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50 Creative DIY Projects Using Cork

There’s no doubt about it, cork is hot right now. Whether you’re working with actual wine corks or a sheet of cork board – there are many creative things you can make. Keep reading to check out 50 of our favorite DIY projects that use cork as the main material. And don’t worry, you can purchase corks on eBay if you’re not a wine drinker!

1. Cork Monogram Pinboard

letter cork pinboard

This cork pinboard is in the shape of a letter, making it the perfect finishing touch for any office or command center. You’ll need a cork sheet, some wood and some cord in a bright color… and you’ll be well on your way to making one of these super stylish monograms pinboards by Look What I Made.

2. Cork Stool IKEA Hack

cork stool ikea hack

Make yourself a chic set of stools using a couple of inexpensive IKEA stools and some round pieces of cork. It won’t take long to complete, and they are simply attached using a heavy duty adhesive. Make your way over to Anna Maria’s blog to find out how to make one yourself.

3. Geometric Cork Coasters

triangle cork coasters

These geometric painted coasters are so simple yet so fantastic! Just grab some paint and a ruler and you’ll be well on your way to making a set of these triangle-covered beauties. Head over to A Pretty Fix to find out exactly how to measure and complete this pretty pattern.

4. Wine Cork Shapes

wine cork star

Instead of throwing out all those wine corks you use, create one of these fun shapes using hot glue and some paint in the color of your choice. Make your way over to Sustain My Craft Habit to find out all the details. And you can really make any shape you want… the sky’s the limit!

5. Cork Planter

cork jar vase planter

This super stylish planter is made from a jar and some cork… all you have to do is paint the jar your desired hue and then attach the cork sheet around the exterior. Head over to Meet The B’s to find out how to do it. It’s so perfect for succulents, or any other small plant.

6. Air Plant Display Board

air plant display cork

Here we have a display board for an air plant made out of a piece of cork board. All you’ll need is paint and a round piece of cork… this one is a cork coaster from a thrift store. And of course you’ll need tillandsia (aka an air plant). Get all the details about the project right here.

7. Cork Seating Chart

cork board escort card

Here’s a lovely way to show people to their seats at your next event… create a board using a combination of wine corks and wood. Then pin the place cards right to the corks. Make your way over to the Minted blog to find out how to make one of these cork seating charts yourself.

8. Cork Mouse Pad

cork mouse pad

If you have a desktop computer, then you probably use a mouse… so why not make a stylish mouse pad to go along with it? This one is oh-so-chic…. and oh-so-simple to make, too! Head over to The Things She Makes to find out how to combine cork with vinyl to create a fabulous mouse pad like the one above.

9. Cork Trivet

cork trivet diy

It would be a shame to throw out all of those wine corks that you’ve collected… so why not make them into one of these lovely trivets? You’ll protect your table in style! Make your way over to Sweet Living to find out how. I would recommend using E6000 glue instead of a glue gun though, so you don’t run the risk of it melting.

10. Cork Pen Cups

gold cork pen cups

Give you desk a bit of extra pizzazz with a set of these fun cork pen cups. The strips of gold add a nice metallic touch to the cups, while the cork lends an organic feel. And you can make them any size you want. Head over to the Craft Hunter to check out the full tutorial.

11. Cork Stamps

diy cork stamp

Make your own ink stamps out of old corks and craft foam. Create any shape you like from the foam, and then glue it to the bottom of a cork. Make your way over to Shelley Makes to find out all the details. If you’re not good at cutting shapes out freehand, use die cutters!

12. Earring Storage

earring storage idea

If you have a large collection of jewelry, then a large piece of cork might be the perfect earring storage solution for you. It’s a great way to keep everything organized and out where you can see them. Head over to Flair to learn more about the project (use Google translate if you don’t speak Dutch).

13. Painted Wine Cork Wreath

painted wine cork wreath

Here’s another great way to recycle lots of wine corks if you have a large quantity of them piling up. All you’ll need is a glue gun, paint and (of course) tons of old wine corks. Head over to Design Fixation to find out exactly how to make your own painted wine cork wreath.

14. Hexagon Table Runner

hexagon cork table runner

Believe it or not, this stunning geometric table runner is made out of pieces of cork that are coated with a clear sealant to give them their unique color. Hexagons are very trendy right now, so make your way over to the Upstyler blog to find out how to make this cork table runner.

15. Geometric Bottle Stoppers

DIY Geometric Cork Bottle Stoppers

Save your old corks and make these lovely faceted bottle stoppers. These top sections are actually made out of polymer clay and then glued to the corks. Head over to the Freutcake blog to find out how to make a few of these stylish cork bottle stoppers yourself.

16. Cork iPad Case

cork ipad case

This iPad case is a stylish accessory and a functional protective accessory for your tech. You’ll need a piece of cork, some brightly colored cord and some striped fabric (or even an old t-shirt!). Make your way over to Crème de la Craft to check out the full photo tutorial.

17. Cork Art

scott gundersen cork portrait

Okay, so you’ll need some pretty serious patience to complete a project like this – yes, those are all wine corks. Artist Scott Gundersen creates portraits out of used wine corks – thousands of them. Head over to his website to get some inspiration for creating your own wine cork art.

18. Cork Travel Map

map cork board

Display your travel history by mounting a map to a large cork board, and place pins over all of the locations that you’ve visited. It will be fun to add pins after every vacation, and it is certain to be a conversation starter when your friends come over. Get the full tutorial here.

19. Floating Cork Key Ring

floating cork key chain

Corks make wonderful key rings because they float – that way if you’re at the beach or on a boat, you won’t have to worry about they sinking underwater if you drop them. These are painted with pretty stripes and patterns. Head over to Pysselbolaget to find out how to make a cork keychain.

20. Cork Gift Tag

cork gift tag diy

Cork can even be used to make gift tags! Gift recipients are sure to be wowed by this unusual little tag made with a piece of cork and some white lace fabric. Make your way over to The Merry Thought to find out how to make a few of these pretty cork tags yourself.

21. Ombre Heart Art

ombre wine cork heart diy

Here we have an adorable ombré heart sign that can be customized to your liking. This one is made out of old wine corks and painted in a variety of shades of pink to create a pretty gradation effect. Make your way over to Green Wedding Shoes to find out how to make your own ombré heart sign.

22. Cork Writing Utensil Holder

pencil holder cork

This cork holder for pens and pencils would be perfect for anyone who is constantly jotting down notes, or even for an artist who loves to have their drawing pencils right at their fingertips. Head over to Design For Mankind to find out how Erin made this clever little piece.

23. Wine Cork Cheese Spreaders

cheese spreaders wine cork handle

What goes better together than wine and cheese? These cheese spreaders are adorned with the perfect handles… wine corks! And they are so easy to make – just cut slits in the corks and slide the knife handles in. Check out the Dormify blog for more wine cork project ideas.

24. Cork State Coasters

state coasters

Show your state pride by making a set of these fun cork coasters in the shape of your home state. All you’ll need is a sharp craft knife and a printout of your state. Some will be more conducive to this project; Ohio works well, while Hawaii… maybe not so much. Check out the tutorial here.

25. Wine Cork Holder

wine cork holder frame

Show off all of those corks you’ve diligently saved from every bottle of wine you’ve consumed by displaying them in this clever shadow box frame holder. Every time you finish a bottle of wine, just drop the cork inside! Get the full tutorial (along with the free template) over at LC Style.

26. Wine Cork Air Plant Holders

wine cork air plants

If you’re a fan of air plants (they’re virtually maintenance-free!) then you’ll love this one. Grab a few corks from your favorite vineyards, a magnet and some glue and you’ll be ready to make these adorable miniature plant that can be attached right to your fridge. Here’s the tutorial.

27. Cork Cupcake Flags

cupcake flags cork

If you’re hosting a shindig that will include cupcakes, make a few of these cute little flags that can be placed in each cupcake. Some cork, paint, and wooden sticks are the main materials for this simple yet charming project. Get the full tutorial over at A Night Owl Blog.

28. Wine Cork Chandlier

cork chandelier diy

For those of you who are quite passionate about wine, consider making one of these rustic wine cork chandeliers for your home. It will take a bit of patience to complete, but the final project is quite lovely. Make your way over to Mox & Fodder to find out exactly how to make one yourself.

29. Wine Cork Bathmat

bathmat wine corks

Give your feet a massage every time you step out of the shower with one of these cool wine cork bathmats. This one will also require some extra time, but the end result looks like it belongs in a spa! Head over to Crafty Nest to check out the full tutorial for this cork bathmat. 

30. Cork Backsplash

cork kitchen backsplash

If you really love corks, then you might want to consider creating an entire backsplash for your kitchen out of the material. This project isn’t a quick one, but with a little patience (and a lot of corks!) you’ll end up with a seriously cool conversation piece. Get the full tutorial here.

31. Cork Napkin Rings

wine cork napkin ring

These pretty napkin rings are made of sliced wine corks, and when they are curved into a circle the cork slices fan out in a pretty way. They would make a lovely accent to any dinner table. Make your way over to The Brass Paperclip Project to find out how to cut corks and make a set of napkin rings.

32. Faux Nailhead Bulletin Board

faux naihead cork board

Make one of these gorgeous preppy style cork boards using fabric and an existing cork board. All you’ll need to make the board look like it has nailhead trim is a whole slew of brass tacks. Pretty clever, right? Head over to the Two Twenty One blog to find out how to make one yourself.

33. Cork Sailboat in a Jar

cork sailboat for kids

Corks can be used to make toys, too! Using just a few materials that you probably already have laying around the house, you can create one of these adorable cork sailboats in a jar (with an accompanying dinghy!). Check out Handmade Charlotte to find out how to recreate this look for the little ones.

34. Cork To-Do Board

stenciled to do cork board

Get organized with this cork board command center and to-do list. With some paint, ribbon, and a few other basic materials, you’ll be able to create a large to-do list with a container to hold sticky notes and pens attached to the bottom. Check out the full tutorial at DIY Inspired.

35. Cork Trees

cork christmas trees

This cork forest would be perfect for the holidays… all you need are some artificial evergreen branches and a bunch of old wine corks. Make your way over to My Home Reference to find out how to make a set of these fun little cork trees.

36. Cork Letters

bar cork letters

Label the bar at an event with letters made out of cork! Or you could also use the same technique to make monograms or spell out names. All you’ll need are lots of corks, glue and a template for the letters (just print them out from a word processing program). Found here.

37. Tiny Succulent Planters

magnetic wine cork planters

Corks can even be used to create teeny tiny planters for succulents that you can put on your refrigerator. You’ll need a few corks, some mini succulents, magnets and a bit of potting soil. Easy peasy! Make your way over to It All Started With Paint to find out exactly how to do it.

38. Cork Pin Board

painted cork photo board

Here we have another take on a cork pin board, this time with brightly painted pops of color throughout. The key is to get a shadowbox style frame (without the glass) and lots of corks. Head over to A Beautiful Mess to find out how to make one of your very own cork pinboards.

39. Cork Snowflake Decorations

snowflake cork slices

Give your home a bit of wintery style by creating a few of these lovely cork snowflakes. You’ll need to cut the corks to create this look, but it isn’t as hard as it sounds. Head over to Happy Mothering to find out how to make your own cork snowflake decorations.

40. Cork Place Card Holders

cork place card holders

If you’re getting married or hosting an event, these cork place card holders might be the perfect way to show people to their seats. These are incredibly simple to make – simply cut a slit in the cork lengthwise and then position it on its end and slip the card in. Found here.

41.  Cork Covered Vases

flower vase jar cork

Display flowers in style with these stunning cork covered glass jars! The mixed materials give it a modern vibe, while the natural look of the cork gives it an organic feel. Make your way over to A Night Owl Blog to find out how to make a few of these beautiful vases yourself.

42. Cork Pin Cushions

painted cork pin cushions

This little cork pin cushion in the form of a frenchman is just the cutest. You’ll need to channel your inner artist to create these, but the only materials you’ll need are paint and paintbrushes. And corks, of course. Make your way over to School of Scrap to find out more about this project.

43. Diamond Cork Necklace

diamond cork necklace

Step up your style game by making yourself a set of diamond shaped cork necklaces… you can customize them with paint, so they all have a slightly different look. Head over to The Lovely Drawer to find out how to create your very own diamond shaped cork necklaces.

44. Dart Backboard

protect wall from stray darts with corks

If you have a dart board, you know that people don’t always hit the board when they throw the darts. And if you have nothing protecting your wall, you’ll end up with lots of holes. Protect your walls with one of these genius cork backboards. Read more over at Macgyverisms.

45. Cork Bird House

cork bird house

If you are a fan of avian life, consider using your corks to make a bird house for your feathered friends! The base is made of wood, but the cork adds a fun decorative exterior (and probably some insulation as well). Head over to Magpie & Fox to find out how to make one of these cork bird houses.

46. Decorative Cork Ball

decorative cork ball

This decorative cork ball would be a lovely addition to any kitchen or dining room – it is sure to be a conversation starter. You’ll need a styrofoam ball to use as the base of the ball, and then plenty of glue  – and patience. Head over to All Put Together to find out how to make your own decorative cork ball.

47. Cork Board Lamp

lamp with cork board

Make your lamp do double duty with this clever little DIY. It is a great space-saver for those of you who lack square footage. Just grab some cork board and follow these instructions from Dream A Little Bigger to find out exactly how to make your own cork board lamp.

48. Cork Garden Markers

garden marker corks and forks

Combine corks with forks to create a set of fun, whimsical little garden markers! This is especially helpful for new plants that you may not remember the names of. Make your way over to EstiloyDeco to find out how to make these lovely additions to your garden.

49. Colorful Cork Board Circles

colorful cork bulletin board

Here we have a different take on a cork board, this time made of round cork trivets and painted with a variety of playful, saturated colors. They are sure to add some brightness to your day! Head over to This Design Journal to learn more about how to recreate this fun project in your own home.

50. Stone and Cork Trivet

DIY Stone and Cork Trivet

And last but certainly not least, we have another gorgeous take on the cork trivet. This time, smooth black river rocks are glued to the cork to create a beautiful layered look that is sure to dress up your dinner table. Make your way over to Pretty Prudent to find out how to make one.

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