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25 Make-It-Yourself Girls Skirts: Tutus and More!

Having children is one of the biggest joys of a lifetime. And when it comes to having a little girl, dressing her becomes a new favorite pastime. But something it can be difficult finding exactly what you want for your princess in the stores. From rainbow tutus to everyday circle skirts, you can easily make-it-yourself when it comes to some of her skirts. Let’s take a look at 25 different patterns, sew jobs and easy tutorials!

1. Lace-Trimmed

Lace Trimmed Skirt for Kids

Fabric and your choice of lace trim is all you need to get this 1o-minute project started. Follow along and learn how to create a vintage-inspired piece for your little darling. {found on It’s Not For Granted}

2. Shirred

Shirred Skirt DIY

These shirred skirts are perfect for a variety of ages, especially toddlers! Have fun choosing fabrics and creating seasonal looks for the littles. {found on Make it Love it}

3. Reversible

Reversible Skirt

A revisable petal skirt may seem a bit intricate, but you’d be surprised how easy even a novice could pull this off! And what a unique piece for your girl to have in her closet. {found on Pretty Prudent}

4. Rainbow

Rainbow Skirt

Rainbow maxi tutus are perfect for Halloween or birthday parties. Here you’ll learn how to make one right at home. {found on Mynerd Obsessions}

5. 5 Minutes

5 Minutes DIY Skirt

If you’re a bit impatient when it comes to crafting and DIYing, then this tutorial is just for you. A 5-minute skirt created from scratch, who wouldn’t want to try this out? {found on Home Heart Craft}

6. Pom-Pom

Pom Pom Tutu Skirt

We have fallen head-over-heels in love with this unique and charming pom-pom embellished tulle skirt. And so will your little girl. {found on Moon Kids}

7. Jeans

Jeans Skirt

Next time you decide to throw away an old pair of jeans, think of this project first. Use some old jeans and create new items for your little girl to enjoy. {found on Money Saving Mom}

8. Tube

Tube Kids Skirt

A quick and easy stretchy, tube skirt can become a versatile closet staple for your daughter. Find out here how to recreate one for yourself! {found on Make it Love it}

9. Bandana

Bandana Skirt

Once a bandana, you can use one of these vintage pieces to create a fun and festive look for the small one of the house. It would be perfect for July 4th, don’t you think?{found on DIY Candy}

10. Bubble

Bubble Skirt

With an extra pop of femininity and charm, this bubble skirt is just too precious for words. And you can create one of your own! {found on Kojo Designs}

11. Maxi

Maxi Skirt

Just because your little girls are, well, little, doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a maxi skirt like the rest of us. Find out how to make one with this easy tutorial. {found on Street Bug Bows}

12. Bloomer

Bloomer Skirt

Not only are we swooning over this fabric but we’re all swooning over the lushness and flouncy appeal of this bloomer skirt, which is easy for a novice to make! {found on One Little Minute}

13. Tablecloth

Tablecloth Skirt

Have you ever thought about taking an old tablecloth and transforming it into a skirt for you or your little girl? Well, here’s an easy tutorial to follow and learn how. {found on Dwanda}

14. Poodle

Poodle Skirt

It could be for Halloween or just for a fun piece of vintage fun. We’re loving this video and we’re loving how simple it is to create such a festive, retro piece for your baby bundle. {found on YouTube}

15. Tulle

Pink Tule Skirt

Every young girl needs at least one tutu in their closet. And if mom made it, that extra bit of specialness makes it so much more unique than if it was to be store-bought. {found on Elegantly Done}

16. Paris


A classic and chic style, this may be our favorite tutorial of the bunch. Personally, I’d love to create a more modern and stylish piece for my baby girl. {found on Nothing Too Fancy}

17. Circles

Circle Skirt

Circle skirts are one of the easiest types of clothing to make for your little one. And they’re also the most simple way to jazz up a classic, baby onesie as well. {found on Craftiness is not Optional}

18. Tween

Tween Skirt

It’s not too short, but it’s not a maxi either. It’s the in be “tween” skirt that just happens to be perfect for your tween to dawn throughout spring or on the first day of school. {found on Polka Dot Chair}

19. Double-Layer

Double-Layer Skirt

Once this DIY is complete, no one will believe that it was handmade. This double-layered beauty looks like it was bought from one of the most stylish of boutiques. {found on You and Mie}

20. Wrap

Wrap Skirt

Just like wrap dresses, wrap skirts are super versatile. Your little girl needs this classic staple in her closet, just like you do! {found on The Crafting Chicks}

21. Ruffle-Layers

Ruffle-Layers Skirt

How sweet is this layered skirt full of ruffles? And with this particular fabric choice, it will quickly become a go-to item for summertime fashion. {found on Made}

22. Pockets

Pockets Black Skirt

Little ones love pockets and this tutorial will help you create an adorable piece with some hidden pockets to keep small trinkets inside. {found on What’s Mummy Up To}

23. Pickup

Pickup Blue Skirt

There’s a bit of Cinderella’s spirit sewn into this charming number. The pickup accent is one we’re all dying to learn and play around with on many projects to come. {found on Refugee Crafter}

24. Dip-Dye

Dip-Dye Skirt

Once you learn how to dip dye, you’ll be able to recreate more than this ultra adorable watermelon skirt. And this would be perfect on all ages from baby to tween! {found on Cutesy Crafts}

25. Tutu

Tutu Skirt

Here’s a different type of tutu, but one that is just as fun. Learn how to tie this beauty together for your next big celebration. {found on M&J Blog}


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