DIY Christmas Decoration – A Beautiful Ribbon Christmas Tree

Christmas is approaching, so it’s the perfect time to start up on those really cute DIY decoration projects. Our idea today is to make a beautiful ribbon Christmas tree!

By Jon Doe

It’s going to be a great project to take on even with kids around.

Materials Needed white cardboard scissors pencil glue gun silk ribbons – 3 different colors/patterns star decor

Let's make this Beautiful Ribbon Christmas Tree

Step 1

Draw a Semicircle: First up, you’re going to want to pull up your white cardboard piece. We advise you to get a thin cardboard since  you’ll need to be able to easily roll it later on. 

Step 2

Cut the Cardboard: Up next, you’ll be needing your trusty crafting scissors. Make sure to closely follow the drawing on the cardboard. 

Step 3

Roll the Semicircle: Now that you have a nice semicircle out of your cardboard, it’s time to turn it into a Christmas tree. We’re going to do this by grabbing the ends of the semicircle with each hand and rolling them one over the other, forming a cone.

Step 4

Cut the Ribbons: Next, we’re going to start preparing the actual ribbons. So, grab the first ribbon strip and your scissors and start cutting them. You’ll want each strip to be about an inch and a half long. 

Step 5

Make Ribbon Loops: Now that you have the ribbons set out, you can start making the loops. You’re going to need the glue gun for this particular step. 

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