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50 Candy Truffle Recipes To Create At Home in the Kitchen

Have you ever wondered how those yummy truffles you get as gifts in beautiful boxes are actually made? Maybe you want to try creating some of your favorite candies right at home or maybe you just want to try your hand on something a little different and get the kids involved too. Whatever the goal, making truffles is easier than you may think! Today we’re sharing 50 of the best candy truffle recipes to create at home in the kitchen – with your own two hands! Check them out!

1. Maple Walnut


Crazy For Crust created some maple walnuts truffles and we’re dying to try them out! Unique and worth every bit, hop on over to check out the recipe!

2. Candy Corn Oreo


If you love candy corn – and Oreos too – then you’ll love these festive bites from Shugary Sweets. Perfect in the fall, but fun all year round, grab all the details after the jump.

3. Dark Chocolate Key Lime Pie


Sally’s Baking Addiction gives us a simple yet refined truffle recipe that everyone will want to take a bite out of. Dark chocolate key lime pie mixes extra sweet and a bit of tartness to perfection.

4. Reese’s Nutter Butter


If you love peanut butter, than you’ll need to check out these Reese’s nutter butter truffles made by Six Sister Stuff. Of course, don’t forget the bit of sprinkles on top too!

5. White Candy Cane


Your Cup of Cake makes some gorgeous white candy cane truffles that a perfect for the holidays, or just a great way to give an edible gift to a loved one that enjoy extra sweet and pepperminty treats!

6. Strawberry Cheesecake


These are on my personal “must-try” list, especially because the strawberry cheesecake filling is covered in a delicious chocolate. Hop on over to Swanky Recipes to grab every last detail.

7. Nutella


Spoonful of Flavor knows the way into so many hearts. And it’s through Nutella, of course. If you’d like know how to whip up one of these delicious bites, head on over and start experimenting in the kitchen.

8. Peanut Butter M&M

Peanut Butter M&M Truffle Recipe

Who loves peanut butter and M&M’s? Well, if that’s you then you’ll want to read all about this recipe at Sally’s Baking Addiction. And maybe get the kids involved with this one!

9. Coconut Cream


For those with a lighter palette, why not try your hand at these coconut cream truffles from Crazy for Crust. We’re loving the fresh, coconut garnish and how these can be made and enjoyed all year long!

10. Pumpkin Gingerbread


Hungry Happenings makes a pumpkin gingerbread truffle that you’re going to love biting into every fall and winter season. And they seem like the perfect addition to a holiday meal, present or even with a simple cup of coffee in the evening.

11. Low-Carb White Chocolate Mascarpone


Check out this low carb recipe for truffles from Low Carb Yum! If you’re watching your calories, sugars and carbs then this is an awesome way to indulge a little without feeling too guilty.

12. Eggnog

Easy Eggnog Truffle Cups recipe at TidyMom.net

These eggnog truffle cups are great for serving up at your next holiday dinner party. They have a season feel but we know those that love creating chocolate would like to experiment with them any time of the year. Visit the recipe at Tidy Mom.

13. Caramel Peanut Butter


Minimalist Baker gives us a great recipe for a classic truffle flavor, but one that’s a bit more interesting than another plain jane, one-ingredient treat. And the best part – it’s vegan too!

14. Lemon

Lemon Truffle Recipe

Are you looking for a tangy bite that forgoes the chocolate? Check out these lemon truffles from OMG Chocolates for a sweet addition to your favorite candy collection.

15. Dark Chocolate Toffee


The Happier Homemaker makes us all salivate with these dark chocolate toffee truffles. If you need us, check the kitchen, we’ll be whipping these scrumptious bites right up!

16. Strawberry Lime


Here’s another truffle recipes that doesn’t need chocolate to make it stand out in flavor and sweetness. These strawberry lime truffles sound sublime and you can find out the details at Leelalicious.

17. No-Bake Cookie Dough


BHG gives us a special recipe that doesn’t involve any baking – and that’s special since these chocolate bits are filled with some cookie dough! And who doesn’t like a great spoonful of cookie dough to end their night?

18. Belgian Chocolate

belgian chocolate truffle

Chef Eddy has a great recipe if you’re looking to make just a classic, chocolate truffle. But it’s even better as it’s one that will melt right into your mouth – being as though it’s a Belgian inspired.

20. Oreo


Here’s a recipe that just focuses on the Oreo. And that’s not even close to a bad thing. Moms Need To Know supplies us with all the ins and outs of making them.

21. Caramel Apple


The Gunny Sack takes two flavors that everyone loves together and creates a unique truffle that is sure to make a splash in your house. Get busy in the kitchen making these caramel apple truffles!

22. Raspberry Cheesecake


OMG Chocolate Desserts are making us swoon with these gorgeous raspberry cheesecake truffles. There’s no way you won’t love the finished product, and it’s another recipe that can be used to its fullest all year round.

23. Tiramisu


How does taking a favorite dessert and turning it into a bite-size truffle sound? Fun? Well, over at Cooking, LSL you can take all the flavors of a delicious tiramisu and create a beautiful candy out of them.

24. Cake Batter


The Novice Chef does something similar to our beloved cookie dough truffles above, taking the wonder of cake batter and creating a bite-sized form for everyone to indulge in!

25. Chocolate Ganache


Here’s another recipe for those that just love a bite of pure, delicious chocolate. Recipe Tin Eats hits the nail right on the had with these scrumptious chocolate ganache truffles.

26.  Mint Oreo


And now we have another Oreo truffle recipe but this time with the added fun of mint too! Hop on over to Sally’s Baking Addiction for all the know-how and details to create them.

27. Smore’s

smores truffle

Sprinkle Some Sugar has a recipe that everyone will want to dive into. Store’s are perfect as year round, interactive desserts so when you turn them up a notch and create truffles out of them, you’ve got a hit on your hands!

28. Salted Caramel Mocha


Here’s an epic bite of flavor wrapped up into one-small little ball. Shugary Sweets gives us an eclectic mix – salted caramel and mocha – in this easy-to-follow truffle recipe.

29. Samoa


Who loves girl scout cookies? Better yet, who loves the coconut dreamy Samoa cookies? Well, when you’re missing them and can’t find a scout in sight to buy from, I Wash You Dry teaches us  how to create them in truffle form.

30. Grand Marnier

grand marnier truffles

Impress everyone with you kitchen talents when you serve up the Grand Marnier truffles at your next dinner party. Better yet, send them off as favors at your next hosting gig – check them out at Baker by Nature.

31. Bailey’s


Give Me Some Oven also utilizes the adult-flavors of a popular liquor. These Bailey’s truffles can be gifts, favors and fun nightcaps for your friends and family to enjoy.

32. Pecan Pie


Have you ever thought of making your favorite pie into truffle form? Well, the Candiquik did and they look pretty magnificent. Serve these up this fall and have them become an instant seasonal tradition.

33. Avocado Chocolate


Maybe you’ve never  heard of using avocado with chocolate but Yummy Healthy Easy has and shows us how to make magic with it. It’s all about texture when you decide to use avocado in these types of recipes – it helps develop that rich, creaminess we all love when it comes to desserts!

34. Circus Animal

Circus Animal Cookie Truffles

Perfect for birthday parties or just as a special treat for the kids in the neighborhood, how adorable are these circus animal truffles from Momma Told Me? We’re absolutely swooning!

35. Cappuccino


For coffee lovers, Written Reality has a super special sweet for you to try. Check out these rich and creamy cappuccino truffles that will absolutely knock your socks off!

36. Banana Bread


Who started drooling immediately when reading the title of these truffles? Inquiring Chef gives us the 4-1-1 on how to whip up these beauties right at home in your own kitchen.

37. Strawberry


Written Reality gives us another classic recipe that you’ll need to have in your recipe box. Strawberry truffles are a crowd favorite, whether they’re dipped in white or milk chocolate.

38. Pumpkin Pie

pumpkin truffle

And here’s another favorite pie that’s been taken and put into a bite-size treat. Check out Classy Clutter for the recipe and tutorial on how to get started on these tonight.

39. Root Beer Float


Food Fanatic gives us one of the most clever recipes on the list! Why not take the yummy and youthful flavors of a root beer float and turn them into a truffle?

40. Churro

churro truffles

Who loves a good churro? We think you may love them even more when you bite into one of these churro truffles after following the recipe and making them using the recipe from Pizzazzerie.

41. Blueberry Lemon


Lady Behind the Curtain pairs some favorite fruits together for a light and sweet treat all year round. Garnish as you like and use these as party favors or a fun treat to slip into the kids lunch bag.

42. Brownie

brownie truffles

I Heart Naptime gives us a yummy chocolate truffle but one with an extra punch of personality. Making these brown truffles will be so much fun for you and the kids to experiment with.

43. Chocolate Orange

chocolate orange truffles

One of my favorite dessert combination has always been the interesting duo of chocolate and orange. And fortunately enough for me, Maison Cupcake shows me how to make truffles with that same pairing.

44. Italian Cream Cake

italiain cream cake truffle

Butterlust also finds inspiration from flavors that are already desserts in their own right. With these Italian cream cake truffles you’ll get a sweetness and sophistication online any other.

45. Dark Chocolate Pistachio

dark chocolate pistachio truffles

Kleinworth & Co. also gives us a more sophisticate bite for palettes that like more “adult” flavors. Visit the blog and take a peek at this how-to recipes and create the beautiful bits yourself.

46. Strawberry Shortcake


The secret ingredient here is the use of white Oreos. Hop on over to Life Made Sweeter and find out how to make these dessert bites full of favorite flavors and summertime fun.

47. Orange Creamsicle


Deliciously Yum makes some melt-in-your-mouth orange creamsicle truffles that will also make your salivate on command. This is another treat for summertime fun and one that you can whip up for any party or celebration.

48. White Chocolate Lemon

white chocolate lemon truffle

Delicious by Dre takes a lemon truffle and smooths is out a bit with the addition of white chocolate. This way you get the tanginess you desire without straying away from the sweetness you crave.

49. Almond Joy


Already a candy in its own right, turn up the sophistication by making this bar into a truffle. High Heels and Grills has all the know-how you need to get started at home.

50. Chocolate Bacon


Here’s a savory and sweet addition to your dessert making. Candiquik shows us how to pair chocolate and crispy bacon to make a treat that every guests and family member will be wowed by.

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