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Gorgeous Knitting Projects That Make Perfect Wedding Gifts

If you ask us, the best way to let someone know you love them on your wedding day is to hand make them a gorgeous gift. One of the most classic skills for bridal gifts is lace knitting, so if you’re an experienced knitter than you’re in luck!

Check out these amazing bridal knitting projects that you’ll love making and brides will absolutely adore receiving on their special day.

1. Knitted lace stockings

Knitted lace stockings

These stockings, featured on Craftsy, are a wonderful fall or early winter alternative to wearing bare legs or thick tights under the bride’s dress. They’re also beautifully delicate and unique!

2. Mohair wedding bolero

Mohair wedding bolero

Mohair is a baby-soft wool that makes anyone feel as though they’re being nestled among downy birds. Let your bride feel that way all the way down the aisle or behind the scenes on a chilly day with this bolero jacket pattern from White Fashion.

3. Knitted wedding garter with blue ribbon

Knitted wedding garter with blue ribbon

We’ve all heard the old adage about needing “something borrowed and something blue”, so why not incorporate that into your project? This knitted garter might not be borrowed, but it’ll look gorgeous if you lace a shining blue ribbon through the eyelets in the center. Get the pattern on Travel Knitter!

4. Siona’s wedding garter

Siona's wedding garter

Does your bride already have “something blue”? Try making her this gorgeously intricate garter with a burgundy ribbon instead. Get the pattern from Craftsy!

5. Heirloom bridal bag

Heirloom bridal bag

The title of this pattern is incredibly accurate; the chances that such a gorgeous handmade bag will become a family heirloom are very high! Give your bride something she can actually use on her wedding day, even if it’s just to hold spare tissues. Suzy Rai has the pattern for you!

6. Winter wedding shawl

Winter wedding shawl

Thin, lacy shawls are gorgeous, but they won’t protect the bride from wind and cold very well. If you’re attending a winter wedding, think about knitting a thicker, warmer pattern like this one with the big, stylish ribbon instead! Get the pattern on Elegant Knitting.

7. Knitted flower bouquet

Knitted flower bouquet

This tutorial by Boys and Bunting walks you literally step by step through the process of creating one of the most gorgeously unique wedding bouquets we’ve ever seen. It couldn’t be any clearer than this!

8. Snow peacock knitted bridal veil

Snow peacock knitted bridal veil

If the weather is warm but not quite summertime yet, a lace shawl is the perfect garment for the bride walking from the car to the venue and so on. This particular pattern, by Tonks, is exceptionally delicate without looking bland or underwhelming.

9. Fingerless lace gloves

Fingerless lace gloves

Don’t let the bride’s hands get cold while she holds the bouquet for outdoor portraits! These gloves keep the surface of the hand warm but still let the fingers stick out so people can see the ring. Lucianap shows you how to make them.

10. Flower Girl Shawl

Flower girl shawl

CaseyAnn Michael

Flower girls will love gorgeous lace shawls too! Matching each little girl’s shawl to the brides is a great way to keep things beautifully cohesive in style for pictures.

11. Knitted wedding cake

Knitted wedding cake

Why would anyone want a knitted wedding cake, you might ask. Well, we figured “why not”? It certainly won’t cause anyone any allergies during the reception dinner, and you can keep it forever! Get the pattern for this little novelty piece on ADHD Knitting.

12. Knitted ring bearer’s pillow

Knitted ring bearer's pillow

Make sure the simple pillow the ring bearer carries still looks decorative and special on the big day by lace knitting a slip-on cover for it! Covering only half the pillow keeps the decor subtle but still contributes to the overall ceremony decor. Red Heart has the pattern for you.

13. Knitted lace chuppah

Knitted lace chuppah

Whether you hook it above the bed or drape it across the archway as the couple exits the church, this knitted lace canopy is absolutely breath taking. You can buy this and similar patterns at Interweave Store.

14. Knitted throwing bouquet

Knitted throwing bouquet

Not everyone loves the idea of wasting and ruining expensive flowers by throwing them across the room for people to fight over! Instead, try knitting your bride a bouquet of flowers that will actually withstand the kerfuffle. This knitted trinket, by Odd Knit, will also make a nice keepsake for the person who catches the bouquet!

15. Pilar’s wedding shawl

Pilar's wedding shawl

When we thin of “delicate lace shawls”, this is precisely the kind of pattern that comes to mind. We think it’s stunning and we commend Carole Knits for creating it!

Have you made or received another type of beautiful knitted wedding gift that you don’t see here? Link us to photos of your knitted wedding treasures in the comments section!

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