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15 Delicious Rainbow Recipes That are Perfect for Pride

Pride month is about celebrating who you are, loving yourself and those around you, and donning your flashiest style for all to see! the rainbow colour scheme of pride is a total blast to incorporate into your outfits all month long, but it can go beyond clothing too!

Check out these 15 amazing rainbow food recipes that taste just as great as they look!

1. Rainbow veggie flatbread pizza

Rainbow veggie flatbread pizza

Meals that are rich in veggies are usually the richest in colour too! You can create a rainbow on your flatbread pizza just by arranging your vegetables a little bit strategically, just like Gimme Some Oven did here.

2. Raspberry rainbow bowl

Raspberry rainbow bowl

A Million Miles shows you how to make a delicious bowl of rainbow organized fresh fruit atop a bed of delicious blended fruit that is essential a very thick smoothie. Grab a spoon and dig in!

3. Fresh rainbow spring rolls with peanut butter sauce

Fresh rainbow spring rolls with peanut butter sauce

The beauty of fresh spring rolls rather than fried ones is that you can see all the delicious ingredients through the rice paper wrap. Choose some bright, delicious veggies as your ingredients and let them shine through as boldly as they can! Minimalist Baker has the recipe for you.

4. Rainbow rice crispy treats

Rainbow rice crsipy treats

Rasberri Cupcakes shows you how much magic a little bit of food colouring can really work! Separate portions of your crispy mixture into bowls, add a different colour to each, and create the rainbow by pressing differently colour layers on top of each other!

5. Rainbow peanut noodles

Rainbow peanut noodles

Gimme Some Oven walks you through the process of making delicious Asian inspired peanut butter noodles, but with a whole extra arsenal of brightly colour veggies that give it a rainbow (and flavourful) kick!

6. Rainbow homemade fruit ice pops

Rainbow homamde fruit ice pops

This tutorial from 34th & 3rd is full of naturally mixed ice pop flavours that are also bright and exciting to look at! Check out their unique flavours, like spiced plum and black cherry or blueberry coconut!

7. Rainbow crostini

Rainbow crostini

Treese, Love, Happiness shows you how to arrange colourful ingedients on top of individual toasted crostini to make a pretty rainbow gradient. Choose one ingredient you like in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink!

8. Rainbow sangria

Rainbow sangria

Gimme Some Oven suggests that, rather than throwing your fruit into your sangria mixture willy nilly, you fill each glass with layers of colour coordinated rainbow fruit and then fill the glass from your mixing bowl or pitcher.

9. Rainbow fruit sugar cookie cake

Rainbow fruit sugar cookie cake

This tower of deliciousness is an absolute cookie-cake-fruit extravaganza and we adore it! Check out how Sweet and Savory organized their fresh fruit toppings to create a lovely rainbow appearance in their dessert.

10. Rainbow popsicles

Rainbow popsicles

These delicious frozen treats are a little bit high maintenance because each layer needs to freeze at least a little before you add the next in order to avoid the colours mixing. Between their awesome appearance and their fruity taste, however, we think they’re totally worth it! Get the recipe on Babble.

11. Rainbow sherbet cookies

Rainbow sherbert cookies

This awesomely colourful and delicious cookie recipe by Life With the Crust Cut Off shows you how to create different shades in the dough using flavours of Jell-o powder!

12. Lucky charms rainbow sandwich cookies

Lucky charms rainbow sandwich cookies

Besides containing bits of super colourful Lucky Charms cereal marshmallows right in the cookie dough, these cheerful treats have coloured frosting between the cookie layers too! Get in on the fun at Taste Seeker’s Kitchen.

13. Rainbow tie dye cookies

Rainbow tie dye cookies

In case the little sherbet spiral cookies weren’t quite bright enough for you, here’s a cookie recipe using bright food colouring! Separate bowls of dough, colour each bowl, and smoosh sections of dough together to create a colour-mixed cookie. Dine and Dish shows you the technique.

14. Fresh fruit tart

Fresh fruit tart

This amazingly bright fresh fruit tart features colourful fruits of all kinds arranged on a bed of mouthwatering custard in golden crust. Are you drooling yet? Head on over to Rainbow Delicious for more details.

15. Rainbow smoothie

Rainbow smoothie

This delicious snack is best served to many guests at once because you’ll have large quantities or each smoothie colour that you won’t want to waste! Once you’ve made the different colours and flavours of smoothie, layer them in each glass carefully and then serve, just like Sweet & Savory did! They’re healthy and delicious on top of being cheerful and bright.

Do you know another delicious rainbow recipe that’s perfect for celebrating Pride month with, but that you don’t see here? Tell us how it’s done in the comments section!

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