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10 Beginner Crafts with Concrete That You Can DIY Anytime – Video

It may not be a traditional arts and crafts material but it is certainly climbing in popularity as of late. We’ve rounded up 10 trendy crafts below and they all utilize concrete. Yes, we said concrete. Don’t worry, even if you’re a novice crafter, you can use it safely! Follow the tutorials and be prepared to put your very own spin on each and every project. Also, when it comes to concrete crafts, there are so many amazing DIY gift ideas!

1. Heart Candle Holder

Diy concrete heart candle holder

This heart candle holder is the perfect addition to your dining room table or to use as a homemade Valentine’s Day gift for your besties. You can dip the finished product in some paint and top it with a bit of glitter. All you need is a silicone mold to create this at home!

2. Hair Clip Container

Concrete hair clip container

Concrete can also help you create trendy trinkets to show off in your bathroom or on your vanity, while helping to organizing the smallest necessities. This hair clip container will hold you Bobby pins in place with ease. Aren’t you tired of losing them?

3. Ring Holder

Diy concrete ring holder

Using concrete to create a new ring holder works out great too. Dip it in some metallic paint or color block the entire piece for a modern finish. Leave this on your dresser or vanity for safe-keeping.

4. Flower Stand

Diy concrete flower stand

How stunning is this homemade flower stand? It’s a two-part creation and will be able to be utilized all year long. Or you can make several and then decorate them to compliment each season. What’s really great about a concrete flower stand like this is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors!

5. Jewelry Holder Dish

Diy concrete jewelry holder dish

Maybe you should try your hand at making one of these jewelry holder dishes to organize your favorite pieces. They’ll be easy to gran and go but also organized on your vanity instead of misplaced in any bathroom chaos. We love this project left in its most simplistic form but can’t help but think of how beautiful it could be painted in a pearly white or blush pink.

6. Cup Holder

Diy concrete cup holder

Classic, cup holders or coasters can be made from concrete too. Make a set of these for your friends and fam – and have fun personalizing each design! This is also a great way to get the kids involved, allowing them to get creative with some paints!

7. Candle Holder Plate

Diy concrete candle holder plate

Have you ever seen a candle holder plate? Well, you have now. This modern-inspired design is architecturally sound and there’s so much room for versatility. Again, it can be kept in its original form or personalized with paints! Draw on some aztec patterns or color blocking to fit your home’s vision.

8. Tiny Jewelry Bowl

Diy concrete tiny bowl

Here’s another something special to clean up your vanity or dresser spaces. This tiny jewelry bowl will add some style to your personal areas but it’s a way to keep your everyday rings or earrings in a spot that you can count on. Drop them at night, and they’ll be there for you in the morning.

9. Small Planter

Diy small concrete planter

These small, concrete planters are really trendy right now as well. They look especially great inside modern spaces and with fun, succulents inside. Have fun painting and personalizing, and even get the kiddos involved! The twine is nice and creates a farmhouse style, but know that you can change it up for a more modern or bohemian finish by utilizing other decor options.

10. Cigar Ashtray

Diy concrete ashtray

You’re looking at one of the most-made DIY gifts in the history of handmade gift making. Okay, we don’t have the data to back that up but this sure is one of the most traditional of options (even for non-smokers, which should be everyone by now, don’t you think?). What’s so great about this cigar ashtray is that you don’t need to use it to catch flakes, instead, use it to organize countertops in fun ways.

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