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Beautiful Brioche Knitting Projects for Advanced Knitters

If you’ve never encountered the beauty of Brioche knitting techniques, then you’re entire conception of what makes a “pretty” knitting project is about to be blown wide open! Brioche knitting involves “tucking” stitches by knitting a yarn over together with a slipped stitch from the previous row. If you’re able to master the basic technique and move on to holding two different colours of yarn together while you stitch, you’ll create a peeking rainbow effect that looks absolutely breathtaking. Using a variegated yarn is especially beautiful because the final effect looks like a rainbow!

Check out these 15 brioche knitting patterns that will have you rummaging around for your needles right away.

1. Zilla cowl by Mercedes Knits

Zilla cowl

This almost leaf-like pattern lets the colours peek through in a way that resembles ivy leaves crawling up a building. We especially like this webpage because it provides you with an option to try the same pattern in each type of brioche knitting. Choose between one colour where the texture is the focus, or two colours where the colour work is central.

2. Simple striped brioche cowl by Hands Occupied

Simple striped brioche cowl

Holding a variegated wool single and knitting with a brioche stitch can look just as exciting as holding two colours together if you pick a yarn that’s bright enough! This pattern is great for practicing your technique. There’s nothing wrong with some bright, simple stripes!

3. Gina’s brioche cowl by Purl Soho

Gina's brioche cowl

Do you like the simple striped pattern from the previous cowl but you really want to try the double colour technique? This pattern is a great alternative! You’ll love how your colours complement each other as they peak through your stitches.

4. Cinnamon Brioche teapot cozy by Sweet Paprika Designs
Cinnamon brioche teapot cozy

Choosing a dark brown or burgundy red to mix with a more neutral or grey tone will actually bring out the “cinnamon” aspect of this pattern’s name. The loop in the top makes it easy to slide the cozy off and the way the colours peek through looks just plain nice.

5. Lakedale jacket by Anne Kuo Lukito Designs

Lakedale jacket

This jacket is a gorgeous combination of standard knitting and dual colour brioche knitting. This technique lets the second complementary colour peek out along the lapel, drawing the eye and also helping the main colour pop.

6. Eternity socks by GaBo Socks

Eternity socks

This brioche pattern is unique because rather than just letting the stitches poke through, it actually creates a spiralling design all the way down the sock. This pattern would look amazing in just about any colour combination!

7. Jacki Revisited Icelandic style scarf by Brioche Stitch

Jacki revisited icelandic style scarf

As the description of this pattern explains, the original Jacki scarf was a lovely brioche pattern in this same design, but it was knit using only one colour. This version, however, uses two colours to get that unique dual colour brioche effect. Each one is linked, so you can choose a design as you please!

8. Super thick brioche carseat blanket by Laza

Super thick brioche carseat blanket

Because brioche stitches are thick, they tend to feel nice and cushy. They’re also very warm. As this designer mentions, this makes them perfect for knitting extra thick baby blankets! This small blanket design is intended for the car so that Baby stays warm during winter drives.

9. Ripple hat by Bluegirl Knits

Ripple hat

Sometimes just a touch of dual colour brioche is all you need to appreciate the effect! This hat uses the technique to create stripes along the edge. The final product is simple but adorable!

10. Under Dutch Skies brioche shawl by Nancy Marchant

Under dutch skies brioche shawl

Did you know that you can do brioche knitting with lace weight yarn as well? We’re absolutely in love with the whimsical effect the colour variation creates in combination with the lighter wool. This technique certainly takes some attention and practice, but it’s more than worth it in the end!

11. Two-colour brioche hat by Yana Knits

Two colour brioche hat

This hat is surprisingly simple by brioche knitting standards, but it’s anything but dull once it’s all finished! The way the stitches peek through make it look like intricate striping.

12. Friday Harbor cowl by Anne Kuo Lukito

Friday harbor cowl

This extra long cowl design lets you choose colour pairings of all kinds! You’ll have a total of four different colours and three different combinations to enjoy. It takes some attention to knit, but you’ll love being able to match or contrast it with just about any outfit you put together once it’s done!

13. Controlled Chaos brioche hat by Ewe Ewe

Controlled chaos brioche hat design

This brioche hat is an absolute stunner and we’re kind of obsessed with it! Between the gorgeous spiralling pattern and the slouching design, we’d wear this anywhere any everywhere. On top of that, you’re switching one of your dual brioche colours part way, differentiating the band around the edge with the crown. We love the contrast it creates!

14. Super bulky brioche cowl by Diane Laugustin

Super bullky brioche cowl

Just like you can knit brioche patterns with light lace yarn, you can also do them with thick, chunky, bulky yarns! This super bulky pattern shows you how to manipulate the stitches using thicker wool for a big, warm feel that still has that pattern you love.

15. Nostalgia brioche cowl by Knitting and So On

Nostalgia brioche cowl

This cowl is called “Nostalgia” for it’s wavy, vintage appearance and soft,  ruffling edges. It looks like something that might have been worn in times past, and yet it’s so pretty that it’s still a classic look for today too! Choosing very bright colours might modernize the style a little, if you prefer, but we love the soft finished product.

Do you know someone who’s always on the lookout for exciting new techniques and patterns? Share this post with them for a little bit of brioche inspiration!

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