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DIY Christmas Decor for the Outside of Your Home

If you’re the kind of avid crafter we are, spending a little bit of time at the beginning of each season gathering cute DIY ideas that will help you decorate your home in lovely ways for whatever the next holiday or thing worth celebrating is, then we’re sure you’ve probably also noticed how much of an emphasis there is on indoor homemade Christmas decor. We’ve got a nice big yard and porch that we’ve really like to decorate, however, so we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled lately for outdoor holiday DIY projects instead!

1. Wooden snowman family

Wooden snowman family

Does the outside of your home already have a slightly rustic chic aesthetic that you’d really like to work with? Then maybe you’d get the look you’re picturing by making something out of simple wooden pieces! We’re practically in love with the way Lovely Little Snippets made this adorable wooden snowman family in just a few simple steps. We can’t get over how cute their fabric hats are!

2. Christmas front porch arrow sign

Christmas front porch arrow sign

Perhaps you’ve actually been trying to think of simple DIY ways to make your home and yard feel just about as much as a winter wonderland as you possibly can because you have lots of family and friends visits during the holiday season? Then perhaps you’ll get a kick out of the way The Happy Scraps did some simple wood painting to make these directional arrow signs that show your visitors which way to go from your porch in order to get to all kinds of fantastic fantasy Christmas places!

3. Adorable old tire snowmen

Adorable old tire snowmen

Do you actually have quite a large space to work with and decent access to all kinds of old farm and vehicle parts that a prime pieces for upcycling but you just can’t think of what to make? Then perhaps these amazing painted and stacked tires that look just like snowmen will be right up your alley! iCreative Ideas walks you through the different kinds other crafters have made before and shows you what they did to get such awesome results.

4. Glowing lawn gift boxes

Glowing lawn gift boxes

Do you actually live out in the country where there aren’t a lot of street lamps but you find that the days are so short in the winter that people only get to see the awesome lawn decor you’ve made for a short period of time each day? Then perhaps you’d get along a little better making something they can see at night as well! These glowing gift boxes for your lawn, which you can learn how to make on Martha Stewart, are the perfect example of what we mean.

5. Holiday gift box concrete block

Holiday gift box concrete block

Did we actually really catchy our attention when we started talking about this whole idea of making some kind of jumbo present to put outside your house but you’re not really picky about whether yours lights up or not? Well, if the idea of making a durable one sounds more useful to you so that it withstands the harsh winter weather, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Chica Circle made this fantastic painted concrete block that’s surprisingly simple to do!

6. Tiered tomato cage Christmas trees

Tiered tomato cage christmas trees

Other than some of the things you might already have in the garage leftover from harvest season and Christmases past, are you actually a little bit strapped for crafting supplies right now? Well, if you can manage to rustle up some tomato cages and a bit of faux fir tinsel plus some tree lights, then you actually do have just about everything you’ll need to make these lovely miniature standing trees from Two Twenty One! They’re great to fill spaces in your yard that could use some winter charm but don’t have any greenery right now.

7. Lighted spire lawn ornaments

Lighted spire lawn ornaments

Are you feeling quite torn between the idea of making something that lights up so people can see your decor from the road even at night, and the idea of making some standing trees to make the emptier spots in your yard feel more seasonal, but you just can’t seem to decide? Well, who ever said that you have to choose between the two? Instead, check out the tutorial on Lowe’s to see how they made these beautiful lighted spire lawn ornaments!

8. Giant paper plate lawn lollipops

Giant paper plate lawn lollipops

Are you actually still scrolling through our list and thinking of what we said before about turning your yard and porch into some kind of Christmas wonderland or North Pole themed haven? Well, here’s another tutorial that might help you do that! These instructions from Smart School House guide you step by step through the process of making jumbo peppermint lollipops that will stick right in your garden or lawn. We love the way they made theirs in classic Christmas colours!

9. Outdoor red truck and Christmas tree

Outdoor red truck and christmas tree

Do your DIY skills actually lie primarily in handy things like woodworking, even if you only have experience with very simple things? Well, if you’re also looking for a project that will made a bit more of a statement on your lawn and really catch people’s attention, then we think you just might be the perfect person to give this red truck and Christmas tree lawn piece outlined nice and simply (yes, believe it or not, it’s actually quite simple), on Red Cottage Chronicles! We love that the lights on the Christmas tree in the back even light up.

10. DIY tall ornament topiary

Diy tall ornament topiary

Is your idea of the perfect outdoor Christmas decor actually quite glamorous rather than character based or kitschy, but you’d still quite like it to be large and eye-catching? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how The Creativity Exchange made these stunning holiday topiaries from stacked Christmas baubles in different sizes that look as though they’re delicately balancing on one another.

11. Christmas crate train

Christmas crate train

Did you really like the basic idea of having some kind of Christmas themed vehicle as a decor piece in your backyard because you have little kids who are totally obsessed with just about anything that has an engine, but you’re just not sure that the red truck project was quite the one for you? Then maybe you’d get along a little better with the way The Keeper of The Cheerios made this awesome train from upcycled wooden crates!

12. DIY jumbo nutcrackers

Diy jumbo nutcrackers

Maybe the idea that you’ve liked the best so far on our list is that of making something in absolute jumbo size in order to really impress your friends and neighbours? Well, you can’t get much bigger (or awesome to look at) than these fantastic and nearly giant DIY nutcrackers! Meighan guides you step by step through the process of how they made these two and set them up on either side of their front walk like gatekeepers.

13. Jumbo light up Christmas lawn balls

Jumbo light up christmas lawn balls

Just in case you’re actually still thinking about the concept of making some kind of amazing light up display for your winter lawn that will really put the neighbourhood in the holiday spirit, here’s another idea for your consideration! We absolutely love the way Christmas Lights Etc used panting cages and chicken wire to build whole DIY frames like spheres all over their lawn and then turned them into magical Christmas orbs be wrapping them in as much string lighting as they could possibly fit around the outside.

14. Decorated wooden pallet Christmas tree

Decorated wooden pallet christmas tree

Perhaps you’re actually still feeling totally enamoured by the idea of making something from wood because you like the idea of practicing your handy skills, but you’re still a beginner so it needs to be very simple indeed? Well, if you also quite enjoy the concept of upcycling in your crafting process then we think you simply must take a look at the way Buzzmills used repurposed pallet wood to make this adorable rustic Christmas tree piece complete with colourful Christmas baubles.

15. Lighted PVC candy canes

Lighted pvc candy canes

Out of all the options we’ve shown you by this point, is the idea of making something that lights up still your absolute favourite but you’re just not sure that the very large and jumbo sized concepts we showed you earlier on our list are quite the size of thing your little yard or porch can support? In that case, we have a feeling these adorable little standing lighted candy canes might be a little more up your alley. This tutorial from DIY Show Off shows you how to make them nice and clearly.

Have you made other kinds of fantastic DIY outdoor Christmas decor that was a huge hit in previous years but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!

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