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25 Ways To Recycle Those Vintage Suitcases

Scrolling through a foe market, perusing an estate sale, stopping on a whim at a garage sale or hiding in your attic; wherever you a can those gorgeous vintage suitcases, snatch them up! They’re perfect for creating and conjuring up a variety of amazing projects. From style to function, they can help out with an assortment around the home.

Let’s have a look at 25 ways to recycle and reuse those vintage suitcases below!

1. Dog Bed

DIY Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed

Create a dog bed out of one of your old, vintage suitcase finds. This DIY by Shaleah from The Golden Jelly Bean is quite easy and you can make it as comfy, cozy as your pup would like!

2. Side Table

DIY Vintage Suitcase Table

This side table found on My So-Called Craft Life, is incredibly charming. We’re loving the pops of colors and unique personality that this piece can give to any home.

3. Doll House

DIY Vintage Suitcase Dollhouse

Pretty Prudent has created something quite magical for your little ones. A doll house inside your suitcase is the perfect way to grab and go a favorite toy for holiday and vacation adventures.

4. Chair

DIY Vintage Suitcase Chair

Check out this gorgeous accent chair. Perfect for a master bedroom with space to spare, this chair from See Kate Sew is such a romantic, yet unique way to highlight an area that needs a bit of originality.

5. Vanity Cabinet

DIY Suitcase Vanity Cabinet

How can you not be smitten over this eclectic creation found on Covet & Want? We see this idea hidden inside a college apartment or teen’s space where organization is key but personality shines bright.

6. Nightstand

DIY Vintage Suitcase Nightstand

You don’t have to go with the suitcase’s origin to still get that old-age spirit within your DIY project. Instead, you can have it blend it with your current surroundings and still bring in that cozy style like Songbird did with this creamy, white nightstand.

7. Shelves

DIY Vintage Suitcase Shelf

We found this incredibly inspiration on Upcycled Dzine and it may be one of our favorites of the bunch. This is a great way to highlight a more casual dining space or even a home office, and the best part, it’s doable for those starting out in the DIY world.

8. Craft Box

DIY Vintage Suitcase Craft Box

Vintage suitcases are the perfect way to not only organize your crafting or scrapbooking essentials, but it also makes it easier to travel with. Whether you’re going to a friends’ or a scrapbooking convention across the country, create yourself one just like Amy from Inspire Co did, for a better way to travel.

9. Card Holder

DIy Vintage Suitcase Wedding Card Box

Something Borrowed always has great wedding ideas. If you’re having a vintage-inspired celebration – infused with the traveling bug – take a que from this spread. Use smaller suitcases as a means for wedding guests to place your cards! It’s not only functional but versatile too, and you get the benefit of styling it any way you’d like.

10. Dog Bowls

DIY Vintage Suitcase Dog Bowls

We fell upon this funky project from Imgur and we can’t get over how ingenius it is. The DIYer’s girlfriend was looking to get her pup’s bowls off the floor and this tutorial shows you how he made it happen for her.

11. Fabric Covers

DIY Vintage Suitcase Fabric

A Beautiful Mess never disappoints us when it comes to inspiration. And this project is no exception. Vintage suitcases can be updated, like these fabric-covered beauties, and used as simple pieces of decor all on their own.

12. Towel Holder

DIY Vintage Towel Holder

With a bit of organization inside, this idea from Design Sponge goes the extra mile with the addition of a towel hook. We love this idea for your guest bathroom for friends and family to enjoy and you to show off your creativity and unique style.

13. Stacked Piece

DIY Vintage Suitcase Stacked Table

Emily is always showing off incredible home ideas at Cupcakes and Cashmere. And how can you not fall head-over-heels in love with the side table she created for her guest room? And all she did was stack and style!

14. Chalkboard

DIY Vintage Suitcase Chalkboard

This project is perfect for a variety of events or a way to spruce up the front patio. Becky let us in on how she created this funky piece on her blog Beyond the Picket Fence and we love its simplicity!

15. Coffee Table

DIY Vintage Suitcase Coffee table

Thrifting finds can really turn into some of the best DIY project, up cycled pieces and magical additions to the home. And this DIY from Goodwill by Janeane is no exception. Look how gorgeous this modern meets vintage coffee table is!

16. Fireplace Decor

DIY Vintage Suitcase Fireplace Decor

Maple & Magnolia shows us how vintage suitcases can easily find a home at your fireplace, building and cultivated a style that’s cozy and detailed. Paint and change the color of the pieces if you find it necessary, but don’t worry, the shade swap won’t take away from their charm.

17. Bar Cart

DIY Vintage Suitcase Rolling Bar Cart

Stumbling upon this DIY at Apartment Therapy from prop designer, Dane Holweger, is a game changer. Create a new look and feel in the dining room or throughout dinner parties as you dive into this tutorial.

18. End Table

DIY Vintage Suitecase End Table

Angels in the Architecture gives us a piece that is incredibly funky but also versatile too. From a side table, a foyer piece or even a laptop stand, this DIY can become a springboard for a plethora of ideas.

19. Dessert Table

DIY Vintage Suitcase Dessert Table

All the wedding inspiration on Ruffled is priceless for brides figuring out how they want to cultivate and create the day of their dreams. And here’s a dessert table that was accented by vintage suitcases, it’s an easy way to add a DIY element and feel to your celebration!

20. Dresser

DIY Vintage Suitcase Dresser

The wonder behind On My Creative Side made some beautiful pieces concerning this vintage suitcase dresser idea. And this has to be our favorite of the bunch! Can you imagine the personality that will fill your guest or master bedroom with the addition of this DIY piece?

21. Kid’s PlayDIY Vintage Suitcase Play

Tara Dennis gives us even more inspiration concerning child’s play with these adorable idea. A traveling suitcase full of imagination is just what you need for the kids to enjoy on family trips!

22. Sewing Case

DIY Vintage Suitcase Sewing kit

Vanessa knows that some of us need a bigger, more enhance sewing kit. And on A Place to Roost she shares how she took a vintage suitcase and used it to her advantage. For avid sewers and crafters, here’s a peek at what you can create and how you can organize a bit better.

23. Painted

DIY Vintage Suitcase Painted

Concrete Cottage did something really simple but really effective. Jeannie grabbed a suitcase and painted it to her desire and used it as a conversational piece of decor for her home. Now tell us you can’t try this DIY out on your own.

24. Bunk Beds


Sometimes we just like to inspire you and when we found these cat bunk bunks from Just Imagine we knew we had to include this project. Cats like to climb, but they also like to cozy up, and they get the best of both worlds with this DIY idea.

25. Breakfast Tray

DIY Vintage Breakfast Tray from Suitcase

Mother Earth Living loves to show off beautiful, practical ideas and this is no exception. Feminine charm swirl around this breakfast tray made from a sliced suitcase.

  1. Thank you so much for including my ‘suitcase dresser’ in your list! I will accept as the highest compliments that it appears to be actual suitcases, when in fact, it is just the front of the drawers dressed like old style suitcases! I have a detailed tutorial if you’re interested in doing your own! Visit me at OnMyCreativeSide.wordpress.com for details!

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