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15 Fun DIY Bustiers and Bandeaus or Under Shirts and Blouses

Summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re entirely done with out warm weather clothes for the year just yet! Sure, we might have dug our sweaters and boots out for fall already, but we’re secretly sun worshippers at heart, so it probably comes as no surprise that we usually start planning our big winter vacation almost as soon as fall begins. That way we get some balance in our season! While the warm vacation itself is clearly the part of that whole concept that we look forward to the most, we can’t pretend that we don’t also use the temporary relief in cold as a big, awesome excuse to start hand making ourselves some new holiday outfits. What’s the item we’re obsessed with this year and can’t wait to make ourselves, you ask? We can’t stop making ourselves bustiers and bandeaus! They’re the perfect thing to take on holiday because they’re small and easy to pack, but they’re also a great way to change up outfits you already own because you can make all kinds of new combinations with them.

Just in case you’re as obsessed with cropped bustiers and beandeau tops as we are, here are 15 awesome DIY tutorials for making all kinds of different styles before your next tropical resort vacay!

1. Bandeau tops with length

Bandeau tops with length

Perhaps you have a rather long torso and part of the reason that you’re into the idea of making your own bandeaus and bustiers is that you find store bought ones simply don’t fit you properly? In that case, we think we might have found just the tutorial for you! JWO Designs shows you how to make bustiers that are still a crop top style but with a longer cut so that they actually sit comfortably. Customization is the best part of making things yourself!

2. Pinched bandeau from a tank top

Pinched bandeau from a tank top

Are your favourite DIY outfits always the ones that let you upcycle something you already own at the same time as you’re making yourself something brand new? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer this simple tutorial from Kaydance Kloth instead! They show you how to create a cut little bandeau out of an old tank top, complete with a stylish pinch at the bust.

3. Bandeau bra made from bandanas

Bandeau bra made from bandanas

Have you always had a sort of country chic influence to your personal style and you love incorporating that at any chance you get, even if you’re traveling to a place where you probably won’t encounter a ranch or horses? Then here’s a simple way to add that subtle detail to your outfit even when you’re on a warm holiday! We love the way Natalie Estelle made a bandeau from coloured bandanas using a bra as a base.

4. Big bow swimsuit bandeau

Big bow swimsuit bandeau

If you’re going on a warm weather vacation, it only makes sense that you’re going to bring at least one bathing suit along with you! When we escape fall and winter for a sun-filled getaway, we usually spend most of our time in our new location floating in a swimming pool or laying on a beach. Sure, it’s fun to buy yourself new bathing suits, but making them yourself is an even better time! We can’t get over, for example, how cute this bandeau style bathing suit top from Trash to Couture is. That big bow will look adorable no matter what colour or pattern of fabric you choose!

5. Twisted DIY bikini bandeau

Twisted diy bikini bandeau

Are you totally taken with the idea of making yourself a bandeau style bikini top but you’re just not sure the big bow idea is quite in line with your personal style? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer this slightly simpler design instead! Make It, Love It DIY shows you how to make a bandeau bathing suit top that features a simple twist in the centre for some cute detail.

6. Caged bralette style bustier

Caged bralette style bustier

Are your favourite bustiers to wear and make always the ones that look great and stand out as unique either on their own or when you put them under something? We love those designs too because they’re so versatile! That’s why this adorable DIY “cage” style bustier from Hey Kay Elle caught our eye. They show you how to make a series of neat straps that create a pattern across your back.

7. Simple twisted galaxy bandeau

Simple twisted galaxy bandeau

Are you still quite in love with the twisted bandeau idea but you’re feeling stumped in the creative design department and you can’t decide what you actually want yours to look like in terms of pattern and colour? Then here’s a little inspiration moment from Navfy! They show you how to make a cute twisted bandeau that looks like a galaxy in outer space.

8. Dual elastic paisley bandana bandeau

Dual elastic paisley bandana bandeau

Are you feeling up for a little bit of a challenge and you have at least some knowledge when it comes to using a sewing machine? Then Eyes of A Couturier has a great design for you to try out, especially if you’re still thinking about how neat the idea of making a bandeau from a bandana is! They suggest putting elastic into the garment at both the top and bottom so that it stays on well but also so it takes a cute, bunched shape that looks great with high waisted shorts and skirts.

9. Easy DIY bustier with a zipper

Easy diy bustier with a zipper

Are you decently experienced with sewing and also very interested in making yourself a bustier that will actually stay on your body rather than sliding down the more you wear it? Then perhaps a top with a zipper is the best style for you! Tayla Jane shows you how to make this adorable bustier while also walking you through the steps for sewing the zipper in nice and neatly.

10. Twisted halter style bandeau

Twisted halter style bandeau

Are you still totally intrigued by the twisted style of bandeau, but you love adding a little extra detail and style when and wherever you can? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get a kick out of this twisted crop that is also a halter! The Notorious Kia walks you through the simple steps for making it happen.

11. DIY denim covered bandeau

Diy denim covered bandeau

Sometimes the real appeal of a piece or garment is actually in what it’s made out of rather than how it’s constructed. This awesome denim covered bandeau from Kodality is the perfect example of what we mean. Their tutorial shows you how to make this subtle statement piece in a surprisingly simple way!

12. Gathered bandeau from an old halter top

Gathered bandeau from an old halter top

Are you still enamoured with the idea of making yourself a bandeau from something you already owned so that it becomes an upcycling project, rather than just buying yourself more material specifically for this? Then start going through your older halter top from last year’s holiday, because Pretty China Doll has just the tutorial for you! They show you how to make this adorable gathered design using simple techniques that you’ll catch onto quickly even if you’re not the most experienced at sewing.

13. Leggings to long sleeved crop top

Leggings to long sleeved crop top

Are your favourite crop tops always the ones that have sleeves because you love the way they look like a sort of 1990s throwback piece? Well, if you consider that with the fact that this project is yet another chance to upcycle, you’re going to love this piece from House of Shavon, as well as how simple the steps to make it look neat and finished are! They show you how to make a crop top from a pair of old leggings, using the legs as sleeves.

14. Simple metallic silver bandeau

Simple metallic silver bandeau

Are you pretty set on the style and design you want for your bandeau and you’re totally prepared to make that, but you’re still trying to choose what kind of material or finish you want to use to really get the look you’re going for on your holiday? In that case, here’s an awesome metallic design and tutorial from Inspire Me to, well… inspire you!

15. DIY floral caged bustier

Diy floral caged bustier

Are you finding that, even though you’ve been scrolling for a while by now, you’re still thinking about the pretty cage bustier we showed you above? Maybe you like the design and construction but you’d rather make a version that’s a little less plain in its basics! In that case, we have a feeling this lovely floral version of a caged bustier might catch your eye a little better. Handmade With Paige shows you how to take on the challenge of piping and shaping the bustier in a way that won’t seem quite so intimidating once you’ve actually sat down to get started.

Have you made yourself other designs and styles of bandeau and bustier tops that you absolutely adored when they were finished but that you don’t see anything similar to on our list? Tell us all about your creations or link us to pictures of your work in the comments section!

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