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DIY Colorful Pizza Trinket Dish

Whether you’re an organization maniac or a very messy girl, trinket dishes come in handy quite most of the times, to help you sort out various types of objects; they can be exposed on cupboards or nightstands – maybe collecting hair elastic band and bobby pins you take off before you go to sleep – or can be used hidden to make some sense in messy drawers. I’m using it to pile up my clips and binding clips that seem to always get lost around the desk’s drawers.

Diy pizza multicolor ashtray trinket dish set5

This tutorial will guide you into making your own fun pizza trinket dish, that you can decide to leave “nude” or paint multi-color like I did, for a real pop of color at home. Because let’s admit it, who doesn’t love anything involving yummy Italian pizza? Keep on reading and see how to make your own.


  • knife
  • acrylic colors
  • brush
  • clay
  • baking paper
  • rolling pin
  • hot glue or instant strong glue

Diy pizza multicolor ashtray trinket dish supplies

1. Start by making a ball of clay working it with your hand. Every time you have to make a new shape from clay, start with a ball like this one. Always work on baking paper if you’re using oven hardening clay.

Diy pizza multicolor ashtray trinket dish clay

2. Now spread it with your rolling pin until you get an even shape of about 3 – 4 mm of thickness and cut a triangular shape.

Diy pizza multicolor ashtray trinket dish cut4

3. Next, starting from another ball of clay, spread out another piece making sure it’s at least large as much as your triangle’s short side. Place your triangle on top of it and measure and cut the width you’ll need. Decide how high you’d like the edges to be and cut the piece accordingly.

Diy pizza multicolor ashtray trinket dish cut3