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Ways to Upcycle Old Mirrors

When you step into your craft room and think about what kinds of materials you feel like using today, there are probably some pretty standard things you consider using. We’re the same way, and we feel like most people would relate! Every once in a while, however, we like to step out of the norm and either embellish, upcycle, or otherwise improve upon something that we wouldn’t normally be crafting with on a regular day. Mirrors are the perfect example! Whether you’re using the cracked reflected pieces of a mirror that used to be whole or building creatively upon the frame of an old mirror in order to give yourself a new décor piece, there are just so many different things you can do and make with them.

To get you started, check out these 15 awesome DIY mirror projects that will automatically add some great visual interest to any space you put them in!

1. Mirror frame to chalkboard

Recycled mirrors

Perhaps the mirror in question that you’re considering crafting with is actually a little bit beyond repair and you’re not sure you can salvage what’s left of the glass? Well, luckily that’s not the only useful part of the mirror when it comes to repurposing things! Check out how Wildflowercreative made use of the frame instead, turning it into a cute wall mounted chalkboard that’s perfect for a play room or to be used as a family message board in the hallway by the phone.

2. Door and wallpaper mirror frame

Door and wallpaper mirror frame

Do you have a gaudy old mirror that’s scratched up and needs sprucing or simply doesn’t suit your home’s aesthetic anymore? Well, just because you’re upcycling it doesn’t mean that you have to take it apart or turn it into something other than what it is! With a Blast, for example, shows you how to turn a regular full length mirror into an even more decorative mirror by mounting it within a longer, wider frame and wall papering the space between the two frames for a bit of decorative detail.

3. Mosaic tile frame mirror

Mosaic tile frame mirror

Is the glass in your old mirror fine but the frame is just in a state and needs to go? Then why not replace it with something really cool and creative? Third Stop on the Right suggests using squared off stone tiles (like the kind you’d find in the patio section of the home and hardware store) to give the whole thing an almost rustic, kind of minimalist look.

4. Dried flowers and ribbon mirror

Dried flowers and ribbon mirror

Perhaps the mirror and the frame you have are almost just fine the way they are, but you think they’d suit your space a little better if they had a bit of colour involved? Then grab some ribbon and some silk or dried flowers and get to tying and arranging! Your Memories Here shows you that it really can be as simple as embellishing a single corner when it comes to adding just enough customization to make a piece really fit into your décor scheme.

5. Vintage jewelry mirror frame

Vintage jewelry mirror frame

Are you looking for a design that’s a little more outlandish and eye catching than what we’ve shown you so far? Then we really think you’ll enjoy b103fm‘s idea for building a super fun mirror frame made of old pieces of costume jewelry! This takes care of two different problems for you; it gives that old mirror of yours a new lease on life while also clearing out your over stuffed jewelry drawer without having to throw anything out that doesn’t need to be.

6. Painted toy car mirror

Painted toy car mirror

Have you always been a fan of that kind of Warholian pop art style that incorporates everyday things into art and décor in an eye catching, minimalist kind of way? Then we have a feeling you’ll really dig this painted toy car frame by La Figurina! It’s the kind of novelty piece that will definitely become the topic of conversation when you have friends over for dinner, especially when people learn that you made it yourself.

7. Vintage tennis racket mirrors

Vintage tennis racket mirrors

Do you have the reflective glass to make a mirror but no frame at all to go with it? Then you’re really in a position to get creative and use some unconventional materials! We actually just made ourselves a few sports themed mirrors to go in our rec room in the basement and of those, our absolutely favourites to do were these tennis racket mirrors by Recreate Design Company.

8. Pop art painted frame mirror

Blue frame mirror

Were you intrigued by the idea of pop art style pieces when we were talking about them above but you think the painted car idea might be just a little too much for you? Then try just sticking to a bright and eye catching but minimal pop art style paint by slapping on a bold solid colour to the frame you already have! Shabby Vintage Mom shows you how a bright colour and an ornate, more traditional looking frame create a totally interesting pop art-like contrast.

9. Spray paint and gloss mirror

Spray paint and gloss mirror

Perhaps you’ve been scrolling this list really just looking for the simple things that don’t take a lot of aesthetic planning or time to make because your mirror really just needs a quick pick-me-up and it’ll be right back in mint condition? Then check out how Bang! Bang! used spray paint and gloss to transform the edges of this one in an easy but effective way!

10. Mirror to magnetic board

Mirror to magnetic board

We already talked about turning parts of an old mirror into a chalkboard, but not everyone really feels like they have a use for chalk in their home. Instead, try following a similar technique but changing the basic concept of your idea into being a magnetic board rather than a chalk board. It’ll be the perfect place to keep phone notes and reminders for your family and it also gives you a great excuse to get creative and start making DIY magnets too! Check out the whole idea in more detail on Crafting a Greener World.

11. Recycled door mirror

Recycled door mirror

One of the best parts of doing very small home renovations like removing and replacing doors is that, once the old door has been taken off the hinges, you have access to a whole big piece of scrap wood just waiting to be repurposed. That’s exactly how Remade in Britain create this mirror in a stylishly weathered wooden frame.

12. Recycled wood and chain mirror

Recycled wood and chain mirror

Speaking of having scrap wood available, do you have access to other things besides doors that you really think would contribute to the aesthetic of your room? Then snatch them up and follow the steps on Shanty 2 Chic to turn that wood into a stylishly weathered mirror frame, complete with w repurposed chain for hanging the piece on the wall!

13. Trumeau floor mirror

Trumeau floor mirror

When we’ve mentioned full length mirrors so far, were you picturing those relatively small ones that you can find at just about any home store and quite easily hang on the wall? Well, many of the projects you’ve seen on our list would work for those as well, but when some people think of a “full length” mirror, they think of the huge trumeau kind that actually sits on the floor in a big wooden frame like you see in the picture here. Believe it or not, you can actually make one of your own when it comes to these mirrors, and the tutorial at Remodelaholic is here to show you how. It’s actually an easier project than you might think!

14. Gold and wood framed mirror

Gold and wood framed mirror

Are you trying to establish an aesthetic in your house that’s somewhere between rustic and chic? Doing so can be quite the balancing act but luckily your DIY skills are around to help you along the way. This wooden and gold painted mirror from Pretty Providence is a great place to start when it comes to pieces that will make a subtle statement without either blending in or stealing the full attention of the room.

15. Smashed mirror art

Smashed mirror art

Have you actually always kind of loved the way a smashed mirror looks, even though it’s supposed to be bad luck and most people throw them out? Well, it sounds like this cracked glass project from Potholes and Pantyhose might be just the one for you! We love the way some of the pieces are still big enough to see your reflection in while others are cracker nearly to the point of dust. Even so, everything stays in place because the technique that this tutorial lays out really works.

Do you know someone who has a few old mirrors that they’ve been hoping to reuse but they haven’t had any luck deciding on how to do it yet? Help them out by sharing this post!

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