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Slice Into One of These 50 Baby Shower Cakes and Celebrate!

Cakes are always centerstage to a celebration from birthdays to showers of all kinds! And when it comes prepping for baby, the party is even more special. If you plan to bake and decorate yourself, peek at the recipes and slice into one of these 50 baby shower cakes and celebrate!

1. Pink Velvet Swiss Roll

Pink velvet swiss roll

Garnish and Glaze showcased this gorgeous pink velvet Swiss roll and we can’t help but imagine how perfect it would be to celebrate the coming of a beautiful baby girl. It’s an enlightened centerpiece and something more unique on the food table!

2. No Bake Strawberry Milkshake Cheesecake

No bake strawberry milkshake cheesecake

Life Love and Sugar has another special recipe for you to dive into. Celebrate with the sprinkles and the right shade of pink, this cheesecake has it all!

3. Confetti Cake

Sprinkle cake

If you want to get a bit literal with the celebration, you’ll want to whip up a confetti cake. Complete with lots of sprinkles, find the recipe at Girl Inspired.

4. Earl Grey Cake

Earl grey cake

Made with vanilla bean buttercream, visit Country Clever for this unique recipe. Relax, enjoy and add something extra special to the party.

5. Red Velvet Snowball Cake

Red velvet snowball cake