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15 Unique Fried Chicken Recipes for Football Season

We know that football isn’t quite as popular all over the world as it is where we come from, but in our family and friends circle, fall time means on very important thing (besides Halloween): football! This is the time of year when all of the kids are getting back into their organized sports, trying out for teams and running back and forth to rehearsals before and after school classes. Besides that, this is also football season for the professional leagues, meaning we can get together and support our favourite teams again! Even more than we love actually watching televised sports, we love getting together with our loved ones and having parties or potlucks to watch them all together. What’s our favourite thing to bring to game parties, you ask? Well, we’ve always actually been known for being the ones to bring delicious, succulent fried chicken for everyone! It might not be everyone’s traditional football snack, but we never attend a party without some kind of fried chicken in tow.

Just in case you love fried chicken as much as we do and also want to get creative with your recipes this fall so you can make the perfect dish for football season, here are 15 awesome and unique fried chicken recipes that will have your friends or guests practically drooling!

1. Chicken strips with homemade lemon pepper sauce

Chicken strips with homemade lemon pepper sauce

Chicken fingers are always good, even if you’re just making the classic recipe, and if you’re cooking for a large group it’s sometimes safer to make things rather plain so that everyone can enjoy it. In those scenarios, though, the big delicious twist comes in the form of the dipping sauce you make to go with it! That’s why this recipe from Wonky Wonderful caught our attention so well! They show you how to make a mouth watering homemade lemon pepper sauce that people will have trouble not dipping everything on the table into, in addition to the chicken.

2. Chicken sambal BBQ skewers

Chicken samball bbq skewers

We’re no strangers to chicken skewers but we find that it’s usually grilled or home style chicken used in those recipes. We know that fried chicken doesn’t taste that much different from other styles, but there’s just something about the flavour that we love more, so imagine our excitement when we actually did find a friend chicken skewer recipe from Eat Drink Laugh! Their recipe also teaches you how to make a delicious sambal BBQ sauce that will take your skewers to the next level taste-wise.

3. Crispy pinkabet from San Juan

Crispy pinkabet from san juan

If you’ve never had pinkabet then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been totally missing out! Pinkabet is a battered and fried chicken dish from San Juan that somewhat resembles the way schnitzel is prepared in Germany and surrounding areas. Appetizing Adventure shows you how to make it with a sweet glaze sauce and sides of sticky rice and a fried egg.

4. Classic chicken parmesan

Classic chicken parmesanAre you going to a football party that’s more of a potluck style meal and less of an appetizer spree, meaning you can bring full entrees rather than just finger foods? Then chicken parmesan is an amazing fried chicken option! Sure, it’s kind of classic and not necessarily unconventional, but we’re always surprised how few people we know who have tried chicken parmesan before. Just in case it’s your first time making it, here’s a great recipe from Food Tree that shows you how to include just the right amount of cheese and sauce along with your crispy chicken.

5. Tomato puree fried chicken

Tomato puree fried chicken