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15 Delicious Coconut Flavoured Drinks

Just because summer is officially done for the year doesn’t mean we’re done with fruit or delicious cold drink recipes! Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a drink that tastes a little bit like summer even once the weather has cooled down, just as a reminder of warmer days. Of course, there are plenty of delicious fruit flavours you could make refreshing tasting beverages out of, but we have one clear favourite in hour household when it comes to making fruit based drinks. We simply can’t get enough of making things from coconut! We adore coconut based snacks and meals too, but there’s just something about a cool, fragrant coconut beverage that makes us feel very pleased indeed.

Just in case you adore the flavour of fresh, unique coconut drinks just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best recipes and ideas that have caught our eye (and then attention of our tastebuds) over the years!

1. Coconut water lemonade

Coconut water lemonade

Even though you’re craving a fresh, fruity drink, are you still the kind of person who has always preferred very light, subtle tastes rather than flavours that are very concentrated or sweet? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get along very well indeed with this fantastic coconut water lemonade outlined step by step on Rasa Malaysia! We adore the way the that adding coconut water to your lemonade not only gives it a slight coconut tastes, but also tones down the acidic taste that a lot of lemon juice often brings with it.

2. Frozen coconut

Frozen coconut

Is it actually still quite warm where you live, so you’d been thinking about how the weather is still perfect for flavourful frozen drinks that really pack their own chill? Well, we’re absolutely with you on how great a nice, cold drink can tastes at the end of a long day. Sometimes we even prefer that to something like an ice cream treat if the flavour is right and, with coconut based things, the flavour is always right, if you ask us! That’s why we loved this frozen coconut recipe with shaved and toasted coconut sprinkle on top, outlined by Have A Cocktail.

3. Coconut sunrise

Coconut sunrise

Well, we know that not every flavourful, enjoyable fruit based drink has to be a cocktail, or even have any kind of alcohol in it, but we also know how relaxing it can feel to enjoy a cold drink with a shot in it at the end of a long, hard work week. We’re sure you can imagine, then, just how pleased we were to come across this delicious coconut sunrise recipe featured on Lip Gloss and Crayons that’s a perfect mix of alcohol, coconut flavour, and yummy fruit juice.

4. Pineapple lime coconut water

Pineapple lime coconut water

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of making lemonade with coconut water for a slightly more tropical and yet subtle taste, but you think you might actually prefer to get a little more creative with your combination of fruits? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Cutefetti made something similar but even more fruity by replacing lemon juice with fresh lime and pineapple juices instead!