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25 Artistic Baked Sharpie Dish DIY Designs

We’ve all seen the sharpie mugs. We’ve all seen how easy it is to draw and bake. So, instead of showing you how, we’re providing inspiration on the designs. From patterns to pictures, here are 25 of the most artistic and creative DIY dish designs. Get creative and bake yourself a snazzy new set of bowls, mugs and more!

1. Large Polka-Dot

Large Polka Dot Bowl DIY

Start with something simple when beginning this DIY. These large polka-dots are easy for everyone to recreate and still jazz up plain dishes. {found on The Sweetest Occasion}

2. Stenciled “Eat”

Stenciled Word Plate DIY

Stencils are wonderful for these types of DIYs, especially when you want letters. They add a precision and contemporary appeal. {found on Darling Doodles}

3. Dr. Seuss Inspired

Dr Seuss Sharpie Dishes DIY

Take some of your favorites, like that of Dr. Seuss, and bring them to life! The kids should will enjoy it too. {found on allred Designs}

4. Geo Triangle Print

Geo Mug DIY Design

Geometric prints are easy to recreate as well. They’re funky and they don’t have to be super clean and even to work. {found on Essential Pepper}

5. Starbust

Starburst Shapie Dish DIY

Easy starbursts are a fun way to try out this DIY. One big one or several small ones, they’re festive and look great in multiple colors. {found on Homedit}

6. Sweet Phrases

Kiss Often DIY Sharpie Plate

Romantic phrases are perfect for date night dishes. Draw out your words first to ensure no mistakes are made when the Sharpies come out to play. {found on Pink Stripey Socks}

7. Puzzling Shapes

DIY Sharpie Plate Design

How funky is this never-ending circle? Made with ovals and lines to create triangles, it’s must easier than it looks to replicate. {found on The Invisible Crown}

8. Trendy Pieces

Trendy DIY Sharpie Plate Designs

Take all of your favorite things and turn them into trendy plates! Woodland creatures, bows, birds and more; they all look great! {found on Fox Gypsy}

9. Flower Power

Flower Sharpie Dish DIY Design

Get really creative and make yourself your very own piece of art. This flower design may not have taken two minute to whip up but it sure is beautiful. {found on Pink & Glink}

10. Heart Handles

Heart Sharpie Mug DIY

Is this idea not an absolutely genus idea? Turn those handles into hearts for yourself or for his and her pairs. {found on Bren Did}

11. Giftable

Sharpie DIY Design Plate

Remember, these DIYs are perfect for creating gifts out of. Father’s or Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas and more … the possibilities are endless. {found on Mashable}

12. Initials

Monogram Sharpie DIY Plates

Newlyweds would love this especially, as brides get especially giddy with the addition of their new initial. Really personalize your plates! {found on Make Your Mark}

13. Multi-Colors

Colored Sharpie Plate DIY

Here is a gorgeous example of how to utilize colored Sharpies and what they can turn out to look like in the end. And, you don’t always have to use a stencil to get something clean and beautiful. {found on Brit+Co}

14. Hobbit Inspired

Hobbit Sharpie DIY Dishes

We love the Hobbit too. A classic story – and 3 great movies too – this story can inspire a variety of designs, including your dish ware! {found on DIY Projects}

15. Stenciled Flower Design

Stenciled Flower Dinner Plate DIY

Any stencil will work with this DIY project, including floral designs. These look store bought, don’t you think? But they cost more than half the price! {found on The Sweetest Occasion}

16. Constellations

Constellation DIY Sharpie Plate

You can really find inspiration anywhere, even in the sky. Just check out these nifty constellation plates that can be used for dessert, jewelry or even change on the dresser. {found on Darling Darleen}

17. Piecey Heart

Heart Sharpie Plate DIY

And now we have another funky design to grab inspiration from. Colors and piece parts of a heart, this design would even look great on a t-shirt. {found on delineate your dwelling}

18. Santa

Sharpie Santa DIY Plate

Of course you can style your dishes around the holidays. Create your very own Santa plate for Christmas Eve cookies (and carrots for the reindeer)! {found on Urban Cowgirl}

19. Tea Bag

DIy Sharpie Mug Design

Isn’t this a darling idea for your tea mugs? It’s simple, sweet and even a novice DIY-er can duplicate. {found on HeartHavenHome}

20. B+W Veggies

DIY Sharpie Mug

Vegetables can even be inspiring. {found on The Racconnery}

21. Butter

Diy Sharpie Butterdish

Did you ever think about jazzing up your butter dishes? Who knew they could be just as stylish as other parts of the kitchen? {found on Griffanie}

22. Kate Spade-Inspired

Kate Spade Inspired Sharpie Plate

You can even grab inspiration from you favorite designers. Check out this tutorial on how to recreate some Kate Spade classics. {found on The Party Girl}

23. Silhouette

Silhouette DIY Sharpie Mug

We are in total love with this mug adorned with a sewing machine silhouette. It’s unique and completely personal. {found on The Girl Inspired}

24. Trays Too

Diy Sharpie Tray

Yes, even serving trays can get this stylish treatment. Grab some white ones and get to work creating something with festive energy. {found on Everyday With MK}

25. On Black

DIY Black Sharpie Mugs

Not every Sharpie DIY has to be done on white dishware. Instead, just use white sharpies to get your desired look. {found on Living your Creative}

    • You’re welcome – I love it’s uniqueness. It’s hard to find this project with an original spin on it! :) Thank you!

  1. I love this! Thanks for finding our Kate Spade inspired DIY, it was one of our favourites!

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