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15 Blueberry Desserts That Will Top Off Your Summer

June, July, and August, they’re the perfect months for fruit-filled sweets. Today, we’re featuring 15 blueberry desserts that will top off your summer and highlight any and all dinners. Take a peek at our list below filled with breads, pies, cakes, and more! The fresher the berries, the better!

1. Texas-Style Blueberry Cobbler

Texas blueberry cobbler

Modern Honey begins our journey with these blue-berries by offering up a delicious and grand Texas-style cobbler recipe. Indulge in this with a cup of coffee or at Sunday brunch. It’s a sweet, moist bite that the entire family will enjoy.

2. Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Bars

Lemon blueberry cheesecake bars

Blueberry and lemon flavors go together like peanut butter and jelly – and you get both of those delicious bites within these cheesecake bars. Filled with freshness and fruity taste, you can find this rad recipe by visiting Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons.

3. No-Bake Blueberry Dessert in a Jar

No bake blueberry dessert

Going the no-bake route is always fun and easy. Check out this fun parfait-style treat by visiting Vibrant Plate. Creamy, delicious, and it’s got just the right amount of blueberry to remind you of summertime.

4. Blueberry Lemon Napoleon

Blueberry lemon napoleon

Layers of light and fruity goodness are what make up this stunning napoleon from She Wears Many Hats. You’ll love testing your kitchen skills out of this bad boy. And even more so, you’ll love serving it up for a dinner party fav with the friends.

5. Blueberry Pie Bars

Blueberry pie bars

Do you love blueberry pie? If you do, you can always learn how to make them in pie form. Check out Averie Cooks for all the details surrounding this bite.

6. White Chocolate Blueberry Oatmeal Cookies

White chocolat blueberry cookies 2

White chocolate and blueberries go smoothly together. If you’re looking for an extra bout of sweetness, these cookies are right up your alley. Check them out at Damn Delicious.

7. Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake

Lemon blueberry layer cake 2

Sally’s Backing Addiction has an amazing recipe for a lemon blueberry cake that will knock your socks off. This would be incredible for a birthday party or just as an end to a sweet, summertime celebration. Grab the details after the jump.

8. Blueberry Lavender Hand Pies

Blueberry lavander hand pies 2

Why not whip up some hand pies? These would be great at brunch or even as a homemade thank you to your neighbors. The Kitchen McCabe will walk you through the process.

9. Chocolate Blueberry Clusters

Chocolate blueberry clusters

chocolate and blueberry go nicely together too. And a batch of these clusters from Delish would definitely put some pep in your afternoon step. These candied treats would make a fabulous DIY gift as well.

10. Blueberry Coconut Macaroons

Blueberry coconut macarons

Forget Those Calories went with some blueberry coconut macaroons that are exceptionally yummy. Serve them up with some warm tea in the afternoon for a nice, mental break.

11. Whole Wheat Blueberry Donuts

Whole wheat blueberry donuts

Or you could start your day off right with some sweet, whole wheat blueberry donuts. Check out all of the details by visiting out friends at PDX Food Love.

12. Blueberry Coconut Ice Pops

Blueberry coconut ice pops

The most perfect of summer treats are these popsicles from The Little Epicurean. Coconut and blueberry flavors come together to make such a refreshing bite. The kiddos will love them just as much as you do.

13. Blueberry Dessert Pizza

Blueberry dessert pizza 2

This blueberry dessert pizza from I Am Baker will make such a fun end to any meal. You can even grab the kiddos and have them help you whip it up in the evening. Take a peek at the recipe after you visit.

14. Lemon Poppyseed Crepes with Blueberry Cream Cheese Filling

Lemon blueberry crepes

Say Yes has you getting really fancy and free in the kitchen. Learn how to perfect the crepe and fill it up with extra special flavor. Lemon poppyseed with blueberry cream cheese filling; delicious!

15. Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Cake

Lemon blueberry cheesecake cake

Cinnamon-Spice and Everything Nice brings two of our favorite desserts together into one. This blend of classic cake and cheesecake has so many delicious flavors and textures to swoon for!

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