DIY Cheap Christmas Wreath Ornament

Looking for a cheap and creative way to decorate your tree? Here is an easy tutorial on how to create a Christmas wreath ornament to keep your tree looking unique and festive.

By Jon Doe

Each ornament takes about 5 minutes to make and this project only requires a couple items.

Materials Needed Scissors Tiny pine garland (wired) 3″ Metal rings Jewelry pliers Charms String or Fishing line 7mm Gold jump rings

Let's make DIY Christmas Wreath Ornament

Step 1

Take the pine garland and cut about 8-10 inches. Starting with the end of the pine garland,wrap it around the metal hoop; leaving space in between to show parts of the metal hoop.

Step 2

Find a spot in between the pine garland and attach one of the gold jump rings using your pliers to open and close the ring.

Step 3

Cut about 4 inches of the string/fishing line. Pull the string through the top jump ring, then make sure both ends meet and tie a knot.

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