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20 Christmas Hairstyles To Rock This Holiday Season

Fun and trendy, festive and filled with the spirit of St. Nick, we’ve got a great list of hairdos to experiment with this winter. Add a bit of extra style to your work Christmas party or be extra funky with some color and accessorizing. These 20 Christmas hairstyles are perfect for rock this holiday season. Check them out below!

1. Fabric Braid

Diy fabric diy hair

Check out this adorable look from A Beautiful Mess! Grab a festive piece of fabric and learn how to tie it right into a fun braid for the holiday party this weekend!

2. Rudolph Bun

2011 11 20/rudolph

Princess Piggies gives us this charming Rudolph bun idea that can adapt for the big kids too! Again, it’s perfect to wear to everything from a visit with Santa to a Cookie Swap!

3. Twirl Around

Diy twist hairstyle

We’re loving this feminine and chic twist hairdo from Twist Me Pretty. You can accessorize this in so many fun and festive ways for the season too!

4. Red Ribbon

Red ribbon christmas hairstyle

Of course, the addition of a simple, red ribbon will pay homage to the season as well. Half-up, half-down or a loose ponytail could use the colorful accent. (via Pinterest)

5. Twisted Bun