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Chalkboard Paint Projects You’ll Actually Use

As DIY enthusiasts, we adore chalkboard paint. When it comes to customizing things or transforming everyday wares to be a little more useful, it’s one of our favourite tools. We find, however, that some chalkboard paint projects you’ll come across on the Internet are more frivolous than useful or practical. To take care of that, we’ve made you a list.

Check out these 15 DIY chalkboard paint projects that you’ll actually use!

1. Chalk labelled kitchen shelves

Chalk labelled kitchen shelves

Real Simple makes it really simple (see what we did there?) to teach your kids or visitors where the dishes go in your kitchen once they’re clean. Paint one wall with chalkboard paint and set up shelves, then label each section with a piece of chalk according to where you want things to sit!

2. Labelled serving tray

Labelled serving tray

Are you the kind of person who absolutely adores hosting dinners and parties with little appetizer dishes? Do you love setting out a good cheese plate when you have friends over for board game night? This little DIY serving tray by Confessions of KGR is the perfect project for you! paint the bottom with chalkboard paint and label the types of cheese you’re serving so people can choose.

3. Chalk labelled wine glasses

Chalk labelled wine glasses

Speaking of hosting parties, here’s another useful dinner solution for you! Smarty had a Party suggests painting the base of a set of wine glasses with chalkboard paint so you can label each person’s drink with their name. It’ll keep people from getting their drinks mixed up!

4. Chalkboard squares on coffee mugs

Chalkboard squares on coffee mugs

Do you like the idea of being able to label people’s drinks, but there isn’t a lot of wine drinking that happens in your home? Try using the same idea on the sides of coffee mugs instead, just like Indulgy did here!

5. Customizable “Do not disturb” sign

Customizable %22do not disturb%22 sign

Classic “Do not disturb” signs feature one saying on each side that you can flip between depending on whether you want privacy in your room, office, or work space, or whether you’re open to visitors. This chalkboard paint idea by Restoration Hardware, however, makes its so that you can write anything you want on your door hanger! This might be useful for recording studios or day cares where “quiet please” signs are needed but people are still permitted to enter.

6. Reusable chalk bunting banner

Reusable chalk bunting banner

Delia Creates shows you how to make a reusable bunting banner coated in chalkboard paint so you can change the message between special occasions! Choose pretty but neutral colours that will suit any event or decor so you can use it whenever you need.

7. Customizable photo locket necklaces

Customizable photo locket necklaces

My So Called Crafty Life teaches you how to use chalkboard paint to customize the inside of a photo locket. These make great greats for family and friends because you can choose a photo and write a meaningful message inside.

8. Chalk labelled dresser drawers

Chalk labelled dresser drawers

Are you trying to teach your kids responsibility around the house through small chores? Help them learn to put their laundry away in the right spot and keep their room clean by painting their dresser with chalkboard paint and labeling each drawer with chalk. If your kids can’t read yet, McBabyBump suggests including both the word and a picture of each garment so they’ll learn what each word looks like and recognize which objects go where.

9. Chore board in the hallway

Chore board in the hallway

The Yellow Cape Cod suggests using chalkboard paint to make a chore board in the hallway that helps everyone keep track of which responsibilities they have that week. Boards like this are also great for leaving notes for family members that are in and out of the house at different times!

10. Chalkboard fridge front for lists and notes

Chalkboard fridge front for lists and notes

Do you love making lists so much that you keep them out and visible where you can refer to them or add to them? If you’re willing to have an unconventional piece in the middle of your kitchen, consider painting your fridge with chalkboard paint so you can make lists any time you want, just like By Stephanie Lynn!

11. Chalk labelled kitchen cupboards

Chalk labelled kitchen cupboards

Apartment Therapy has another suggestion for using chalkboard paint as both decor and a practical tool! Just like the chalk labelled drawers earlier in the list, these labelled cupboard doors and drawers let guests and kids know where everything goes when they help out in the kitchen. The solid black colour also looks stark and clean in a black and white colour scheme.

12. Dinner time art place mats

Dinner time art placemats

Are you looking for a simple way to keep the kids busy while they wait for dinner or between courses? Let them have a bit of unusual fun with these chalkboard doodling place mats! They’ll love getting to draw on something other than paper and you’ll be able to run food to the table without worrying about them for a few minutes. Check out how The High Heeled Hostess made these ones.

13. Customizable chalk activities clock

Customizable chalk activities clock

Krylon suggests keeping your kids on task and helping them learn about daytime routines by using an activity clock! Of course, daily routines can change, so making yours from chalkboard paint lets you customize them day by day.

14. Chalk notes inside a lunch box

Chalk notes inside a lunch box

Freckles Crafts suggests brightening up your child’s lunch time a little each day by painting the inside of the lid on their lunch box with chalkboard paint. Each day at school, they’ll get to read a new message from you when they grab their sandwich.

15. Customizable chalk toy blocks

Customizable chalk toy blocks

Customizable blocks are a fun toy and a great learning tool. Painting them with chalkboard paint lets you draw shapes on them one day, letters the next, and numbers after that. You can also write on them in different colours. As the kids play, they’ll be able to name the different things with you but you won’t have to buy them all different block sets! Check out how Kid Crave made these ones.

Do you know some other awesome DIY chalk projects that we missed? Tell us about them in the comments section!

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