DIY Wine Cork Anchor – How to Make a Nautical Wall Decor

 An anchor is up on our list of preferences, right next to shells and a painting of the Ocean. And since cork goes so well with the theme, let’s make a wine cork anchor decor piece!

This can turn out to be such a pretty piece of decoration for those passionate about boats and the sea.

Supplies Wine corks knife Glue gun Pencil Cardboard White and dark blue acrylic paint Paintbrush Rope Small paddle and lighthouse decors

Let's make A Nautical Wall Decor

Step 1

Cut the corks: Let’s start by taking all those wine corks and cutting them in half. Try to cut them straight down the middle so you have two pieces that are roughly  the same size.

Step 2

Paint the wine corks: Start with the white acrylic paint and your paintbrush and start painting the wine corks on all but one side. Place them neatly on a piece of paper and let them dry.

Step 3

Prepare the cardboard design:  Now that your wine corks have all dried, it’s time to create your anchor design on the cardboard. You want to start at the top and place wine corks in the shape of an anchor.

Step 4

Trace the design: When the design is done, it’s time to get your pencil out. You’ll want to start at the top and trace the anchor you designed.

Step 5

Cut the cardboard: Now it’s time to get the scissors out, remove the corks from the cardboard and start cutting the design.

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