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DIY Confetti Balloon Invites

Pop a party with these cool balloon invites! This craft combines the goodies in a piñata with the look of traditional party invites. It’s really a two-in-one project that surprises guests with its unconventional way of sending party invitations. You can also give it as a thank you or sympathy gift as an alternative. Tailor these invites to any holiday of the year, as you can change up the confetti colors and balloon colors to suit your event. Instead of a traditional envelope, give it to your guests in a simple gift box. When your guests open it and pop the balloon, they’ll be surprised by the pop of confetti and the fun treats inside — not to mention, a party invitation!

Confetti Balloon Invites

Confetti Balloon Invites Box

Confetti Balloon Invites Boxed

Confetti Balloon Invites White Box

Confetti Balloon Invites Materials

Making These Balloon Invites

To make these balloon invites, you’ll need, clear balloons, confetti, candy, a metallic paint marker, a gift box, and a handheld balloon air pump. Whatever you choose to fill the balloons with, make sure they are small enough to fit into the opening. Small hard candies work well, and tiny circle confetti is easier to pour into the balloon’s opening.

Confetti Balloon Invites Confetti fill

Fill about ½ cup of confetti into each uninflated balloon. Try also stuffing the balloons with other fun things like small toys and treats, for a kid’s party. To make it easier to fill, roll the narrow end of the balloon down to widen the opening. This helps when you need to add slightly larger items or even a rolled or folded up invitation inside.

You can use a funnel to add them or pour from the bag directly into the balloon. Fill it until there’s not much room to fit anything else. The more confetti, the better. When the balloon is inflated, the confetti will cling to the interior.

Confetti Balloon Invites Blow

Blow up balloons with a balloon pump and tie closed. Be sure to inflate it only as much as needed to fit snug into your gift box. Rub the balloon on a carpet or sweater to get the confetti to cling to the interior of the balloons.

Confetti Balloon Invites Paint

Use a metallic paint pen to write “you’re invited” or a party greeting for the invitee. You can use a regular permanent marker as well, in any color you prefer. I had to draw on a few practice balloons before the final one. Writing on an inflated balloon can be a bit challenging, but freehand drawing is supposed to be somewhat imperfect, right?

To include additional information for your guests, add the date and address to the event directly on the balloon. An alternative is to attach a paper invite to the end of the balloon’s string.

Confetti Balloon Invites Write

Add a ribbon to the balloon to dress it up even more. Place the balloon in the gift box (it should fit nice and snug) and give to a friend. This unconventional invite is sure to surprise your guests. When they pop it, they’ll enjoy the burst of confetti and sweet candy treats!

Confetti Balloon Invites Finished

Confetti Balloon Invites Ribbon

Confetti Balloon Invites Closer Look

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