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23 Super Easy Sharpie Crafts To Dive Into!

Whether you’re a veteran crafter or a novice when it’s time to get creative, everyone knows, loves and has used a trusty, ole’ Sharpie before. And fortunately enough, they’re great at DIYing with! Today, you’ll find 23 super easy Sharpie crafts to dive into this weekend. From gifts to home decor, you’ll find a wonderful mix of projects that anyone could complete with success.

1. Candles

DIY Sharpie Candle

Happiness is Homeade takes a classic candles and shows us how to spruce it up a bit. Whether you’re making it from scratch or just playing up its holder, this is such a brilliant and easy idea!

2. Mug

diy Sharpie Mug

Oh, Hello Friend takes a 99 cent mug and turns it into something personalized and special. There are so many different designs and ways to personalize this!

3. Planters


Check out this adorable idea from By Wilma. Even your mini herb garden can be a bit cuter by adding faces to what you’re growing. In this case, it’s cress – something that’s extra delicious as a sandwich topping!

4. Knobs

DIY Faux Malachite Knobs

These faux malachite knobs were made with a simple Sharpie technique, believe it or not! Visit Teal and Lime to gather all of the details and know-how for creating your own set of knobs for any furniture redos.

5. Chair

Sharpie Chair DIY

Little Green Notebook shows us how to give one of your chairs a complete and inexpensive makeover. Yes, Sharpies can even be used to turnover some pretty rad furniture.

6. Pillows

diy sharpie pillows

Are these Sharpie decorated pillows from Dear Lillie not absolutely charming? You can do so many different things by perfecting this project, from seasonal creations to year-round decor!

7. Glasses

DIY Sharpie Glasses

A Thoughtful Place takes some simple glasses and dresses them up with a bit of metallic dots creating a bit of festive confetti on the rim! We love the idea of sipping out of these during New Year’s or at a friend’s birthday party.

8. Photo Mats

sharpie photo mats

Have you ever thought about adding a bit of embellishment to your photo mats around the house? You can really transform your gallery wall or collage with this bit of pop from Burlap and Blue.

9. Bookends


Cuckoo 4 Designs even made some bookends look a little bit more stylish by utilizing some gold Sharpie markers. With a Greek vibe and a monogram too, her bookshelf looks even more personalized and design-worthy.

10. Dishes

diy sharpie dish

Just like with your mugs, you can add some style to your simple white plates as well. Aren’t you swooning for this adorable heart design from Delineate Your Dwelling?

11. Nail Art

DIY Sharpie Nail Art

Yes, you can even use a Sharpie marker to help out in your nail art designs. Check out this cutie out at Lyndar the Merciless and learn how to top off your color!

12. Rug

diy sharpie mat

Twelve Oaks Manor turned a more intricate project into something anyone can do because they used a Sharpie marker! With a stencil and enough ink, you too can create something similar.

13. Shirt

DIy Sharpie Shirt

Are you not in love – at first sight – with this gorgeous tie-dye shirt? And the most mind-blowing part of it all is that it was made with Sharpie markers. Check out it at Alisa Burke.

14. Necklace

Diy Sharpie Necklace

Swell Mayde took a rhinestone necklace and turned it into something with pop, personality and color just by adding some Sharpies to the mix. Make the jump and grab all the details!

15. Envelopes


Create some funky liners for your envelopes by checking out Blog A La Carte‘s idea! Make sending snail mail even more fun with a bit of personalization.

16. Phone Covers

diy sharpie phone case

Denise Heredia made a tribal print on her iPhone case and made our hearts swoon as well. You can take this idea and do virtually anything you’d like – and personalize to your heart’s desire.

17. Shoes

diy sharpie shoes

You can even take some of your sneakers and turn them into something entirely different – using Sharpies. Dream a Little Bigger did just that with these faux saddle shoes.

18. Cup & Saucer

diy sharpie teacup and saucer

Pen & Paper Flowers did something similar to some of the projects above, but it’s just so adorable we had to feature it! Covering a teacup and saucer in a whimsical design is absolutely swoon-worthy!

19. Cross Stitch

DIY Sharpie Cross Stitch

Here’s a modern take on cross stitching where you don’t have to do a thing with a needle. Check out Chapter 37 and find out how to use some Sharpie markers to get that contemporary look.

20. Onesies

DIY Sharpie Onesies

Delia Creates used Sharpies in a way that makes every baby look a little bit chicer. Grab a classic, white onesie and start designing something spectacular with this easy, crafting must-have!

21. Rammekins

diy sharpie rammekin

Stephanie Lynn grabbed some ramekin dishes and made some fun trinkets pretty easily with some metallic Sharpie markers. From baking to change holding, they look so much better with the bits of bling!

22. Keychains


Turn some little wooden disks into keychain art! With some Sharpie markers, you too can create a design that won’t rub off in an instant and will personalize your keyring too. Thanks for the idea How About Orange!

23. Lamps


This delicate, white design was made by using a Sharpie! At first, I couldn’t believe it myself but you can check out Make. and catch all the details on how to do this at home.

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