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25 Christmas Hairstyles To Rock This Holiday Season

Christmas is closing in, and for those of you that will be attending parties, you’re probably thinking about what dress you’ll be wearing, and what Christmas hairstyles you should try out this year.

Christmas hairstyle

However, you can’t just pick out just any old crummy hairstyle, since it’s one of those features that can make or break your entire appearance, so if you’re looking for some inspiration on hairstyles that look festive and perfect for this year’s Christmas party, then we’re here to help you out.

After doing a bit of research on social media and various blogs (because that’s where you find everything that’s trending), we managed to compile a list of the perfect hairstyles that will truly make you stand out.

Best Christmas Hairstyles to Rock in 2021

The entries listed in this article are more placed in any particular order, so don’t believe that just because an entry is placed higher on the list it means that it’s actually better.

However, we did try to include hairstyles that met the following criteria:

  1. Can be replicated by the typical user
  2. Is somewhat of a timeless hairstyle
  3. Can be made without a wig
  4. Christmas themed

And while some of these holiday hairstyles might be trickier to do than others, we’re sure that with a bit of practice and patience, you can definitely try out some awesome new styles this year.

Holiday Hair

Holiday hair

When the holidays come around, it’s always the perfect time to play around with our outfits, with our decorations, and even with our hair. Coming up with awesome holiday hair ideas can be difficult at times, but it’s not impossible, so let’s try and find some really cool ideas on how to do our hair this year.

In our article, we have a few Christmas hairstyles you can definitely try out, not just on Christmas day, but every other day of December too!

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find here:

25 Christmas Hairstyles

As the holidays draw closer, let’s check out some hairstyles that you’ll love to have done this year. Some you’ll be able to make yourself, others you’ll need help to accomplish. Let’s see which ones you’ll like and which ones will suit you best.

Unique Hairstyles

How about some unique hairstyles? We’re going all-out – color, accessories – a Christmas vibe.

1. Christmas Hair Color- Evergreen Tree

Christmas hair color evergreen tree

If the previous entry seemed a bit too subtle, you could try something similar to what Styled by Erika did in the picture above where she used a combination of green hair dye, hair knitting needles with mini Christmas globes at the end, braids, and a star-shaped hair clip to make the model’s hair look like an authentic Christmas tree.

Sure enough, this hairstyle will surely be the center of attention at any Christmas party without being too vulgar and extravagant, and you can even choose to not dye your hair in the front so that you look like you have a regular hairstyle when viewed from the font.

Yet again, one drawback to this hairstyle is that you’ll need to have pretty long hair, at least enough to make a decent-sized Christmas tree out of the braids.

Speaking of braids, the hairstyle in the picture above uses a variation of the common 3-strand braid, but if you’re looking to make a Christmas tree with a bit more texture, you could try making it using a fishtail braid instead.

As for the hair decorations, most shops will be filled with Christmas-themed merchandise, so you’re bound to find other neat-looking hair clips that you can use if you don’t like the ones showcased above, like ones that are shaped like presents, reindeer, or gnomes.

2. Angel Hair Christmas Tree Braid

Angel hair christmas tree braid

The first entry on our list is a Christmas-themed hairstyle designed by Jill Ehat that uses a combination of braids and a green ribbon, and a butterfly hairclip to emulate the look of a Christmas tree, and we have to admit that among all of our entries, this is positively the most ingenious one that we could find.

However, you’ll need to have hair that’s long enough to make the braid (it doesn’t have to be as long as the model’s from the picture), and you’ll also need to find a ribbon that’s the right shade of green.

Another thing you’ll have to be careful when doing your hair this way is to make sure you don’t make the braids too tight, especially since the ribbon alone will need to have a certain degree of tightness just to maintain its shape.

More so, instead of the white flowers, you can go ahead and use colored ones, or you can even try to look for some silver hair scrunchies to hold the braids so that it looks like a miniature Christmas garland.

Overall, this is an excellent hairstyle that we highly recommend, and the only real drawback with it is that you have to turn around if you want people to see it.

3. Bardot Mermaid Braid – Christmas Hairstyle

Bardot Mermaid Braid - Christmas Hairstyle

We’re swooning for this braid and we’re swooning for that red ribbon. This is the best time of the year to top your hair off with a bit of red, check it out atMissy Sue.

4. Christmas Hair Bow

Christmas Hair Bow

And finally, did you know that you can actually make a bow out of your hair. There are so many great tutorials to try and experiment with this idea so take a look tonight! (via)

5. Sparkle Bow Bun – Cute Christmas Hairstyle

Sparkle Bow Bun - Cute Christmas Hairstyle

Topping your bun off with a classic, sparkle bow is another great way to dress your hair for the season. Thanks toPinterestfor the easy inspiration!

6. Mermaid Braid – Gorgeous Christmas Hairstyle

Mermaid Braid - Gorgeous Christmas Hairstyle

Moremakes a soft and romantic mermaid braid that would look great with a cozy sweater, don’t you think? You could even braid some festive garland pieces right into the design.

7. Twisted Bun Christmas Hairstyle

Twisted Bun Christmas Hairstyle

This easy, twisted bun fromLulu’sis also a great staple for the holiday season. You can dress it up for a Christmas cocktail party at work or wear it to one of your friend’s ugly sweater get-togethers!

8. Christmas Hairstyle – GOT Braid

Christmas Hairstyle - GOT Braid

Lulu’swas inspired by everyone’s favorite TV show with this one. Flaunt your Thrones braids to any event this Christmas season!

9. High Pony Bow – Christmas Hairstyle

High Pony Bow - Christmas Hairstyle

Gal Meets Glamshows us how to bring out our youthful side this holiday season. It’s a spirited and simple look that’s perfect for the celebration!

10. Christmas Hair – Golden Tree

Christmas hair golden tree

If you’re looking for something more extravagant, or if you’re going to a Christmas party and you really want to make a great first impression, you could try this golden tree hairstyle like the one designed by Amber Henderson Hair.

Basically, the design uses a tower bun variation decorated with a mini golden garland and a hair clip shaped like a Christmas tree topper, and everything is held in place by either hairpin, hair spray, or a combination of both.

However, because of the glamorous nature of this particular hairstyle, it’s not something that we recommend you try if you’re going to participate in a small family party or any other Christmas activity where most of the other attendees are dressed in a classic manner.

Instead, we recommend it if you’re going to participate in a large Christmas gala or a red carpet event.

Tip: If your hair is dark and you’d like to try something similar to this design, we recommend that you try using silver-color pins and garlands to decorate it since it will look a whole lot better.

Cute Christmas Hairstyles

Christmas hairstyles don’t have to be all-out all the time. We can go for subdued, we can go for easier styles to create, especially if it’s only going to be family and close friends for the Christmas celebration.

11. Glitter Pony Christmas Hairstyle

Glitter Pony Christmas Hairstyle

This romantic, glitter-topped ponytail fromRefinery 29is just another great and easy way to set the scene for the holidays. Take the leap and look at the original inspiration.

12. Gift Bow Bun

Gift bow bun diy hair

That middle bun is accented with tiny bows, well that’s what you’re learning how to create when you watch this YouTube video. What better way to top off your tacky Christmas sweater party look!?

13. Twisted Christmas Hairstyle

Twisted Christmas Hairstyle

We’re loving this feminine and chic twist hairdo fromTwist Me Pretty. You can accessorize this in so many fun and festive ways for the season too!

14. Red Christmas Hair Color with Fabric Braid

Red Christmas Hair Color with Fabric Braid

Check out this adorable look fromA Beautiful Mess! Grab a festive piece of fabric and learn how to tie it right into a fun braid for the holiday party this weekend!

15. Half-Up Twist Christmas Hairstyle

Half-Up Twist Christmas Hairstyle

Check out this sleep and easy half-up twist we’re swooning for. VisitStyle Caster for inspiration and know-how.

Christmas Hair

Let’s go a little bit more glam for the Christmas season, adding some more accessories, or just going for the Holiday spirit.

16. Christmas Hair Bows – Ponytail with Sparkling Bow

Christmas hair bows ponytail with sparkling bow

If you don’t care about overcomplicated braids or using too many scrunchies, hair clips, or hair spray, you could always keep things simple and just go with a regular ponytail that’s held together by a fancy-looking bow.

As you can see in the illustration above from Fox and Bear Design, there’s nothing complicated about the model’s hair, but the bright golden hair bow and the reindeer-themed hair clips are definitely enough for anyone to see that it’s a Christmas hairstyle.

It’s cute, it’s simple, and you won’t waste any time untangling it either, so if you want to get into the spirit of the holidays with a cute hairstyle, go for something simple and use some really nice-looking Christmas hair bows.

And this is just an example, of course. Using the same idea, you could also use Christmas-themed hair accessories that are shaped like presents, snowmen, or candy canes if you’d rather have them instead.

Another great idea is to gather the hair into a bun or a tail and hold it in place with a scrunchie that looks like a Christmas wreath.

17. Christmas Hairstyles For Kids – Christmas Tree Star Topper

Christmas hairstyles for kids christmas tree star topper

Kids love being creative, and little girls are especially excited when it comes to trying out cute new hairstyles, and they’ll be especially happy if you’ll try making a Christmas tree star topper hairstyle for them like this one from P & G Parties.

The braids themselves are extremely simple to make, and the real focus is making the entire ensemble look like a Christmas tree, somewhat similar to the first 2 entries on our list.

The centerpiece of the entire hairstyle is the star-shaped hairclip placed on top of the tree, so we recommend that you look for the biggest and shiniest one that you can find.

As for the scrunchies that are holding the hair together, we also recommend that you use ones that are very colored and very sparkly while focusing on having them in red and green as much as possible.

If you want to give this hairstyle an even more “wintery” look, you can even use hairspray with glitter to give it a snowy look, just as long as you make sure that you aren’t overloading your child’s scalp with too many hair products.

18. Faux Bob Christmas Hairstyle

Faux Bob Christmas Hairstyle

Brit + Coshows us how to make a faux bob. Create a splash and show up at your work’s Christmas party looking like a whole new you!

19. Rudolph Bun Christmas Hairstyle for Kids

Rudolph Bun Christmas Hairstyle for Kids

Princess Piggiesgives us this charming Rudolph bun idea that can adapt for the big kids too! Again, it’s perfect to wear to everything from a visit with Santa to a Cookie Swap!

20. Red Ribbon Christmas Hairstyle

Red Ribbon Christmas Hairstyle

Of course, the addition of a simple, red ribbon will pay homage to the season as well. Half-up, half-down or a loose ponytail could use the colorful accent. (viaPinterest)

21. Star Hair Pins – Christmas Hair

Star Hair Pins - Christmas Hair

Hello, Whimsy gives us a super festive and fun look to flaunt around the holidays this year. Learn who to make one of these star pins to hold up your tresses.

22. Headband Christmas Hairstyle

Headband Christmas Hairstyle

VisitMissy Sueand learn how to use a beautiful piece of red ribbon in another great way to the festive season. Turn it into a headband and add a pop of color to your look for the night.

23. Glitter Roots Christmas Hairstyle

Glitter Roots Christmas Hairstyle

Have you seen this trend roaming around the Internet? We think it’s rather perfect this time of the year, don’t you? (via)

24. Knotted Crown – Christmas Hair

Knotted Crown - Christmas Hair

Sincerely, Kinseyshows us how to create a simple, knotted maiden crown that we can dress up or dress down for any of the month’s festivities. Take a peek at the tutorial after the jump!

25. Sweater Weather Braids – Christmas Hairstyle

Sweater Weather Braids - Christmas Hairstyle

Think and chunky, these braids really are the most perfect accompaniment to your favorite winter sweater. VisitKassinkafor all the details.


Best Christmas Hairstyles: Closing Thoughts

We’ve reached the end of our article, but we hope that it served its purpose, so if your goal was to find a new hairstyle for this year’s Christmas party, then we seriously hope that at least one of our picks managed to sparkle your interest.

Of course, don’t forget that the hairstyle is just a small part of the whole outfit, and you’ll still want to make sure that the rest of your appearance is on points, such as your makeup, as well as the dress and the shoes that you’re wearing.

If you want more helpful and detailed guides like the one below, you can check out our other Christmas-themed articles as well, because we’ve covered pretty much everything you’d need, from decoration tips to entire lists of gift ideas that vary based on whom you’re planning the gift for.

Before we part ways, we would like to ask you if you’re planning on attending any Christmas parties this year. If so, then feel free to drop us a comment below and let us know which entry was your favorite one!

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