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25 Different Ways to Fancy Your Flip Flops

Grabbing a cheap pair of flip-flops to grab and go throughout the summertime is nice. But what is you could make that $1 pair of sandals into something so much more? Check out this fabulous list of 25 different ways to fancy those flip-flops by adding to and enhancing the straps.

1. Fabric Scraps

Fabric Strap DIY Flip Flops

Use old fabric scraps to make this whimsical bohemian look out of broken flip flops or inexpensive ones that you want to experiment with! {found on Inspired Life}

2. Beads & Buttons

Bead Button Flip Flop DIY

Grab a combination of both beads and buttons to create an original and unique design special to just you and your feet! {found on Marci Siether}

3. Flower Bling

Flower Bling Flip Flop DIY

Add a big of bling with sparkling embellishment like you see here. You can always get thematic as well and go for a particular color and “look.” {found on Paperblog}

4. Ruffled

Ruffle Flip Flop DIY

Done for those with the tiniest feet or a classic size 8, these ruffled flip flops are absolutely precious and provide a trove of inspiration for DIYers. {found on Mother Huddle}

5. Pearl Embellishment

Pearl DIY Flip Flop

These may be our favorite of the bunch as they transform themselves into everyday, casual wear to ones that can be dressed up and out at night! {found on TIB}

6. Zippers

Zipper DIY Flip Flop

Funky and youthful, these zipper flip flop sure do have a whole lot of personality and originality wrapped up in their project, don’t you think? {found on theexperimentalhome}

7. Raffia Pom-Poms

Pom Pom Flip Flop DIY

For easy festivity, think about adding some pom-pons to your plain flip-flops. Several different ones or just a single addition can make a world of difference. {found on Hello Natural}

8. White Flowers

Flower Flop Flop DIY

Grab some silk, faux flowers to spruce up an older pair of flips. Be sure to wrap plastic straps with ribbon as well for a more polished look. {found on The Fashion Foot}

9. Soft Ribbon

Ribbon Flip Flop DIY

Chiffon fabric or ribbons can turn into tufted flowers with a chinch of a sparkling embellishment. These too are easy to “dress up” which makes them even more versatile. {found on The Fashion Foot}

10. Red, White & Blue

4th of July Flip Flop DIY

Gorgeous for any time of the warmer months, but especially for celebrating the 4th of July, how can you not be completely swooning over these adorable designs? {found on Everyday Dishes}

11. Springtime

Springtime Flip Flop DIY

A bit of ribbon and a faux flower can completely transform a pair of $1 flip flops from your local store. This particular project is also incredibly kid-friendly! {found on This Mama Loves}

12. Paillettes

Paillettes Flip Flop DIY

Take your fashion DIYing into the next level with create flip flops with trendy, posh style. Check out these tutorial to see how! {found on TIB}

13. Water Balloon

Water Balloon Flip Flop DIY

Fun and festive, her we have water balloon flip flops that can make an occasion during spring or summer so much more lively and stylish too. {found on About A Mom}

14. Braids

Braided Flip Flop DIY

Comfortable and surprisingly easy to replicate, these braided shoe straps can upcycle a broken flip flop in no time at all. {found on Make it Love it}

15. Monogrammed

Monogram Flip Flop DIY

Sometimes that focus doesn’t have to be on the sandal’s straps but inside instead, Personalize your own, or a friend’s, for an easy present or crafty experiment. {found on My Paper Craze}

16. Scarf Tie

Scarf Flip Flop DIY

Grab and old scarf and get to work creating these whimsical pieces of “foot” art. Wrap the straps and then have them tie up your ankles for a gorgeous look. {found on DIY Masters}

17. Threaded

Threaded Flip Flop DIY

Some simple threading can get this DIY done. We love the worldly look that these inspire and how “traveled” they feel. {found on A Well Traveled Woman}

18. Crochet Tops

Crocheted Flip Flop DIY

Crochet yourself some straps for your older flip flops. These cozy, yet adorable, flip flops are easy for the experienced yarn-handler. {found on Poppy & Bliss}

19. Mod Podge

mod podge flip flop DIY

Grab some of your old fabric scraps and reinvent some of your flip flops. Who knew you could mod podge your shoes? {found on Dollar Store Crafts}

20. Just Beads

Beaded Flip Flop dIY

These bedded beauties are another fashion-froward design we’re in love with. Slightly different from the paillette design, they’re very similar in style. {found on Make it Love it}

21. Knotted

KNotted Fabric Flip Flop DIY

You could also use some fabric to create this simple, knotted look. It’s cozy, comfy and very bohemian. {found on The Mother Huddle}

22. Gathered Flower

flower flip flop diy

Have some fun creating gathered flowers to top worn (yet favorited) flip flops. Jazz up plainer pairs and have a go at design. {found on Tater Tots and Jello}

23. Glittered

Glitter Flip Flop DIY

Who doesn’t love a good glitter project? And here, expected to sparkle the straps, we see the sides shining instead! {found on Skip to my Lou}

24. Soft Rosettes

Rosette Flip Flop DIY

Soft, easy to duplicate and full of femininity, this project is all about girlish charm. Just add some fabric rosettes to your straps for an easy transformation. {found on DIY Masters}

25. Golden Ring

Gold Ring Flip Flop DIY

Ribbon and a ring can get this modern look right off its feet – pun intended. We even love how the green and gold pop and compliment one another. {found on TIB}

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