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Makeup Looks for People Who Love Blue

When it comes to doing our makeup, there’s nothing better than taking our eyes as an opportunity to get creative and play with colours. In fact, even when we’re aiming for a look that’s a little bit more subtle and appropriate for daytime, rather than something very glamorous and attention grabbing, we still like to incorporate our favourite shades into the look. Lately, we’ve been feeling pretty blue… but we don’t mean that we’re sad! We’re doing great but we’re completely obsessed with blue eye makeup and on the prowl for new looks all the time.

We’ve found plenty of awesome blue makeup designs in our search so far! Check out these fantastic step by step guides to making different blue inspired makeup looks of all kinds. We think you’ll find something you like no matter your personal style or facial structure!

1. White with a blue outer corner and blue underlining

White with a blue outer corner and blue underlining

If you’re going to get creative with the colour blue, you might as well really put your blue shadows, shades, and powders to good use and let people see how much you love the look! We quite enjoy how Beautiful Shoes did just that by shading blue in on top of white for some great contrast that extends from the outside corner of the eye, but our favourite part of this look is the way they lined all across the bottom lash and water lines with a nicely blended blue as well.

2. White and deep blue accents

White and deep blue accents

When you picture your ideal blue makeup look, does your mind actually wander to deeper, darker blues than what we showed you above? Perhaps you’re picturing a smoky navy eye that’s a little bit more sultry than some of the more eye catching blues that you’ll find in brighter makeup palettes. In that case, check out how Loren’s World combined that shade with white and black to tone things down but still make sure a hint of deep blue shines through.

3. Blended blue tones with a dusty pink crease

Blended blue tones with a dusty pink crease

Have you always been a huge fan of colours and, even though you want your favourite shade of blue to take the stage this time, you’d love to combine it with some other hues to really give your style some umph? Then check out how Indian Beauty Forever blended  a light blue shadow with some pretty purple leading up the lid and a lovely magenta pink at the crease! We love the way they’ve kept the liner and lashes light so the emphasis really stays on the colours of the lid.

4. Blue with a grey inner corner

Blue with a grey inner corner

Do you love the idea of blending blue with other subtle shades but the stark contrast between your favourite blue and pure white, like we showed you before, is just a little too much for the look you’ve got planned? In that case, consider using a silver or matte gray in a very light shade instead! Sona Gasparian shows you how a light gray still helps the blue stand out by giving it a solid base to build on, but doesn’t quite scream so loudly in its contrast as white does.