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15 DIY Craft Room Caddies!

Caddies are the way to a crafters heart. Everything you need is right there, with a quick swivel and grab or just a fast snatch, they’re the perfect way to style and organize you’re most-used artsy tools! So, we’ve compiled a list of 15 DIY craft room caddies that will have everyone’s favorite room a bit neater, tidier and more functional in no time!

1. Coffee Tins

DIY Coffee Tin Can Craft Caddy

Here’s a caddy that will be perfect for organizing the most “artsy” necessities of the bunch. From markers to journaling pens Boombaloo shows us how to turn coffee tins into a stylish, industrial tidying piece!

2. Lazy Susan

DIY Craft Caddy

Two Sisters Crafting gives us the caddy that spins! Hop on over to their site and learn how to take some easy materials and turn it into this masterful, quick-grab crafter’s dream.

3. Cardboard Rolls


Pink When gives us one of the easiest and most inexpensive ideas of the bunch. Cardboard rolls (toilet paper rolls) can be found in every house, so why not put them to use?

4. Double Decker

DIY Double Decker Craft Caddy

Take a peek at this double decker caddy from Addicted to DIY. We love it’s shabby chic style and how easy it would fit into any corner of the craft room!

5. Plastic

DIY Craft Caddy

Make & Takes takes a simple plastic caddy and jazzes it up a bit with the kids. Use washi tapes, stickers and construction paper embellishments for a quick styling.

6. Box Lids

DIY Craft Caddy

With some box lids and some paper mache techniques you can make this layered caddy your very own. Check out Crafts Unleashed for all the details.

7. Ikea Pots

DIY Craft Caddy

If you’re looking for a lazy Susan idea then check out this one from IC. Grab some pots from Ikea and learn how to make this simple yet industrial piece to help in all your crafting adventures.

8. Mason Jars

DIY Craft Caddy

The great benefit behind this idea is that you can rearrange and change the labels since they’re made of chalkboard. Hop on over to Crafts Unleashed to learn how to create this fun piece!

9. Copper & Denim

DIY Craft Caddy

PBB gives us a super stylish and innovative idea when it comes to craft caddies. A bit of denim, copper and a creative notion give this a fun spin.

10. Wood

DIY Craft Caddy

Of course you can always go the classic route and create a wooden caddy that will hold all of your arts and crafts essentials. Visit Fynes Design to catch the scoop on all the details.

11. Cartons

DIY Craft Caddy

Aunt Peaches made a homework caddy that we could certainly fashion into a craft caddy in no time. For those that work with a lot of paper, this is the pick for you!

12. Canisters

DIY Craft Caddy

Even plastic Crystal Lite canisters can help in your caddy creation. Who would have thought something so simple could become something so functional for the craft room? Take a peek at Life Created.

13. Can Pyramid

DIY Craft Caddy

Apartment Therapy featured this easy can pyramid as a perfect craft caddy that works perfectly for those that have a little extra desk room to organize and tidy up.

14. Soda Crafts

DIY Craft Caddy

Another great idea from Apartment Therapy includes using an old soda crate to organize and distribute the goods. This is perfect for those that love to upcycle and have a knack for vintage flair.

15. ShoeBox

DIY Craft CaddyTake Aunt Peaches advice and grab a shoebox to start your craft caddy DIY adventure. Of course, you’ll have to grab some toilet paper rolls too.

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