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18 Vegan Breakfast Recipes That Are Both Guilt-Free & Delicious

Stay on track with your diet by whipping up one of these meat-free and dairy-free plates. If you’ve decided to go vegan for dietary reasons or it’s a lifestyle choice you’ve stuck to, finding unique and fun bites can somestimes be a struggle – especially when surrounded by all things cheesy. Let’s have a peek at these 18 vegan breakfast recipes that are both guilt-free and delicious. They hit the mark in terms of guidelines but hit the spot in terms of flavor too.

1. Chocolate Croissants

Vegan chocolate croissants

Heart of a Baker whipped up some beautiful chocolate croissants that fit into a vegan’s diet with ease. Bake a batch of these delicious bites and have them all week long. They’re great for a grab-and-go breakfast but also as the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee.

2. Mini Faux Frittatas

Mini vegan frittatas

Making these on a non-vegan diet are wonderfully delicious, low-carb, and healthy too. But you can do the same thing without the actual egg. With some help from Dietitian Debbie Dishes you can make faux frittatas which fit the bill too – and rack up lots of flavor by adding all kinds of veggies to the mix!

3. Sun Butter, Chia Seed, and Banana Toast

Sun butter toast

The Skinny Fork has an easy recipe up their sleeve. Grab your go-to bread and then stack all of this goodness on top. Sun butter, sliced bananas, and chia seeds too, it’s a filling and satisfying breakfast that won’t leave you hungry or feeling guilty.

4. Spicy Tofu Scramble

Scrambled tofu on toast

Add a kick to jumpstart your morning with some spicy tofu. Lazy Cat Kitchen shows off their creation by covering some toast and topping it with some tomatoes and avocados. But don’t be afraid to make it even more of a low-carb treat by serving in a bowl with your favorite toppings and nixing the bread.

5. Toffee Apple Breakfast Muffins

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