DIY Pinecone Flowers Wall Art – The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift!

Flowers are always beautiful, but they sadly wilt away. When you gift someone pinecone flowers, however, they will live forever.

By Jon Doe

Bonus points as they’ll always think of you when seeing them, knowing that you made this cute bouquet with your own two hands.

Materials Pinecones Wood board Acrylic paint Branch Scissors Paintbrush Glue gun Silk ribbon Garden pruners

Let's make DIY Pinecone Flowers Wall Art

Step 1

Paint the wood board: You’re going to want to start by painting the wood board. The board will act as a backdrop for your pinecone flowers, so you want it to look pretty.

Step 2

Paint the branches: If you’ve already broken the branch into multiple pieces, you can proceed to paint them. If you haven’t, go ahead and break down the branch – or cut it if you’d rather.

Step 3

Cut the pinecones: We have about seven pinecones on hand, all in different sizes. Take the garden pruners and the pinecones and start cutting them up.

Step 4

Paint the pinecones: Now that the pinecones have been cut, you can go ahead and paint them up. We started with the yellow acrylic paint which we used to mark the middle of the cones.

Step 5

Add the ‘stems’: Now that everything is painted, we can start assembling the pinecone flower design. Place the silk ribbon over the wood board and bring in the painted branches.

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