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DIY Hanging Bedside Wood Shelf

When you don’t have a lot of time or if you have a small budget, creating simple hanging shelves is a great alternative. Buying a table or nightstand can be costly, so this is an inexpensive alternative that can work well for renters or if you just moved in your house. Hanging shelves not only add a rustic element to you home décor, but you can also move them to any space in the house as well. This hanging shelf will provide a small ledge, as a side table for books and plants.

DIY A Hanging Wood Shelf

You can purchase wood that’s linear and more square or rectangular, or you can use more of an abstract piece of wood. If you’re looking for a larger piece, most hardware stores carry larger pieces that can be cut to the size you need. Keep in mind the space that it’s going in. A smaller piece will do well as a side shelf, night stand or side table, and a larger piece will probably do better as hanging shelf in the kitchen for dishes.

Hanging Night Stand

You will need: a board of wood, leather cord or rope. The thicker the shelf the thicker the rope you’ll need. If you want your shelf to be, for example, ½ to 1” thick and 36” long, you may want to consider using a heavy duty rope instead of leather cord. The leather cord or thinner rope and a small wood slab should do well for a mini shelf. You’ll also need a drill with the correct sized drill bit for the holes (I used 1/4 for this shelf) and hook to hang the finished product. The drill bit used should be slightly thicker than the rope used.  If you want to stain the wood, you’ll need a pair of gloves, a cloth and wood stain. You can also paint the wood to match your décor.

DIY A Hanging Wood Shelf Materials

If staining, stain the boards before drilling, using your preferred stain and then wipe it off with an old rag. Use the gloves to keep your hands stain-free. If painting, make sure the paint dries before drilling the holes. This will ensure that no sawdust ruins the paint.

DIY A Hanging Wood Shelf Mark

First, mark your holes with a pencil so that they’re evenly spaced apart.  I’ve marked mine about 6-7 inches apart from each other.

DIY A Hanging Wood Shelf Drill