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25 DIY Baby Shower Gifts for the Little Girl on the Way

There’s a baby girl on her way and the shower to celebrate is coming up in mere days. If the registry has been wiped and you’re at a loss of what to give the mom-to-be, why not create something useful (and adorable) all of your own. Let’s have a peek at 25 DIY baby shower gift ideas that cater to little princesses to come.

1. Cupcake Onesies

Cupcake Onesies

Grab some onesies and create a box of “cupcakes” for the mama-to-be to enjoy. With this gift, it’s all about the presentation and, of course, the functionality too. {found on Club Chica Circle}

2. Handmade Hats

Handmade Hats

Every teeny baby needs a few hat to keep their brand new noggin nice and warm. Have fun picking out fabrics and sewing these cuties up for the new arrival. {found on Make it Love It}

3. Unique Burp Cloths

Unique Burp Cloths

Get creative with some beautiful fabric scarps as you dress up some cloth diapers. They make the best burp cloths and they’ll be original in style for the new mom to enjoy too. {found on The Thinking Closet}

4. Baby Name Embroidery

Baby Name Embroidery

Do you know how to work an embroidery hoop? If so, why not create some personalized art for the nursery? Find out the colors and have a go at it! {found on Lines Across}

5. Diaper Needs Box

Diaper Needs Box

Create a box full of all the diapering essentials from wipes to powder to diaper rash cream. Then, add a fun spin on it like they did here in this festive package. {found on Pick Ease}

6. Beautiful Pacifier Clips

Beautiful Pacifier Clips

You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make gorgeous, boutique-styled pacifier clips. Lace, embellishments and more … they’re beautiful! {found on Indulgy}

7. Cloth Ball

Cloth Ball

Play, throw or teeth with a cotton-cloth ball made from scratch! This is the perfect gift to give in a box full of essentials and one that comes from the heart too. {found on Popsugar}

8. Diaper Wreath

Diaper Wreath

Bringing diapers to a baby shower is a must. So why not gift them in a super creative way? We’re in love with this festive diaper wreath, aren’t you? {found on Cleverly Inspired}

9. Crocheted Shoes

Crocheted Shoes

If you’re good with a needle, look up some free patterns and create a tiny pair of booties, mary janes or sandals for the new baby girl. {found on The Green Dragonfly}

10. Matching Mobile

Matching Mobile

Ask about the colors in the nursery and then spend time conjuring a handmade mobile. Theme it, sew it, and create it with all the imagination you have. {found on Domestic Charm}

11. Personalized Album

Personalized Album

Grab some of your best scrapbooking supplies and create a personalized album for the baby! Add fabrics, glitter and anything else that you find inspiring. {found on Studio 5380}

12. From-Scratch Books

From-Scratch Books

Starting colors or the ABC’s, get handy with a needle and thread (or your sewing machine) and create one of baby’s very first books. {found on Everyday Celebrations}

13. Diaper Bag


Every mom needs a diaper bag, but it doesn’t have to be store bought. Instead, a talented friend like you could create one all on her own. {found on Change Diapers}

14. Car Seat Cover

Car Seat Cover

Keep the new bundle of joy safe from the elements by giving a beautiful car seat cover at the shower. These handy items keep baby from rain, wind, bright sunlight and colder gusts of wind too. {found on Two Bobbins Later}

15. Baby Sling

Baby Sling

Instead of investing in a more expensive baby carrier, find a free pattern online and make a baby sling for the new mom to carry her pride and joy around the house (and the grocery store too) in. {found on Sew Much Ado}

16. Crib Quilt

Crib Quilt

If you know the nursery’s theme, brainstorm some beautiful quilt designs. From rainbow bunting, like we see here, to classic stripes, the mom-to-be would love such a thoughtful gift. {found on A Pretty Cool Life}

17. Bow Wreath

Bow Wreath

If there’s a little girl on the way, you know she’ll have some bows to display! Get her collection of hair accessories off on the right foot with a wreath full of them! {found on Charming in Charlotte}

18. Diaper + Wipe Satchel

Diaper + Wipe Satchel

Handy as can be, every diaper bag needs diapers and wipes, and this grab and go item can easily become one of the most used items from the shower. {found on Capital B}

19. Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle Blankets

Soft, light and breathable for baby, follow this tutorial and learn how to make these gauzy swaddle blankets for both mommy and her new bundle to enjoy. {found on Made}

20. Wet Bag

Wet Bag

From soiled cloth diapers to accident-ridden clothes, a day out with a baby calls for a wet bag in tow – and you can make these for mom in an easy afternoon! {found on Craftiness Is Not Optional}

21. Floral Monogram

Floral Monogram

Decorate the door or nursery with a beautiful monogram of baby’s name. We just happen to love floral-filled types. {found on Her Campus}

22. Book Bin

Book Bin

Babies need and love books, which means the nursery will need a place to put them. Check out this tutorial for a charming – and unique – DIY gift. {found on Lay Baby Lay}

23. Circle Skirts

Circle Skirts

Dress up some of those onesies with a circle skirt! You’d be surprised how easy these darlings are to make, and you can have fun picking out the colors! {found on Made}

24. Floor Mat

Floor Mat

A playtime essential for babies are to have a play mat and here’s a fun and innovative one that you can recreate easily for the mom and baby being celebrated. {found on I Am Momma Hear Me Roar}

25. Headband Knots

Headband Knots

Every little girl needs her own accessories and that includes adorable headbands such as these vintage-inspired knots! {found on How Does She}

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