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10 Beginner Hairstyle Video Tutorials To Experiment With At Home

Are you searching for a hairstyle tutorial that will teach you something new to do with your looks? Or maybe you’re bored and want to experiment. Or maybe you have ideas but don’t know how to execute your new hairstyle?

We have the answers.

(EASY) Beginner Hairstyle Tutorials

Below you will find 10 hairstyle tutorials we’ve compiled to help you experiment with at home. From ponytails to buns, for casual to formal, there’s a little something to tug at everyone’s style strings. Let’s have a look!

1. 3-Easy Ponytails

3 easy ponytails for everyday wear

We have 3 easy ponytail hairstyles for everyday wear that you can try out. They would great for novice hair-doers and a variety of hair lengths. Learn how to braid your own hair once and for all.

2. Summer Bun (with flowers)

Beautiful summer bun with flowers

How stunning – and classic – is this look? It’s easily dressed up, dressed down, or perfect to go on vacation with. It’s a beautiful summer bun with flowers – fresh or faux, pick your poison!

3. Easy Formal Bun

Elegant and easy wedding bun hairstyle for guests

For those looking for different types of updos to add to their repertoire, why not another bun with a unique twist? This elegant and easy wedding bun is perfect for formal events (the bride, the maids, or the guests even!) but can easily be a topping to a casual, fun day in the such. Accessorize to your liking.

4. Bridesmaids Buns

Wedding bun for bridesmaids

Maybe you’re online looking for some inspiration for your wedding day. Do you have something for your ladies in waiting to style after? This beautiful wedding bun hairstyle is the perfect accompaniment to a bridesmaids dress. It’s easy, it’s sassy, and can be personalized with a variety of accessories.

5. Wavy Do Idea

Updo hairstyle for wavy hair

Show off your locks with this easy, half-up look. It’s an incredibly stunning hairstyle for wavy hair especially as your layers and tousles will be on full display. You’ll have a fun time shopping for new accessories to show off too. Even if you have straighter locks, this is a fun little twist to inspire your everyday.

6. Side Braid

Elegant side braid hairstyle

For school, for work, for a formal event, or just for a girls’ night with friends, learn how to braid! This side braid is such a fun and spunky way to wear your hair for the day. You can even interweave ribbon for the little ones. Whether you have a smaller or longer pony, this is such a vivacious style to dawn!

7. 3-Quick Everyday Do’s

3 quick everyday hairstyles

You’ll get more than one tutorial within this feature. If you’re looking for something to spruce up your work week or school week looks, check out these three quick everyday hairstyles. This ponytail reminds us of our topsy turvy, 90’s throwback. A variety of textured and lengths can try these styles out with ease.

8. Romantic Prom Look

Romantic prom hairstyle

For those that love a bit of whimsy, this easy, romantic prom hairstyle will be right up your alley. It would top prom night rather well. But, you can dress it down for any other fun event too. Of course, accessorizing with fresh florals or sparkling barrettes would also be an option. It’s a wonderful choice for those with longer hair.

9. Braided Low Pony

Beautiful and elegant hairstyle tutorial 7

How about a braided low ponytail? Learn how to braid your own hair and spruce up a simple ponytail with some spunk. This have a video tutorial included! It’s quite the sophisticated spin on a French braid, don’t you think? It’s a really great look for those with longer, straight tresses.

10. Half-up, Half-down

Half up half down hairstyle for spring

And finally, we leave you with a gorgeous half-up, half-down hairstyle for spring. The little knot in the back reminds us of some blooming flowers. And those fun side braids are a great chance to test your skills – regular and fishtail braids included! This also works for short, medium, or locker locks.


Have you tried any of these beginner hairstyles? Which one is your favourite? Let us know how it went (and maybe send us pics) in the comments below.

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