How To Make A Christmas Wreath – Rustic Branch

Believe it or not, Christmas is right around the corner… which means that it’s time to start decorating our homes!

By Jon Doe

The first place I always start is the front door, with a unique wreath that feels festive yet creative.

Materials Needed A handful of twigs A can of metallic spray paint in the color of your choice 3 round Christmas ornaments 2 feet of thin chain 4 feet of suede cord Hot glue gun with extra glue Pliers Pruning shears

Let's make A Christmas Wreath

Step 1

Begin by trimming your twigs to about 16 inches long and laying them in a square shape. I used 2 twigs per side because I was going for a simple, whimsical look, but you could add more if you prefer.

Step 2

Next, wrap your suede cord around each corner for support. Tie them on the back side and add another dab of hot glue if needed.

Step 3

Now, spray paint everything using a metallic spray paint. I used a bright, reflective silver for my wreath, so that it could contrast with the gold and red ornaments.

Step 4

Now you’ll add chains to your ornaments. Using your pliers, cut two pieces of chain to 5 inches long, and one to 6 inches. Separate the last link in the chain using your pliers, wrap it around the hook on the ornament.

Step 5

Flip the wreath over and glue the ends of the chain to the back of the twigs as shown above. Space them out so they are centered within the square.

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