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DIY Christmas Decoration: Adorable Reindeer Mason Jar

The big Christmas season is closing in and we’re into crafting all things nowadays. One of the cutest crafts we could come up with is an adorable reindeer mason jar. Obviously, the mason jar can be used to hold your pens, your knickknacks, and whatever else you want. However, this time, it’s going to look super festive and fit in with the rest of your Christmas decorations.

Reindeer mason jar (5)

It’s going to be fairly easy to build yourself this reindeer mason jar, and you can even get the kids involved since it’s not super difficult to do.

Christmas Decoration: Reindeer Mason Jar Materials

Before you get started, you have to know what materials you’re going to need. Luckily, these are things you likely have around the house, especially if you are remotely into crafting (or you have kids that need these things for school).

  • Mason jar
  • Brown felt
  • Red pompom
  • Googly eyes
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue gun
  • Silk ribbon

How to Make Christmas Decoration – Reindeer Mason Jar

First of all, before we get started properly, make sure that you have all the materials and tools set out on your table. You don’t want to go back and forth between rooms in your home to get various things you forget. So, does your table look pretty much like ours? Awesome!

Reindeer mason jar material

Step 1: Cut the Antlers

Reindeer mason jar step 2 2

You’re going to have to start by cutting out an outline for a couple of antlers for this beautiful reindeer. Obviously, it’s going to be a lot easier to do this on paper first, so you have an easier time drawing it. So, grab your pencil and a piece of paper and draw a shape like the one below.

Then go ahead and get thescissorsand cut out the antlers.

Reindeer mason jar steps (2)

Step 2. Draw on Felt

Reindeer mason jar steps (3)

With your paper antler and a pencil, draw the outline on the brown felt. Make sure you closely follow the shape and that you draw two of these.

Reindeer mason jar steps (4)

Get the scissors and start cutting out the shapes. If your scissors aren’t sharp, you may want to sharpen them up a bit, since cutting through felt can be a bit of a chore.

Reindeer mason jar steps (5)

There you go! Your antlers should look like this.

Reindeer mason jar steps (6)

Step 3: Wrap the Jar

Reindeer mason jar steps (7)

Get the rest of the felt and place it over your jar. Jars usually have a couple of lines, so if yours has too, you can guide yourself by those. More specifically, place the top of the felt next to the top line.You’ll want to make a little cut next to the bottom line of the jar.

Reindeer mason jar steps (8)

Then, lift the felt and cut a straight line through to the end. If you’re having trouble finding the right path, you can fold the felt and use a couple of large paper clips to hold them steady. This should be quite helpful in permitting a straight cut.

Reindeer mason jar steps (9)

Step 4: Fit the Felt

Reindeer mason jar steps (10)

Now that you have the right-size felt, you can wrap it around the material around the jar. Get the scissors and cut the felt when the material overlaps.

Reindeer mason jar steps (11)

Next, get the glue gun and place a line of hot glue on the jar. Then, you’ll want to place the felt straight on the glue and hold it pressed for a little while so it all sets.

Reindeer mason jar steps (12)

Then, go ahead and do some zig-zags with the hot glue on the jar, wrapping the felt as you go. Again, continue pressing the material for a few seconds.

Reindeer mason jar steps (13)

Reindeer mason jar steps (14)

Keep adding the hot glue until the felt has wrapped around the jar completely.

Reindeer mason jar steps (15)

Reindeer mason jar steps (16)

Since the material overlaps a bit, add the last bit of glue on the felt and complete the jar dressing.

Reindeer mason jar steps (17)

Reindeer mason jar steps (18)

Step 5: Draw a Reindeer Face

Reindeer mason jar steps (19)

Now that we have the brown felt laid in, we can continue decorating the jar. First, grab theglue gun and thegoogly eyes. Pick a spot and glue the eyes on the felt.

Reindeer mason jar steps (20)

Reindeer mason jar steps (21)

Then, get the red pompom and place it over a small dab of hot glue a little lower than the eyes. This will be “Rudolf’s” famous red nose.

Reindeer mason jar steps (22)

Reindeer mason jar steps (23)

Step 6: Decorate the Cap

Reindeer mason jar steps (24)

Next up, you have to use the glue gun and fix the felt antlers to the side of the cap. Make sure that you choose the right place by screwing in the cap and the spot where you place the antlers is in line with the area where you put the googly eyes.

Reindeer mason jar steps (25)

Then, get the silk ribbon and cut a piece of it. Then, get theglue gun and add hot glue to the side of the cap.

Reindeer mason jar steps (26)

Start pressing the ribbon onto the hot glue and press it for a little while. Keep adding a bit of hot glue and pressing the ribbon over it. You don’t want to add the whole line of hot glue in one go, as it will solidify before you’re done pressing the ribbon.

Reindeer mason jar steps (28)

Reindeer mason jar steps (29)

Make sure the ribbon overlays at the end and that the sides line up perfectly.

Reindeer mason jar steps (30)

That’s it! We suggest you fill it up with cookies, bonbons, or gingerbread. Of course, you can use it for whatever you want.

Reindeer mason jar steps (1)

Reindeer mason jar (7)

Isn’t this the cutest thing ever? We absolutely love it and we think it’s a good project to take on with the kids. In fact, make this a family project and make more of these!

Reindeer mason jar (4)

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