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Washi Tape Crafts to Brighten Your Day

Washi tape is adorably coloured and patterned tape that started out as a way to make everyday tasks around the home and the office just a little more cheerful. DIY enthusiasts, however, saw the potential in washi tape immediately and hijacked it for all kinds of crafty purposes! It’s a great, easy way to add a pop of colour or a hint of pattern to almost anything. Washi tape also looks neat and fun without much mess.

Check out these awesome washi tape craft ideas that you won’t be able to resist trying!

1. Washi tape light switch cover

Wash tape light switch cover

The clean, straight edge of a strip of washi tape lets you create a pattern neatly without having to use rulers or paint your own straight lines free-hand!(Source: Washi Tape Crafts)

2. Washi tape keyboard

Washi tape keyboard

As long as you can remember which key is where, then covering a few of the letters and symbols on your keyboard with fun colours and patterns of washi tape is a great way to brighten up your office space!(Source: Brit + Co.)

3. Washi tape clock

Washi tape clock

Your clock might be what drags you out of bed in the morning, but it doesn’t have to look like the villain you might think it is! Wash tape is a quick and easy way to give your alarm clock a face lift.(Source: Washi Tape Crafts)

4. Washi tape car track

Washi tape car track

Decorating a playful corner for your kids has never been easier! The best part? It’s not permanent like paint is. Create a road map on the floor for toy cars to drive along using washi tape! If you’re feeling extra creative, sketch out a city skyline on the wall too. They’ll have a whole imaginary city!(Source: Le Jardin de Juliette)

5. Washi tape mason jars

Washi tape mason jars

Upcycling old mason jars into decorative makeup brush or pencil holders is easy with washi tape! Different colour and pattern combinations can even help your organize your things.(Source: Little Helsinki)

6. Washi tape birthday cards

Washi tape birthday cards

Washi tape is a great, easy way to design your own cards and stationary! Sometimes you just can’t find a birthday card with a silly enough saying for your best friend, so why not make your own?(Source: Precocious Paper)

7. Washi tape tile coasters

Washi tape tile coasters

Lines, patterns, and geometric shapes are totally in right now, and coasters are a great subtle way to incorporate them into your decor. Plain white tile coasters make a great base for your design!(Source: Merry Brides)

8. Straw flags

Straw flags

Are you having a party? Washi tape works wonders for labeling straws so people don’t get their drinks messed up! You won’t have to interrupt your colour or decor scheme.(Source: Craft & Creativity)

9. Washi tape notebook

Washi tape notebook

Sometimes a little bit of decorative inspiration is the key to getting your to-do lists completed or taking those detailed notes at school. Jazz up your notebooks with washi tape for achieve just that!(Source: Design Love Fest)

10. Washi tape wall dots

Washi tape wall dots

Washi tape makes great wall decor! It sticks well to the wall without peeling the paint off if you decide to remove it or switch things up. Check out how adorable these cute washi tape wall dots are!(Source: Fellow Fellow)

11. Planner tools

Planner tools

Scribbling random notes in your day planner isn’t necessarily the best way to keep track of things like deadlines, meetings, or work shifts! Washi tape can help you out. Colour code different things so they stand out, keeping you on track!(Source: Take 2, They’re Small)

12. Washi tape gift wrap

Washi tape gift wrap

Sometimes a birthday sneaks up on you and you just don’t have gift warp on hand for the present. Washi tape to the rescue! It’ll jazz up even just a plain brown paper bag.(Source: The Post Social)

13. Washi tape power cords

Washi tape power cords

Washi tape colour coding on your different power cords is a great way to keep them organized! You’ll have less trouble de-tangling them and you won’t have to guess which cord goes with which plug or device anymore.(Source: Yes Missy)

14. Cracked iPhone fix

Cracked iphone fix

Everyone knows how awful it is to crack the screen of your iPhone, but did you know that the back of the phone in some models can crack too? Washi tape can help you fix that! Create a pattern across the back of the phone over the cracks. It’ll look awesomely decorative, but it’ll also keep all the pieces in place in case the cracks spread as you use the phone.(Source: Yes Missy)

15. Washi tape tea lights

Washi tape tealights

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little bit of candle light even if you don’t have or can’t afford big fancy candles right now! Some washi tape around the outside of a tea light candle looks simply chic.(Source: Yes Missy)

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