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Best Homemade Santa and Reindeer Snack Ideas to Put Out on Christmas Eve

Where we come from, it’s custom to leave Santa and his reindeer a snack to eat on Christmas Eve. Before everyone goes to bed, the kids put out some kind of yummy treat for them team delivering all their presents, just to make sure they feel welcome in your home! There are all kinds of theories about what Santa and his reindeer like to eat best, but we enjoy changing it up year to year, most often making the snack together during the day as a family activity.

Just in case you love the idea of leaving Santa, Rudolph, and the others a homemade snack on Christmas Eve just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 adorable tutorials, recipes, and ideas that will help you make it extra delicious and unique!

1. DIY reindeer food kit

Diy reindeer foot kit

If your kids are a little older but still believe in the whole tale of Christmas, then they’ll probably be expecting reindeer to eat something along the lines of what other farm-like animals they know eat. That’s why we thought the idea of putting together this oat based “reindeer food” mix like Must Have Mom did here was such a cute idea! We love that they scattered in a few holiday coloured sprinkles, just to keep things imaginative.

2. Reindeer food to sprinkle outside

Reindeer food to sprinkle outside

Maybe your kids would rather mix up the food themselves, rather than just putting oatmeal in a bag, and actually take it out where the reindeer can snack on it, since they know a team of large animals probably won’t be traipsing into your living room while they sleep? Then we have a feeling you might get along a little better with something like this cute mixture of baking supplies outlined on Smart Schoolhouse. Let the kids sprinkle it outside around the porch and the yard! They get to have some magical fun feeding the reindeer and your neighbourhood critters get a little Christmas treat.

3. Reindeer food bar

Reindeer food bar

Maybe you’d rather make an entire activity out of making reindeer food for your kids and the children of your guests while you have company over before everyone sleeps on Christmas Eve? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how It’s a Mom’s World set up a funny little reindeer bar, featuring all kind of deliciously sweet ingredients. Let each child put a scoop of which treat they think Santa’s reindeer will eat into a jar and leave the jar for Santa to take with him after he’s had his milk and cookies.

4. Shareable reindeer food in a DIY reindeer cup

Shareable reindeer food in a diy reindeer cup

In our house, no kind of cooking or baking happens without the kids happily snacking along on whatever we’re making as we go. That’s why we loved this idea from The 36th Avenue for making “reindeer food” that’s actually a delicious snack for humans too! It’s similar to puppy chow and it’s great for sharing with guests. Leave some out in a bowl for the reindeer before the kids go to sleep!