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15 Cute Yarn-Made Coffee Cup Warmers

We’re at the height of summer right now and we know not everyone enjoys drinking hot drinks when it’s humid outside, but we still like our tea and coffee hot no matter the temperature outside! In fact, we like our warm drinks so much that we actually like them to stay warm the whole time we’re drinking them, too, so we’re often seen using mug warmers year round where most other people only really put those to use in the winter. We like to keep our warmers clean, though, so we tend to collect them to make sure that we always have one on hand that isn’t stained by coffee spillage from yesterday morning when we ran for the bus on the way to work. Since we do use them so much, we decided long ago to start making our own warmers! Our favourite way to do this is by knitting and crocheting them in all different colours and styles.

Just in case you’re also a knitting or crochet enthusiast who’s just as obsessed with coffee cup warmers as we are, here are 15 adorable warmer patterns that will make great gifts for yourself or someone else, no matter what time of year it is!

1. Double button seed stitch warmer

Double button seed stitch warmer

If you’re the kind of knitted accessory uses who loves a bit of detail but you’re actually still quite new to the craft and you’re still working mostly in knits and purls, then seed stitch is an awesome stitch for you to learn! It’s much easier to do than it looks but it still creates a unique texture that attracts the eye and looks rather complicated. That’s why we love this simple rectangular coffee mug warmer from Centsational Girl! Between the seed stitch and then two simple buttons that let you take it on and off, it’s got a whole lot of appeal for something that’s so easy to make.

2. Sling button crocheted mug cozy

Crocheted coffee mug diy

Do you like the idea of having a button on your warmer to make it easily removable but you’ve been knitting for a while and you simply cannot stand the process of making button holes? Don’t worry, we understand your frustration! There are simple fundamental knitting techniques that we don’t like for no particular reason as well and, no matter how good we are at them, we tend to avoid them if and when we can. Instead, try making yourself this awesome sling button mug warmer instead! We love Practically Functional‘s simple tutorial for not only knitting the warmer itself, but also creating a small braided looking loop that you can hook around the button when your actual knitting process is finished.

3. DIY basket weave coffee mug cozy

How to make a chrocheted mug

Perhaps you clicked on this post hoping to find a pattern that’s sort of a combination of the patterns we just showed you above? You might be looking for some visual texture that’s easier to do than it looks and also a nice alternative to making button holes. Well, in that case, we think we’ve found the pattern for you! Check out how Angry Asian Creations made this warmer with a wide button sling and a basket weave pattern.

4. Easy button and cable mug cozy

Green chrocheted mug

Perhaps you’re a beginner who’s been looking for an excuse to learn cabling techniques but you want to keep things quite simple, giving yourself like a tester just in case you find them very difficult? Then a small project like a coffee mug warmer is the perfect project for you! We love the way this cute pattern from Simply Notable lets you practice cables and button holds all at once, giving you fast satisfaction because it knits up so quickly.