Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers

If you need an easy DIY to top your sweet treats this holiday season, check out these Christmas tree-inspired cupcake toppers!

By Jon Doe

It not only looks adorable atop these brownies, but they are great for any guest to take home after a holiday party.

Materials Needed Green cardstock paper Toothpicks A circle cutter Hot glue gun with glue sticks Paper scorer/bone folder tool (optional)

Let's make Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers

Step 1

Using the circle cutter, create three circles in six, eight, and ten inches on green cardstock.  Here I’ve used two types of green card stock just to give the trees a bit of dimension.

Step 2

Start folding the circle in equal halves.  Fold it in half four times on one side, for eight triangular sections, and flip the circle over and then fold it four times in half on the other side, being sure to line up the creases as you fold.

Step 3

Use a paper scorer or bone folder if needed to make sharp, crisp lines.  After folding, you should have sixteen triangular, folded sections in your circle.  Flipping the circle over and folding in the opposite direction helps it lay with a fan-like appearance.

Step 4

Create a small hole in the center of the fanned circle with a tack or toothpick.

Step 5

Dab a bead of hot glue in the center of the larger circle and slide it all the way down the toothpick.  Hold the toothpick with the circle base upright until the glue dries.

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