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DIY Christmas Decor for the Outside of Your Home

If you’re the kind of avid crafter we are, spending a little bit of time at the beginning of each season gathering cute DIY ideas that will help you decorate your home in lovely ways for whatever the next holiday or thing worth celebrating is, then we’re sure you’ve probably also noticed how much of an emphasis there is on indoor homemade Christmas decor. We’ve got a nice big yard and porch that we’ve really like to decorate, however, so we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled lately for outdoor holiday DIY projects instead!

1. Wooden snowman family

Wooden snowman family

Does the outside of your home already have a slightly rustic chic aesthetic that you’d really like to work with? Then maybe you’d get the look you’re picturing by making something out of simple wooden pieces! We’re practically in love with the way Lovely Little Snippets made this adorable wooden snowman family in just a few simple steps. We can’t get over how cute their fabric hats are!

2. Christmas front porch arrow sign

Christmas front porch arrow sign

Perhaps you’ve actually been trying to think of simple DIY ways to make your home and yard feel just about as much as a winter wonderland as you possibly can because you have lots of family and friends visits during the holiday season? Then perhaps you’ll get a kick out of the way The Happy Scraps did some simple wood painting to make these directional arrow signs that show your visitors which way to go from your porch in order to get to all kinds of fantastic fantasy Christmas places!

3. Adorable old tire snowmen

Adorable old tire snowmen

Do you actually have quite a large space to work with and decent access to all kinds of old farm and vehicle parts that a prime pieces for upcycling but you just can’t think of what to make? Then perhaps these amazing painted and stacked tires that look just like snowmen will be right up your alley! iCreative Ideas walks you through the different kinds other crafters have made before and shows you what they did to get such awesome results.

4. Glowing lawn gift boxes

Glowing lawn gift boxes

Do you actually live out in the country where there aren’t a lot of street lamps but you find that the days are so short in the winter that people only get to see the awesome lawn decor you’ve made for a short period of time each day? Then perhaps you’d get along a little better making something they can see at night as well! These glowing gift boxes for your lawn, which you can learn how to make on Martha Stewart, are the perfect example of what we mean.

5. Holiday gift box concrete block

Holiday gift box concrete block