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15 Awesome Viking Themed Projects

Have you been watching the TV show Vikings on television lately and it’s making you feel in touch enough with your inner warrior to try and teach your kids about viking history and culture? Perhaps your kids just started learning about vikings in school or became really intrigued by the time period after they saw the movie How to train Your Dragon? Either way, we’re a little bit obsessed with viking themed crafts right now and we’re also pleasantly surprised by how many cool viking themed crafting tutorials are out there to help us indulge that interest!

Check out these 15 DIY projects that will make you and your kids really feel like viking warriors by the time you’re finished.

1. Cereal box viking helmet

Cereal box viking helmet

What better way to really enjoy your crafting process than to upcycle something while you’re at it? Kix Cereal happens to agree! They’ll show you how to turn regular cardboard pieces from an ordinary cereal box into a mock viking helmet that’s perfect for sailing a pretend longboat.

2. Juice carton viking ship

Juice carton viking ship

Are you fresh out of empty cereal boxes but you’re still love to get your kids crafting with readily available kitchen supplies? Then grab your nearest empty juice carton instead! We adore this easily made longboat by Happy Brown House because the juice carton does all the hard work by giving you the shape and you can simply help your kids embellish their boat however they please!

3. Water bottle viking boat

Water bottle viking boat

Do you like the idea of helping your kids make their own viking longboat but you’d prefer to help them make one that will actually float, rather than getting soggy and sinking like the one above would? Then try following in Mama’s Kram‘s foosteps and making he base of your boat out of empty plastic water bottles instead!

4. Authentic viking bread recipe

Authentic viking bread recipe

Not every viking related DIY project has to be and artsy craftsy one meant for little kids. Believe it or not, there are still many age old viking recipes kicking around that will let you play viking in the kitchen too, whether your kids are old enough to help you or not. Check out this authentic recipe for viking bread on Raising Lifelong Learners.