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20 Best Welding Tools That Any Beginner Should Have in 2023

So after watching a few home improvement shows on TV and a few blacksmithing web shows on YouTube, you’ve finally decided to try your hands in the art known as metalworking, more precisely welding.

Well, it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional construction worker or just an occasional DIY hobbyist, the truth of the matter is that you need tools, but knowing which are the best welding tools for beginners can be rather tricky.

Best welding tools beginners

For starters, you need to know what type of tools you need to perform basic welding, and only then can you go ahead and start browsing for the products themselves.

If you don’t have the proper tools, you won’t be able to perform certain tasks at all, such as clamping workpieces together, taking measurements, or making precision cuts, all of which are the basics of metalworking and welding.

That’s why we decided to do the grunt work for you and compiled a list of the most basic tools that any welder should have, especially beginners.

These tools were chosen based on how frequently you will need them, how positive their reviews were, their price/performance ratio, as well as other important criteria.

Why Do I Need Welding Tools?

Since you’ll be working with durable materials, you’ll probably be creating or repairing things that are meant to last, so using the best tools available becomes a priority.

When welding, you’re basically trying to join two pieces of metal together in a seamless manner, which means that your weld needs to be both durable and look clean, and this can only be done using tools. As such, you’ll need a wide variety of tools to do the following:

  • Preparing the metal
  • Measuring the metal
  • Cutting/welding the metal
  • Cleaning the weld

Not taking the proper steps or using the wrong tools can result in things like mill scales, crooked cutting lines, or moving metal pieces can result in poor welding results, so tools become an absolute must.

Besides welding quality, there’s also the aspect of time to consider since the right tools can help you get a job done very fast.

Lastly, you must also think of your own safetysince you are working with tools that can cut or melt metal, and that can be hazardous.

Unfortunately, the fact that there are so many shops and websites where you can buy tools can be both a blessing and a curse since you have plenty of options to choose from, but there is a point where the sheer number of choices becomes more confusing than helpful.

Which Are the Best Welding Tools for Beginners?

Safety Equipment

Welding involves high temperatures, radiation exposure, and sparks and debris flying everywhere, so we couldn’t start a list of the best welding tools without first mentioning the essential protective gear that any welder must-have.

1. Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Auto darkening welding helmet

Starting off our list is probably one of the most iconic pieces of equipment that any welder can have besides the actual welding torch, and that is the welding helmet, one great example being the Yeswelder auto-darkening welding helmet.

This welding helmet offers complete face coverage, offering you complete protection against not only UV and IR radiation but also protection from flying pieces of incandescent metal that can otherwise burn you.

The visor offers plenty of visibility thanks to the True Color Technology, which reduces eye strain by minimizing the traditional lime green coloring you’d see in other welding helmets.

Besides, this welding helmet offers active auto-darkening, providing the sure with a shade rating between 4 and 13, making it ideal for almost all welding jobs imaginable.

Despite the seemingly bulky build, this helmet has an oversized comfort cushion that provides extensive adjustability for better fit and comfort over long periods of time.

For those of you interested in this particular welding helmet, you can go ahead and check more information about the product, as well as check if there’s any sale going on, by visiting the Yeswelder auto-darkening welding helmet Amazon page.


  • Size: ‎8.5 x 7.8 x 12.8 inches
  • Weight: ‎1.9 pounds


  • Very affordable
  • Auto-darkening
  • Long-lasting battery
  • True Color Technology
  • Offers complete face coverage
  • Shade rating between 4 and 13
  • Comfort cushion for a better fit


  • The head straps wear out fast if not maintained properly
View price on Amazon

2. Safety Glasses/Goggles

Miller electric welding goggles

If a welding helmet seems like too much for you, especially when it comes to the item’s sheer weight, you can always swap out a welding helmet with a pair of protective welding glasses or welding goggles, and we recommend the Miller Electric welding goggles.

Normally, welding goggles only cover the eyes, but the Miller Electric welding goggles also come with a facemask as well as a protective skirt made out of lightweight and flame-retardant materials.

This makes these goggles the ideal choice for protecting you from not only UV and IR radiation but also flying sparks and debris.

Because the skirt is made out of soft material, these googles go well with other protective headgear, such as respirators and hardhats.

Besides, the soft material makes it easy to wear under other protective gear, like the standard protective helmets that you would see on construction sites.

As far as protecting your eyes goes, these goggles offer active auto-darkening via a control panel located on the left side, and you have access to share rating presets of 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13.

For those of you that are interested in buying them, you can find theMiller Electric Welding Goggleson Amazon at a special price.


  • Size:12 x 4 x 9 inches
  • Weight:1.5 Pounds


  • Light sensor
  • Auto-darkening
  • Comfortable design
  • Adjustable headband
  • Works well with hardhats
  • Replaceable silicone skirt
  • Suited for almost all types of welding


  • A bit more expensive than other welding goggles
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3. Welding Gloves

Rapicca welding gloves

Your face and eyes will be towards the welding flame, but your hands are the ones closest to the actual cutter or torch, so a pair of good welding gloves will be very beneficial.

The average build of a pair of welding gloves consists of layers of robust fabrics and insulation that prevent your hands from heat and sparks, and that’s also the principle behind the RAPICCA welding gloves.

These gloves are built using kevlar insulated cotton and air-insulated aluminum foil, with double-reinforced Kevlar layer padding on the fingers, palms, wrists, and the back of the gloves for even more protection.

They offer protection against very high temperatures of up to 932°F (500℃), and the fact that they are extra long (16 inches) means that your forearms will be protected against fire hazards just as well.

Keep your hands protected against fire hazards today by getting the RAPICCA welding gloves from Amazon today!


  • Double-reinforced Kevlar layer padding on key-regions
  • 16 inches long for added forearm protection
  • Extended durability
  • Superior comfort


  • Lightweight
  • Provides advanced protection against heat
  • Flame retardant insulated liner


  • Stitching could be more durable
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4. Welding Sleeves

Lincoln electric welding sleeves

Sparks and debris from welding tend to jump very long distances, and sometimes even a 16-inch long pair of welding gloves won’t cut it if you want to protect your arms, and that’s why a pair of welding sleeves can be very important.

Welding sleeves are detachable sleeves, they are usually made from leather or other non-flammable and robust fabric, similar to welding gloves.

We’ve looked over the Internet and found that as of the writing of this article, the best welding sleeves that you can buy are the Lincoln Electric welding sleeves.

These sleeves are 21-inches long, offering protection to the entire length of your arm, and thanks to the elastic cuffs placed at each end of the sleeve, you don’t have to worry about them rolling up accidentally.

They are made out of leather that has been treated to be completely flame-resistant, but the material is woven in such a way that a single sleeve weighs only 4 ounces, so you won’t feel encumbered by any additional weight.

If these welding sleeves piqued your interest, visit the Lincoln Electric welding sleeves Amazon page to check out more useful information.


  • Size: 8 x 8 x 1 inches (rolled up)
  • Weight: 4 ounces (each)
  • Material: Leather


  • Lightweight
  • The material breathes
  • Made from flame-resistant leather
  • 21-inch in length to cover your entire arms
  • Elastic cuffs at both ends provide a good grip


  • The elastic cuffs may seem too tight to those with thicker arms
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5. Welding Boots

Iron age ground breaker work boot

Sparks start by jumping, but they eventually fall, and the last thing you’d want to happen is to have your feet burned while you’re focusing on your welding job.

That’s precisely why a pair of welding boots are another must-have, and we think that few products are as good as the Iron Age Ground Breaker work boots.

These welding boots were designed with the standard steel toe protection so that your feet will be safe from heavy objects that are either falling or rolling over, and the treated materials also make the great against chemicals, oils, electrical hazards, metal chips, or shards.

Of course, the sole of these boots is also created with protective features in mind, offering perfect shielding against hot surfaces, as well as a stable grip when walking on uneven surfaces.

What’s surprising is that, for all of their protective measures and materials, these boots are quite lightweight, weighing in at around 5 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about getting tired just from moving from point A to point B.

Find out more about how these boots can keep your feet safe by visiting the Iron Age Ground Breaker work boots’ Amazon page right now!


  • Sizes: 6 – 14 (US)
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Material: 100% leather


  • The lining features a moisture-resistant nylon mesh
  • Meets all ASTM F2413 standards
  • Spongy rubber heel wedge
  • Electrical protection
  • Rubber lug sole
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Steel toe


  • The sizes don’t always match, so buy 1-1.5 sizes more than what you regularly wear
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Measuring Tools

Now that you know all about the protective gear that you’ll need while welding, the next step is to know about all the measuring tools that you can use (the best craftsmen measure 3 times and cut once).

1. Tape Measure

Komelon sm5425

Probably the most iconic measuring tool, a tape measure is a tool that pretty much any craftsman will need, whether they are working with metal or not.

One very good tape measure that you should have is the Komelon SM5425, a measuring tool with all of the basic features both a beginner and a professional welder can use.

This product comes in both a 25-ft and 30-ft version, although with such a small difference between the two, you might as well guy the longer model.

The case is entirely rubberized, making it incredibly impact-resistant, and the blase itself is coated in acrylic for added durability.

As for measuring finesse, the blade features fractional graduations, so you’ll know the length of whatever you’re measuring precisely, eliminating the risk of human error due to guesswork.

Take the perfect measurements by using this tape measure. Visit the Komelon SM5425’s Amazon page today!


  • Blade color: White
  • Blade length: 25/30 feet
  • Size: 6.75 x 4.5 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces


  • Stud markings are noted on the blade
  • Rubberized impact-resistant casing
  • Fractional graduations on the blade
  • Acrylic coating on the blade
  • Protected end hook


  • A bit heavier than other similar products
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2. Speed Square

Swanson tool speed square

Another thing you should measure before cutting, besides the length of the material, is the angle at which you will be doing the cuts, and for many beginners, this is where they make the most mistakes.

That is why another good addition to any welder’s inventory is a speed square, and for many welders, it’s also the tool that they use the most. After researching what the market has to offer, we found that the best speed square that you can ask for is the Swanson Tool speed square.

While it may seem like a simple geometry tool at first, it comes with a try square, Miter square, saw guide, line scriber, and a protractor, providing you with all the essentials needed to make precision cuts at the perfect angles.

Not only that, but this speed square also comes with multiple notch marks, which not only makes scribing a lot simpler but also makes ripping stock easier and more accurate.

Lastly, this simple tool is made from heavy-gauge aerospace aluminum alloy, so you know it will last for a very long time.

Get your hands on one of these fundamental tools by visiting the Swanson Tool speed square’s Amazon page right away!


  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Measurement system: Metric
  • Size: ‎1 x 8 x 8 inches
  • Weight: ‎8 ounces


  • Includes try square, Miter square, saw guide, line scriber, and a protractor
  • Features multiple notch marks for easier scribing
  • Made to last
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t measure using Imperial units
View price on Amazon

3. Sheet Metal Gauge

Miller electric metal gauge,

Once you’ve measured the length of a sheet of metal and the angle at which you will cut, the next important measurement that you’ll need to determine is the thickness of that metal sheet, and that is when a sheet metal gauge will come in handy.

Metal gauges usually come in the wheel of a linear shape, and they have teeth spaced with different widths apart corresponding to sheet metal’s various standard thicknesses.

The best metal gauge that we managed to find is the Miller Electric metal gauge, as it is easy to use, made out of durable steel, and features 11 different measurement teeth.

Besides, it is so small and portable that you can even attach it to your keychain and carry it wherever you go at all times.

This tool is an essential measurement tool, so visit the Miller Electric metal gauge’s Amazon page to get it right now!


  • Size: 4 x 3.2 x 0.7 inches;
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Measurement range: 0.0239 – 0.3125 inches


  • Easy-to-use
  • Measures up to 0.35 inches thick
  • Suitable for measuring paper, leather, and wood as well


  • The gradation is printed on the metal instead of stamped, making it harder to read
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4. Metal Scribe

Markal silver streak metal marker

Once you’re done with the measurements, both in terms of length and angle, the next step is to leave markings on the metal pieces so that you’ll know precisely where to cut or weld.

Unfortunately, drawing on metal isn’t like drawing on a piece of paper, and you need dedicated tools called metal scribes for that, and few are as efficient and affordable as the Markal Silver-Streak Metal Marker.

This marker leaves behind highly visible marks that illuminate when cutting or welding for improved visibility. Besides, this tool is superior to soapstone both in terms of marking efficiency and durability since you don’t have to worry about rubbing blowing off the surface.

Besides, you don’t need to treat the metal before you start marking it, since this tool will work onoily, wet, or rusty metals, and you don’t have to worry about it damaging the metal either since it will not scratch or abrade surfaces

The overall build of this marker is very durable, and it comes with a mechanical holder that prevents stick breakage. Lastly, it offers a convenient, built-in sharpener and pocket clip to store this marker much easier.

The product is available in 4 different versions, and you can check them out now by visiting the Markal silver-streak metal marker’s Amazon page.


  • Size: ‎8.4 x 3 x 0.3 inches
  • Weight: 0.39 ounces


  • Marks are resistant to torch flames
  • Works on oily, wet, or rusty metals
  • marks on any metal surface
  • Marks won’t rub off
  • Durable casing


  • The plastic build is not ideal for hot environments
View price on Amazon

Cutting and Welding Tools

Now that we’ve talked about protective gear and measurement tools, it’s time to start with the actual welding tools that you will be using to cut, melt, grind, and more.

1. Cutting Torches

Victor cutting set

The best way to cut metal is via a plasma cutter, and the second-best method is via a cutting torch, but since cutting torches is a lot simpler to control, they are ideal for beginners just like yourself.

On that note, we went ahead and selected the Victor cutting set mainly for its lightweight build and high-quality metal finish. This set includes a:

  • Torch handle with built-in check valves
  • Cutting attachment
  • One cutting tip
  • One brazing tip

Almost all user reviews are also very positive, and the only other thing you need to have a complete set is to have an extra set of cutting tips since these are components that wear out over time so easily that they can almost be considered consumables.

Check out this complete and easy-to-use cutting set on Amazon, and also check out the best cutting tips that go with this set as well so that you have everything you need for a very long time.


  • Material: Metal
  • Size: ‎10.43 x 10.31 x 3.66 inches
  • Weight: ‎3.8 pounds


  • The package contains a complete cutting torch kit
  • Spare materials are available online
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use


  • Not ideal for cutting very thick sheets of metal
View price on Amazon

2. MIG Pliers

Irwin vise grip mig pliers

Whenever you’re MIG welding, your torch’s nozzle tends to get very hot whenever you use it, and removing it by hand is certainly out of the question.

That is when a good pair of MIG pliers like the Irwin Store Vise-Grip MIG pliers can come in handy, since not only can it be used to safely remove the hot nozzle from your gun, but they can also remove the contact tip where the wire comes out of your gun, as well as to clip your wire to the correct stick-out length.

The nose is designed especially for removing welding spatter, and the cutting edge is hardened via induction so that it can stay sharper for an extended period of time.

The pliers have several jaws that can be used to draw out wires, remove installation tips and even nozzles more easily, and the grips have a rubberized surface for better handling.

You can find these pliers on Amazon, where you can also check to see whether the Irwin Store has them on sale or not, but either way, these pliers are very affordable.


  • Size: ‎0.5 x 3.5 x 10 inches
  • Weight: ‎10.4 ounces


  • Feature s a specially-designed nose
  • Induction-hardened cutting edge
  • Hammer designed
  • Spring-loaded
  • Multiple jaws
  • Dipped grips


  • The cutter could use some improvements
View price on Amazon

3. Handheld Angle Grinders

Dewalt dcg413b angle grinder

The handheld angle grinder is the first item on our list that actually has anything to do with cutting metal, although it doesn’t do any welding per se.

One very promising model is the Dewalt DCG413B Angle Grinder, and you can use it to cut down some of the metal stock, and as long as you have a proper cut wheel, sheet metal and bar stock will be very easy to cut.

It comes with an E-Switch protection, meaning that the ON/OFF trigger switch has a no-volt release function. This means that if there’s a power outage, you’ll need to cycle the trigger switch to restart the grinder.

This means that there will be no accidental reactivation of the grinder once the power comes back, and so the chances of accidents happening are greatly diminished.

However, this angle grinder’s main purpose is to grind, therefore preparing the metal before any actual welding begins. It does so by cleaning the base metal of any porosity and cracks, and it’s a lot faster than using a wire brush.

Once the welding is done, you can use the Dewalt angle grinder to clean it up, removing all excess slag and providing the welding location with a polished finish.

The product comes in 3 different versions, and you can check them all out on the Dewalt angle grinder’s Amazon page.


  • Voltage: 20 V
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: ‎12.2 x 4.7 x 6 inches
  • Weight: ‎3.75 pounds


  • The grinder’s brake stops the wheel in 2 seconds
  • Requires no brush changes
  • E-switch protection
  • Two-stage trigger
  • Very ergonomic


  • Batteries tend to heat up after continuous use
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4. Chop Saws

Dewalt sliding miter saw's amazon page

While an angle grinder can be used to make cuts, you’ll sometimes need to make perfectly straight cuts, and the only way to do so is to use a chop saw.

Chop saws consist of a powered circular saw that you can position at a variety of angles and lowered on a board while positioned against a backstop called a fence, and the Dewalt Sliding Miter Saw has all the features that you may need.

It has a powerful 15 AMP, 3800 RPM motor the cutting blade is 12 inches in length, allowing it to cut through some of the toughest and thickest materials that you could ever work with.

This saw’s miter adjustment allows you to make angled cuts up to 48-degrees, both left and right, and the tall sliding fences of the miter saw can support crown molding of up to 6-5/8-inches while nested and base molding of up to 6-1/2-inches vertically against the fence.

All in all, users are very pleased with this product, most notably its cutting power, many describing its ability to cut through wood like a hot knife through butter.

To learn more about this product and to see what others think about it, visit the Dewalt sliding miter saw’s Amazon page.


  • Material: ‎Metal
  • Voltage: ‎110 Volts
  • Size: ‎21 x 17 x 17 inches
  • Weight: ‎56 pounds


  • Can cut at angles up to 48 degrees
  • Made from durable materials
  • Powerful motor
  • Precise cuts


  • The dust extraction port needs improvements
View price on Amazon

5. Sawzall Saw

Dewalt 20v max reciprocating saw

A Sawzall saw (AKA a reciprocating saw) is a machine-powered saw where the cutting action is via a push-and-pull (hence the word reciprocating) motion of the blade.

As you can imagine, a powerful Sawzall saw with a durable blade can easily make its way through metal as well, there are some scenarios where it can do what a regular blowtorch or plasma cutter cannot, making it an ideal plan B tool.

As with our other entries, we’ve browsed the online market to see what Sawzall saw would be perfect for a beginner, and we found that the Dewalt 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw to be ideal.

This model comes with patented technology and innovative features that make it an ideal tool in any construction worker’s toolbox, regardless of what their job is and what materials they’ll be working with, giving this device an unparalleled level of versatility.

The 4-position blade not only allows for keyless blade changing, but it also allows you to reach the tightest of spots, highlighting a generic straight of Sawzall saws. Besides, it comes equipped with LED lighting to make dark spots easier to see through as well.

As far as sheer cutting power goes, this machine delivers a 1-1/8-inch stroke length, and this means faster cutting speeds and a variable-speed trigger (up to 3,000 strokes per minute), although the blade’s control is very stable.

In fact, the 20V MAX deliversup to 2.88x faster application speed, up to 82% more power, and up to 181% more runtime than previous models, so if you own an older Dewalt Sawzall, blade, this upgrade would be more than worth it.

You can get this tool, as well as its more compact version, by visiting the Dewalt 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw Amazon page.


  • Size: 1 pound
  • Weight: ‎6.13 x 18.31 x 4 inches
  • Voltage: 110 – 120 Volts


  • 4-position blade clamp
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Fast cutting speeds
  • Long battery life
  • Powerful motor


  • Battery monitors can be misleading
View price on Amazon

6. Adjustable Wrenches

Channellock adjustable wrench

Welding jobs aren’t just about fusing two pieces of metal, since sometimes you’ll actually have to pull some of the pieces apart to get the job done, and the best way to do so is with an adjustable wrench.

Of all the wrenches that we’ve found, nope of them impressed us as much as the Channellock adjustable wrench.

It comes with an extra-wide opening to 1-1/2-inches for much larger nuts and bolts, the jaws are longer to ensure a better grip, while the thinner jaws and much narrower head provide you with easier access in tight spaces.

Besides, the wrench has a 4 thread knurl and non-protruding jaws, to give it a greater capacity.

It is suited for all measurement systems thanks to its dual-measurement scales (imperial and metric), making them ideal for sizing up nuts, pipes, and tube diameters

The wrench’s chrome-vanadium steel build makes it very durable, and Code Blue grips allow a much more comfortable handgrip.

If you want to learn more about this product, or if you simply want to browse for similar tools, visit the Channellock adjustable wrench’s Amazon page.


  • Size: ‎1 x 4 x 12.2 inches
  • Weight: ‎12 ounces
  • Material: ‎Chrome vanadium steel


  • Wide jaw opening for larger nuts and bolts
  • Imperial and metric measurement scales
  • Better access into tight spaces
  • Comfortable grip


  • A bit heavier than similar-sized wrenches
View price on Amazon

7. Clamps

Kreg tool store face clamps

Just how adjustable wrenches are used to pull apart and unscrew things, clamps to the exact opposite, as they are used to hold workpieces together. Clamps are a very common crafter’s tool, and they can also be found in the crafting rooms of non-metal workers as well.

Since clamps are very simplistic devices by nature, we looked for those that were most durable and provided the best grip, since there’s pretty much nothing else to look at, and the best ones available seemed to be the Kreg Tool Store Face Clamps.

This model offers an increased reach (3 inches) and clamping capacity, allowing it to hold together materials that are up to 2-3/4-inches thick. Originally designed for creating tight flush Kreg Joints, they are useful in any project tasks where solid clamping without marring is needed.

However, just because these clamps hold tight doesn’t mean that you have to worry about them deforming your metal since they feature large clamp pads that distribute clamping force evenly, and handling them is also a breeze thanks to the comfortable padded handles

These particular clamps are available in 2 sizes: 2-inch reach and 3-inch reach, and both of these models use a simple screw to adjust the clamp size.

You can find the Kreg Tool Store face clamps on Amazon where it is very often put up on sale, so go ahead and visit their website.


  • Material: steel
  • Size: 9 x 32.5 x 8.25 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds


  • Comfortable handles
  • Ideal for pocket-screw joinery
  • Great for clamping without marring
  • Increased reach and clamping capacity
  • Large clamp pads distribute the force evenly


  • The rubber on the handle is not very durable
View price on Amazon

Post-welding tools

One important aspect that many welders may overlook is the fact that welds need to also look good, not just be precise and sturdy, and this is especially important if you’re doing it for a living.

Knowing how to remove slag, excess debris, or charring can help the material in future operations that follow the welding itself, such as painting the metal.

1. Welding Hammers

Estwing big blue welding hammer

When dealing with MIG welding or stick welding, you’ll notice a lot of slag condensation as the metal melts and creates the weld, and this needs to be removed in one way or another, the most common procedure being good old-fashion chipping.

That’s where a welding (aka chipping) hammer can come in handy, and while it may look like an ordinary hammer at first glance, you’ll notice that it has a flat side and a pointed side, both of them being ideal for different kinds of slag.

This tool doesn’t directly impact the quality of the weld itself, but it does make it look cleaner and easier to manage.

For our article, we decided to go with the Estwing Big Blue Welding Hammer because of its exceptional durability.

Made from a single piece of some of the most durable steel available on the market and tempered in a way that only makes it even more durable, this tool will last through hundreds of welding jobs and make them look perfect.

Speaking of perfection, this welding hammer has a hand-polished solid-steel head that gives it its signature look, and the shock-reduction grip will greatly reduce the impact of vibrations on your joints (especially your wrist), so using this hammer will have no long-term impact on your health.

Check out the Estwing Big Blue Welding Hammer on Amazon and see whether there’s a sale going on, and if there is, go ahead and get on for yourself, you won’t regret it.


  • Material: Steel
  • Size: ‎11 x 1 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: ‎38 pounds


  • Very durable
  • Shock-reduction grip
  • Efficient slag removal tool
  • Made from a single piece of metal


  • The grip is made of plastic, not leather (as the label claims)
View price on Amazon

2. Metal Brush

Origlam wire brushes

Metal brushes are a complementary tool to the welding hammer (sometimes when you buy a welding hammer you also get a free brush), and you can use it to remove any excess slag and charring from your weldings, although you should only use it when you think that using the hammer would ve overkill.

Since these tools are incredibly simple, picking out the best models was fairly easy, and that’s how we ended up with the OriGlam Wire Brushes.

The 3 brushes are made from brass, stainless steel, and nylon, and this makes them extremely durable and capable of cleaning rust, loose paint, scale, slag, and more.

However, you don’t have to worry about scrubbing to the point of damaging your target surfaces, since the nylon brush is gentle enough for some of the finer tasks, like sweeping away dirt or removing dust.

Besides, the heads are a bit angled so reaching hard-to-reach places will be easier.

This complete set of brushes can be yours for a special discount price if you visit the OriGlam Wire Brushes’ Amazon page this very moment!


  • Material: Steel, brass, and nylon
  • Size: ‎6.69 x 0.79 x 0.79 inches
  • Weight: ‎0.64 ounces


  • 3 different brushes for different jobs
  • Steel brush suitable for slag cleaning
  • Brass Brush Suitable for light metal cleaning
  • Nylon brush suitable for cleaning of the finer materials


  • Bristles tend to bend quickly
View price on Amazon

3. Metal File

Metal file set from kapoua

Metal files are just like angle-grinders, used to remove the rough edges and burns from the cuts that you made in metal, the only difference being that they are manually controlled.

Sure enough, you’re probably wondering why you should use a metal file when an angle grinder is ten times faster. Truth be told, these two tools should actually be used one after the other, with the angle grinder taking out the bulk of the excess material, and the metal file being used for the finer finishes.

If this tool sounds like something that you need (it should), we recommend that you try out the metal file set from Kapoua, mostly because it contains pretty much all file designs that you may ever need.

The set contains 6 files, and all pieces are made from carbon steel so that they can be as durable as possible, while the ergonomic handles make them comfortable to use while you’re grinding away to make the perfect welding finish.

However, remember that these files aren’t just limited to use with metal, since they work just as well with shaping wood, metal, jewelry, mirror, glass, tile, ceramics, leather, and plastic, making them a must-have in any craftsman’s toolbox.

Get this amazing set of metal files from Amazon today and give your weldings a professional finish right away!


  • Material: ‎Stainless steel
  • Size: ‎6.1 x 3 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: ‎3.84 ounces


  • Durable material
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Set contains 6 different files
  • Long-lasting filing capabilities
  • Great for use with other materials, not just metal


  • All files are smaller than they seem
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4. Welding Cart

Keter rolling tool chest

The final item on our list has the least to do with the welding itself, and more to do with your tools’ maintenance and accessibility, but if you’re going to be buying (and spending) a lot to be an accomplished craftsman, you’ll definitely need this: the welding cart.

Welding carts help you move things around more easily, and as you probably noticed in the Specs section of each of our products, some of the tools that you’ll need are quite heavy, and even if they aren’t they need to be within arm’s reach at all times.

Our favorite choice is the Keter Rolling Tool Chest, and it brings all of the benefits of a regular welding cart together with the functionality of a cabinet featuring multiple drawers for better tool organization.

It’s made from weather-resistant polypropylene (PP), so not only is it durable, but it is also impervious to some of the things that would affect traditional metallic welding carts, such as rusting.

It comes with a central locking system, allowing all drawers to stay secure at all times, even when you’re away. Considering that maybe you have a child that likes visiting your workshop, keeping sharp tools out of their reach can be beneficial.

Moving your tools around will also be a breeze thanks to the caster wheels, and the large storage space allows you to keep pretty much all ready-to-use tools in one convenient place.

Speaking of storage, this cart comes with 16 removable bins for organizing a screwdriver set, small parts, and nuts and bolts, making it ideal for DIY projects, home and car repairs, construction work, and more.

This tool that carries other tools can be yours for a special discount price if you visit the Keter Rolling Tool Chest’s Amazon page as soon as possible.


  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Size: ‎22.13 x 11.38 x 19.76 inches
  • Weight: ‎23.6 pounds


  • Great organizing via 16 different removable bins
  • Easy to move thanks to caster wheels
  • Durable material
  • Rust-resistant


  • Drawers have no sliders
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How to Take Care of Welding Gear


Even if you go ahead and buy the cheapest tools available (we don’t recommend that), you’ll still be investing quite a lot of money if you’re going to buy all the tools that you would need as a welder.

The first big step towards making this investment worthwhile is to make sure that your tools are taken care of properly, and that they are stored in a safe place.

This means keeping them somewhere where heat, moisture, or corrosion will not reach them, but also keeping in mind the potential for accidents happening, such as when you keep heavy tools on top shelves that aren’t very durable.

Best practices

Certain tools require specific treatments if you want them to last, and here are some of the best practices that you should always try:

  • Unplug all your electrical equipment – Disconnecting all machines connected to AC or DC can help eliminate the risk of leaks, or even accidental activation
  • Tighten valves – If you’re working with gas tanks, (especially flammable gas) make sure that all valves are switched off and
  • Use toolboxes – As we mentioned earlier when we reviewed the welding cart, keeping your tools safe inside a toolbox will not only keep them out of reach of children, but can also prevent their theft, or even the accumulation of dust.
  • Store tools in the right position – Always keep your rods in an upright position in a waterproof container
  • Clean your tools – Always remember to untangle hoses to prevent damage.

Of course, one thing one must never forget is that routine maintenance is equally important if you want your tools to last, even if you do store them in perfect condition.

This means that you’ll have to do things like cleaning, applying grease, or replace spare parts on a yearly, monthly, or even weekly basis.

As far as cleaning is concerned, we recommend that you try to use compressed air, and those of you that live in humid climates should do routine rust checks on your pliers, cutters, and other tools that could be subject to corrosion, and if you do find any rust stains, we suggest you use primers based on phosphoric acid.

To make things easier, always check a tool’s manual book since those usually contain storing and maintenance tips, as well as information about the right consumables that work with a particular tool.

Best Welding Tools for Beginners: Closing Thoughts

This completes our comprehensive guide on the best welding tools for beginners, and we hope that you learned quite a lot about the essentials of every welder’s crafting kit.

Either they allow for better welding jobs, make welding easier, or just keep you safe while working with red-hot metal, these tools are great if you want to work with metal either in DIY projects or as a professional.

Keep in mind that while some products are indeed optional or situational, other tools are considered must-haves.

All in all, these tools were picked based on their utility, price, specs, overall user reviews, and how important they are in a welder’s life.

If there’s any other topic that you’d like us to cover, leave us your suggestions in the comments section below and we’ll proceed to create a guide just like the one above. Happy welding!