tassel.

12. Rhinestoned name hanger

Rhinestoned name hanger

Have you actually already got a door hanger base and even a little trinket to glue on but you’re still worried it’ll look a little bit too plain? Then maybe adding a bit of sparkle would help! We love the way Ornament Shop suggests writing your child’s name in tiny rhinestones, arranged carefully into simple letters and gluing them into place.

13. Alice in Wonderland inspired doorknob hanger

Alice in wonderland inspired doorknob hanger

Have you actually always been an avid painter who would choose a hand painting project over almost any other DIY option? Well, that makes it so your design options are basically unlimited, so long as you’ve got a little bit imagination! Just in case you’re in need of some fantastical inspiration, however, here’s an awesome Alice in Wonderland design featured on Pinterest.

14. Hanging frame Do Not Disturb sign

Hanging frame do not disturb sign

Do you live in a lovely big house in a nice area that makes friends and family want to come visit you all the time, so you’re often playing host for those you love? In that case, here’s a little DIY project that will actually help you out with having overnight guests! We love the way DIY Inspired used a printed page and a simple frame to create a “do not disturb” sign that guests can hang up if they plan to sleep in one morning, just so you know to be a little quite on your way down to breakfast.

15. Personalized wedding knob hangers

Personalized wedding knob hangers

Did you actually stumble upon our list because, even though you were looking for door hanger designs that you could make yourself, you need them for many bedrooms at once on a special occasion, rather than just a couple for the doors in your home? Weddings involving a hotel stay or an awesome destination are the perfect example of what we mean! We love the way Kesha Sebert designed and printed their own custom door hangers to give their wedding guests a simple keepsake that will let them have a lie in after the big day and give them something to remember the day by for years to come.

Have you made other kinds of awesome or adorable personalized and DIY bedroom door hangers that you were very happy with and use all the time but that you don’t see here? Tell us all about how you created them or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!

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