DIY Pinecone Christmas Tree

There’s just something so fun about using pinecone as unconventional tools for making DIY holiday decor.

By Jon Doe

That’s why I’ve been coming up with as many cute pinecone ideas as possible lately!

Materials Needed A pinecone A sheet of white felt White paint A paintbrush A wooden disc Hot glue A black marker

Let's make DIY Pinecone Christmas Tree

Step 1

Use your marker to draw the shape o f a star onto your white felt in one corner. Cut the corner out and then carefully cut out the star. Set it aside for later.

Step 2

Apply a dot of hot glue in the center of your wooden slide and press the center bottom of your pinecone down there, oriented so the wider end is the bottom and the smaller tapered end is the top, just like the shape of a Christmas tree.

Step 3

Use your paintbrush to apply white paint on the tips of the trees “branches”, or the ends of the pinecones spines.

Step 4

Choose two points on your star to be the bottom two and apply hot glue. Press these carefully into the top of your pinecone so the star sits right on the top point of the tree just like a classic Christmas tree.

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