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18 DIY Wedding Card Boxes For Your Guests To Slip Your Congrats Into

There are a lot of fun ways to gather up all of your congratulatory greeting cards. From baskets to bins, you can use this as just another fun way to bring in some hand-made, creative energy and personalization into your big day. And we’ve compiled a wonderful list of 18 DIY wedding card boxes for your guests to slip their congrats to you … right into!

1. Vintage Suitcase

Vintage suitcase wedding card box

Grab a vintage suitcase and dress it up a bit to hold your wedding day cards. Guests can just drop and go! (via)

2. Mailbox

Mailbox wedding card holder

Ruffled shows us how easy it is to use a mailbox! It’s literal and you can find or make nearly any type or style.

3. Hat Boxes

Hat box wedding card holders

Here’s another way to easily DIY a piece of your wedding. Gather hat boxes, stack them and get creative with the styling! (via)

4. Recipe Box

Recipe box wedding card holder

Paint or own or dress up a larger, vintage recipe box. Either way, using one to hold your wedding cards is another great idea. (via)

5.  Bedazzled Box

How to make wedding card box