Glass Christmas Ornament – DIY Fast and Easy Holiday Project

Why buy the same Christmas ornaments that everybody else buys when you can create them yourself?

By Jon Doe

Check out my tutorial on how to make colorful Christmas tree ornaments using just paint!

Materials Needed Acrylic craft paint in a variety of colors Round glass ornaments from your local craft store Small paintbrush

Let's make Glass Christmas Ornament

Step 1

Begin by removing the metal cap… simply pull gently and set it aside for now.

Step 2

Next, fill the ornament with the acrylic craft paint of your choice. If you decide to mix colors, do it beforehand in a cup and then pour it in.

Step 3

Rotate the paint around the ornament, keeping the top sealed with a piece of paper towel. Continue turning it around until the entire inside is completely coated with paint.

Step 4

Now carefully pour the excess back into the bottle… this will help you save paint of course, but it will also prevent the inside of the ornament from being super thick with paint.

Step 5

Last, paint your design on the exterior of the ornament. Here, I’ve used silver paint to create dots that get further apart as you look down the ornament.

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