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Favorite 30-Minute Dinner Recipes For Any Night of the Week

It seems as though we’re all racing through our week days. And to get the family fed on time and with some ounce of guilt-free tendencies can be a real feat. But, thankfully, there are ways to get the job done with ease, without taking up too many hours of the day, and with a lot of healthy, flavorful, and kid-friendly ingredients. Let’s have a look at some of our favorite 15 30-minute dinner recipes for any night of the week.

1. Lemon Chicken with Creamy Garlic Penne

Crispy lemon chicken with mac and cheese

I Knead to Eat pairs a delicious, breaded chicken with a creamy penne. Both are kid-friendly. Both are delicious. And you can infuse slightly new flavors into your family’s routine with this low-risk meal.

2. One-Skillet Sausage & Rice

Sausage and rice skillet

Anytime just one skillet is involved you know that it’s a recipe that won’t cause too much fuss. A bit of sausage, a bit of rice, and a whole lot of flavor can be found within this Diethood recipe. A green salad would be the perfect accompaniment.

3. Baked Ground Chicken Tacos

Crispy ground chicken tacos

Together as Family puts an easy spin on Taco Tuesday with this baked taco recipe. It holds a healthier twist than your standard tacos and, after baking, have your toppings ready for the family to personal their own bites. Fresh pico, sour cream, and extra lettuce or chopped avocado are all great options.

4. Chicken Stroganoff

Chicken stroganoff skillet

The Chunky Chef also put a healthier spin on this traditional meal by going with chicken instead of beef! It’s a warm, comforting meal that easily becomes a family favorite. There’s also not much to making it, so it’s completely stress free!

5. Indian-Spiced Pepper Steak

Indian spiced pepper steak

Food Network will add some spice to your life with this Indian pepper steak and rice combination. It looks a bit more intricate than some other recipes on the list but don’t let that fool you – it still takes under 30 minutes to conjure up for the family.

6. Asian Salmon

Asian salmon 30 minute recipe

For families that hold a love for salmon, you’ll definitely want to check out this recipe from Damn Delicious. It holds a lot of great Asian-inspired flavors but with a spicy kick of Sriracha that we think you’ll appreciate. Serve it up with your favorite white or brown rice.

7. Ground Turkey Sloppy Joes

Ground turkey sloppy joes

If you’re looking for both easy and innovative then look no further than these fancy sloppy Joes. Make with turkey editions – including all the various toppings – with some help from Country Living. Serve it up with some homemade French fries you can throw in the air fryer.

8. Garlic Shrimp and Herbed Couscous Salad

Garlic shrimp couscous

Shrimp and couscous is filling, healthy, and easy to whip up in a pinch. It’s also a great dish for leftovers! Check out all the details at Southern Living.

9. One-Pot Creamy Spaghetti

One pot creamy spaghetti

Everyone loves a good spaghetti recipe and that’s exactly what we found while perusing the geniuses over at Pillsbury. All you need is one pot and you’ll get this creamy, bout of deliciousness that everyone in the family will want seconds of. Don’t be afraid to add some meatballs into the mix!

10. Hawaiian Haystacks

Hawaiian haystacks

Hawaiian flavors can surely make a weeknight meal a bit more fun for everyone involved. Lots of fresh veggies, pineapple – of course – and bouts of rice make this one comes to life. Snag the recipe at Tastes Better From Scratch but keep in mind any kind of protein can be added here.

11. California Burger Wraps

California burger wraps

Nix the bins and go with some iceburg lettuce as your burgers flight of passage tonight! It’s a healthier way to indulge in burgers and a great way to get the kiddos to be eating green without too much intimidation. Taste of Home will give you all the know how behind these beauties.

12. Loaded Taco Skillet

30 minute loaded taco skillet

Taco night is always fun but it’s nice to provide some innovation to that night. This skillet meal will do just that. It’s a different spin but has all the flavors we love of tacos. Check it out at Lexi’s Clean Kitchen.

13. Caprese Chicken

Caprese chicken

Kirbie’s Cravings created a chicken meal that everyone will fall in love with. Mozzarella, tomatoes, and balsamic drizzle too. There’s a lot of different variations of this dish, and every variation seems to be delicious!

14. Mini Meatloaves

Mini meatloaves

It’s like meatlballs and meatloaf has a baby and made this Food dish come to life. And we love it! The kids will love meatloaf night even more when they get a plate of “minis.” Serve it up with some homemade mashed potatoes!

15. Pepper-Only Pizza

Pepper only pizza

And finally, pizza night is always a great way to serve up an easy dinner. But go the homemade route and make this a bit healthier for the fam. Grab some inspiration, like this pepper-filled pizza, from Cooking Light.

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