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15 Cake Decorating Classes ONLINE To Take Now!

Some you can sign up and take and others … well, you just have to login to YouTube for. But, if you’re having trouble with your skills in the kitchen, there are a lot of ways to fine tune what’s happening when it comes to handling a baking pan. Below are 15 cake decorating classes online that you can take right now.

1. Cake Baking 101 from Brit and Co

Cake baking 101 class

With this class, you’ll learn how to decorate a 3-layer cake and how to bake it in the first place. Taught by pastry chef, Tessa Huff, by the end of this e-course you’ll have a gorgeously-concocted vanilla buttercream cake. What’s also great about this selection is that it’s only $9 and your access to the course will NEVER expire.

2. Buttercream Techniques by Craftsy

Better buttercream techniques from craftsy

Learn how to punch of the pizzazz with your buttercream cakes with this class. The class comes sith six HD videos, class materials, and close instruction. You’ll learn everything from brush techniques to utilize as well as how to achieve the perfect corner on a square cake.

3. Cake Piping Techniques from Wilton

How to pipe a shell from wilton

Over at Wilton, you’ll have access to bunches of diferrent mini classes and instruction guides. Here, we’re featuring their list of piping techniques; from learning how to pipe a shell to learning how to create the right amount of bag pressure. There’s also availability to learn about icing colors and more!

4. Painted Buttercream and Chocolate Spheres Tutorial from My Cake School

Painted buttercream and chocolate spheres my cake school tutorial

My Cake School has tons of video tutrials and recipes to learn from. And the videos are free! Personally, we’re really interested in learning how to creame some of these gorgeous chocolate speheres.

5. Over 150 Lessons from Cake Flix

Cake flix free cake lessons

With Paul Bradford, you’ll have 150 lessons to choose from and learn from – and they’re free! From using ganache to the best chocolate cake around to how to icing a cake correctly, all of the essentials will be found hidden inside all of these available lesson.

6. Sliced Illumination Modern Glowing Cake Tutorial from Avalon Cakes

Sliced illumination lantern cake avalon cakes

Who wouldn’t want to be able to create something this beautiful? And there’s certainly more where this came from. There are tons of free and priced content available here that you’ll want to sift through!

7. Modern Cake Decorating with Ashlee Marie

Modern cake decorating witha ashlee marie

There’s a lot to sift through at Ashlee Marie as well. There’s a Basic Buttercream course and a Modern Buttercream course to check out, both at an affordable price. Watch as she teaches you the skills that you can use and create a foundation for your baking with.

8. Ganache & Fondant Masterclass from Sugar Sugar Cakes

Foundations masterclass sugar sugar cakes

Check out this 8-in-1 lesson course for everything you need to know about working and decorating with ganache and fondant. This is where you need to start if you’re a novice. Also, there are tons of over courses to check out through Sugar Sugar Cakes.

9. Gorgeous Gum Paste Flowers from Creative Live

Cake decorating gum paste flowers with lucinda larson

If you want to flex your skills and try your hand on flowers, this is the spot to test those. What’s great about these courses is you get lifetime access. And for this particular class, you get 6 courses and bonus content within the one price.

10. Speckled Easter Egg Cake from A Beautiful Mess

Speckled easter egg cake from a beautiful mess

A Beautiful Mess tends to have a lot of tutorials that you can learn from. Whether it’s figuring out how to utilize edible flowers on your cake to createing a masterpiece from the oven to the icing, they’ve got it all. And there’s a lot of free content to sift through.

11. Building Better Cakes by Marina Sousa

Building better cakes

You’ll learn all about how to create unique cake seperators within this course. Your creations can be taken to new heights with this added bonus material that you can place in your backpocket.

12. Abstract Marble Fondant Cake by Cake Style

Marble fondant cake by cake style

Here’s a style that’s right on trend and you can learn just by hopping onto YouTube. Cake Style walks you through the fondant work and how to create the fun style. It’s a great dinner party ending!

13. Online Tutorials with White Flower Cake Shoppe

Buttercream garden cakes white flower

White Flower Cake Shoppes has a variety of online tutorials to pick from as well. Affordable prices and easy-to-follow instructions, they’re made for the at-home baker to fine-tune his or her skills.

14. How To from The Spruce

How to by the spruce

The Spruce offers six lessons to get you through “how to make cakes,” including how to make them beautiful when the baking is done. Check out there offerings after the jump and let us know how yours turns out. It’s an e-mail format so it’s super easy to follow along!

15. Easy Mini Buttercream Cakes from Rosie’s Dessert Spot

Mini buttercream cakes from rosie
We had to add some mini cake classes on here too! We’re in love with these charming little designs and you’ll want to learn how to make these smaller bites beautiful as well. Grab the tutorial from visiting YouTube. 
  1. My daughter and I want to take the cake decorating class, but we need to start from the beginning. We want all classes, but need to start from scratch. Please direct me to the right link.

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