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15 Cute Yarn-Made Coffee Cup Warmers

We’re at the height of summer right now and we know not everyone enjoys drinking hot drinks when it’s humid outside, but we still like our tea and coffee hot no matter the temperature outside! In fact, we like our warm drinks so much that we actually like them to stay warm the whole time we’re drinking them, too, so we’re often seen using mug warmers year round where most other people only really put those to use in the winter. We like to keep our warmers clean, though, so we tend to collect them to make sure that we always have one on hand that isn’t stained by coffee spillage from yesterday morning when we ran for the bus on the way to work. Since we do use them so much, we decided long ago to start making our own warmers! Our favourite way to do this is by knitting and crocheting them in all different colours and styles.

Just in case you’re also a knitting or crochet enthusiast who’s just as obsessed with coffee cup warmers as we are, here are 15 adorable warmer patterns that will make great gifts for yourself or someone else, no matter what time of year it is!

1. Double button seed stitch warmer

Double button seed stitch warmer

If you’re the kind of knitted accessory uses who loves a bit of detail but you’re actually still quite new to the craft and you’re still working mostly in knits and purls, then seed stitch is an awesome stitch for you to learn! It’s much easier to do than it looks but it still creates a unique texture that attracts the eye and looks rather complicated. That’s why we love this simple rectangular coffee mug warmer from Centsational Girl! Between the seed stitch and then two simple buttons that let you take it on and off, it’s got a whole lot of appeal for something that’s so easy to make.

2. Sling button crocheted mug cozy

Crocheted coffee mug diy

Do you like the idea of having a button on your warmer to make it easily removable but you’ve been knitting for a while and you simply cannot stand the process of making button holes? Don’t worry, we understand your frustration! There are simple fundamental knitting techniques that we don’t like for no particular reason as well and, no matter how good we are at them, we tend to avoid them if and when we can. Instead, try making yourself this awesome sling button mug warmer instead! We love Practically Functional‘s simple tutorial for not only knitting the warmer itself, but also creating a small braided looking loop that you can hook around the button when your actual knitting process is finished.

3. DIY basket weave coffee mug cozy

How to make a chrocheted mug

Perhaps you clicked on this post hoping to find a pattern that’s sort of a combination of the patterns we just showed you above? You might be looking for some visual texture that’s easier to do than it looks and also a nice alternative to making button holes. Well, in that case, we think we’ve found the pattern for you! Check out how Angry Asian Creations made this warmer with a wide button sling and a basket weave pattern.

4. Easy button and cable mug cozy

Green chrocheted mug

Perhaps you’re a beginner who’s been looking for an excuse to learn cabling techniques but you want to keep things quite simple, giving yourself like a tester just in case you find them very difficult? Then a small project like a coffee mug warmer is the perfect project for you! We love the way this cute pattern from Simply Notable lets you practice cables and button holds all at once, giving you fast satisfaction because it knits up so quickly.

5. Crocheted granny square French press cozy

Crocheted granny square french press cozy

Are you the kind of coffee enthusiast who prefers to enjoy your morning cup at home and you like to take your time while you’re at it? In that case, you might want to actually keep the source of your brewed coffee warm right from the get-go rather than just warming your mug when the coffee has already been sitting in something else that’s grown cool. We’ve run into this problem before, which is why we’ve actually made ourselves this adorable French press cozy before as well, to go with all our mug warmers! Besides looking adorable, it actually makes a difference in keeping the heat from your coffee from escaping the glass of the press. Rebekah Gough teaches you how to make a warmer out of crocheted granny squares in all different colours.

6. Knitted coffee cozy sling

Knitted coffee cozy sling

Are you the kind of coffee drinkers who’s always enjoying your morning java on the run, so you’re in need of a way to keep your coffee warm and carry it more efficiently so you can still use your hands as you go about your busy day? In that case, this awesome knitted coffee sling is the perfect idea for you! It’s wonderfully simple to knit, making it a great project for learning how to knit in the round, and it’s a lot more sturdy than it looks, so you don’t have to worry too much about your coffee swinging around precariously. Knitty  gives you the pattern and shows you how to size things correctly.

7. Mug coaster cozy

Mug coaster cozy

Are you always remembering to put your mug cozy on but forgetting to get the coasters out and setting your hot coffee mug on the wooden table, creating rings that you don’t like the look of later on? Well, lucky for all of us, Craftsy has a combination technique for fixing both of those things at once! They’ve created a simple knitted coffee warmer that extends down under the mug, protecting any surface or tabletop you place your coffee on at the same time as it keeps the beverage warm.

8. Repurposed sweater button cozy

Repurposed sweater button cozy

Have you been scrolling through this post wishing that you could knit better in order to make some of these designs, like the cable knitted warmer for example, but your skills just aren’t quite there yet? Well, here’s a way to cheat every so slightly in order to get the look without actually knitting it. Technically this idea doesn’t really belong on our list, but we think it’s such a good dupe that we’re including it anyways! Check out how Every Nothing Wonderful created this cute yarn mug cozy from a piece of an old sweater.

9. Felt mustache knitted cozy

Mustache cup cozy tutorial

Do you love yarn crafts the most but you’re not opposed to combining your knitting skills with something else as well? Then you’re going to love working with felt in this hilarious mustache pattern too! Very Shannon shows you how to knit a simple slide-on cozy in the round and then also walks you through the process of cutting and sewing on a little felt mustache that people won’t be able to help but notice.

10. Knitted sugar pocket cozy

Pocket chrocheted mug

Are you the kind of awesome friend who is always treating the people you love to coffee when you pick your own cup up in the morning? When we grab coffee for others, we don’t usually put the “fixings” in because we don’t always know how they take their coffee. Instead, we grab a handful of sugar and ask for a little cup of milk and we let them add as they see fit. These awesome cup cozies will be your new best friend because they actually contain a little pocket on the size that gives you somewhere to put your friend’s sugar packets! Get the full details on Simply Notable.

11. Cute bow cozy

Cute bow cozy

Are you looking for both a super cute coffee cozy and an excuse to foray into the world of structured crochet, learning how to make 3D shapes for the first time? Then a simple bow is a great embellishment for you to try your hand at. We really like that it’s eye catching enough to only need a very easy warmer band as a base. See how this cute pink and white version was made on This Little Blog of Mine (but keep in mind that it’ll look adorable in any colour)!

12. Mickey Mouse coffee cozy

Mickey mouse cofee cozy

Are you a total Disney freak who will take any excuse at all to make yourself something themed after your favourite little mouse in the red shorts? Then you’re going to love making yourself this adorable Mickey mouse coffee warmer, complete with “shorts” and even ears! In fact, we actually did make ourselves this warmer and it was so popular that we ended up making four more in the first week after the first time we used it at work. Get the full pattern on Wild and Wanderful!

13. Crocheted Angry Birds cozy

Crocheted angry birds cozy

Perhaps you saw the Mickey cozy and you were immediately intrigued by the idea of making a cartoon themed mug wrap but you’re actually not the biggest Disney fan in the world and would like something a little more contemporary pop culture based? Then we have a feeling you’re going to love this Angry Birds themed design a little bit more. Check out how The Crochet Mommy used red and white yarn to make the body and embellished the shape with simple cut felt shapes, giving the whole thing hilarious character.

14. Crocheted sock monkey cozy

Crocheted sock monkey cozy

Television, movie, and video game characters aren’t the only funny little characters you can make yourself if crocheting animals and fun cartoon buddies is your favourite idea! After all, pretty much everyone owned a simple sock monkey as a kid, right? We love the way Craftsy made their cute sock monkey with an intentionally missing eye because it reminds us of the actual sock monkey we played with every day many years ago, which was missing an eye from years of being snuggled! This pattern lets you play with layered crochet.

15. Silly giraffe cozy

Silly giraffe cozy

Are you a pretty experienced crochet enthusiast who doesn’t mind at all creating shapes and details on your basic structures, welcome a challenge because you enjoy making kitschy pieces and funny characters? In that case, we think you’re going to love this awesome giraffe cozy from Craftsy! This warmer is actually a lot easier to make than it looks but it’s still a bit intimidating if you’re used to only crocheting circles as far as shapes go.

Do you know a fellow yarn arts enthusiast who absolutely adores coffee too? Share this post with them to help them combine the two things they enjoy most!

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  1. I can’t find the pattern for the sock Monkey Cozy. I clicked on the link and it took me there, but it did not take me to the pattern. I did a search for Sock Monkey Cozy and it said there were 319 pages. Don’t have the time to search through all those pages. Is there a faster way to find the pattern?

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