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16 Easy Painting Projects For The Family To Enjoy

Painting can be fun and freeing. It’s also a wonderful way for, even novice crafters, to tap into their creativity and spend time expressing themselves. And, for that reason, it’s also a wonderful way to bring the family together on a rainy afternoon and pump out some memorable pieces. Below you’ll find 16 easy painting projects for the entire family to enjoy and experiement with!

1. Scraping

Paint scrape art

We’re loving this paint scraping trend that’s been fluttering around the blogosphere. The Craft Patch will walk you through the process and show you how to whip up a framed quote that you can enjoy in various nooks and crannies of the house. The foyer, the home office, or everyone’s respective bedrooms, it’s a fun craft and fun to personalize!

2. Abstract

Fall for diy abstract art

Abstract art is really enjoyable to create but also great to actually utilize afterward. You can easily create something fresh and modern to display in your home. Check out the details behind this beauty by visiting out friends at Fall For DIY.

3. Pour

Diy paint pour canvas

Sweet Red Poppy hopped on another really hot painting trend: pouring. Pour paint can create gorgeous marbled pieces to display as well. We love this trio of canvases and how it has a geode quality (also quite trendy). Whip up something for your kitchen nook or hallways throughout the house.

4. Smushed

Diy smushed paint art

Smushed art is really fun for the kiddos. We love this spread from Oh Joy! and how it’s become a type of contemporary art for the play room or craft area. Grab the details after the jump.

5. Acrylic

Acrylic pour painting beginners step by step blog pinimg