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25 DIY Baby Shower Gifts for the Little Girl on the Way

There’s a baby girl on her way and the shower to celebrate is coming up in mere days. If the registry has been wiped and you’re at a loss of what to give the mom-to-be, why not create something useful (and adorable) all of your own. Let’s have a peek at 25 DIY baby shower gift ideas that cater to little princesses to come.

1. Cupcake Onesies

Cupcake Onesies

Grab some onesies and create a box of “cupcakes” for the mama-to-be to enjoy. With this gift, it’s all about the presentation and, of course, the functionality too. {found on Club Chica Circle}

2. Handmade Hats

Handmade Hats

Every teeny baby needs a few hat to keep their brand new noggin nice and warm. Have fun picking out fabrics and sewing these cuties up for the new arrival. {found on Make it Love It}

3. Unique Burp Cloths

Unique Burp Cloths

Get creative with some beautiful fabric scarps as you dress up some cloth diapers. They make the best burp cloths and they’ll be original in style for the new mom to enjoy too. {found on The Thinking Closet}

4. Baby Name Embroidery

Baby Name Embroidery

Do you know how to work an embroidery hoop? If so, why not create some personalized art for the nursery? Find out the colors and have a go at it! {found on Lines Across}

5. Diaper Needs Box

Diaper Needs Box