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Unconventional Muffin Recipes Will Turn You Into a Baking Person

Okay, we’ll just go ahead and state this now: we adore muffins. Sometimes, if we’re really hungry, we don’t even care what kind of muffin is available as long as we get to enjoy one. When it comes to making our own at home, however, we like to be particular and get creative because that’s our chance to make exactly what we like and experiment with flavours that we wouldn’t find at any local coffee shop or in the average bakery.

If you feel like we do and you just think there’s nothing better than a warm, fluffy bite of a muffin with a bit of butter in the morning, then we’ve got just the list for you! Check out these 15 absolutely delicious and totally unique home baked muffin recipes that are guaranteed to make your morning.

1. Strawberry banana muffins

Strawberry banana muffins

We’ve had banana muffins and we’ve had strawberry muffins, but until we found this unique combination recipe from Grace and Good Eats, we’d never heard of strawberry banana muffins before! The moment we took our first bite into one of these when it was still fresh out of the oven and warm in the middle, however, we knew that fruit muffins were changed for us forever. Check out their surprisingly simple recipe!

2. Egg, potato, and bacon breakfast muffin

Egg, potato, and bacon breakfast muffin

Well, we know that technically these aren’t really classic muffins, but they’re made just like muffins are even though they’re completely created from delicious classic breakfast elements! Simply Being Mommy shows you how to make these amusing breakfast treats that will give you a little bit of everything in one yummy bite.

3. Dark chocolate chip pumpkin muffins

Dark chocolate chip pumpkin muffins

Did you love the idea of a combination muffin but you’re not really into either strawberries or bananas so the fruity ones we showed earlier won’t quite do the trick? Then check out these pumpkin muffins that are filled with rich dark chocolate chips! They’ll give you all the parts of pumpkin spice flavour things that you love about fall, but in a way that’s multi-seasonal tasting, which is good because you’ll want to eat them just about every day. Get more details on Mommy Octopus.

4. Banana blueberry oatmeal muffins

Banana blueberry oatmeal muffins

Just in case you’re still caught on the idea of bananas and berries but strawberries have never been your favourite, here’s a similar option but with an added twist! I Eat Therefore I Cook suggests making your favourite banana muffins but with oatmeal as a base ingredient for great texture and throwing in a splash of blueberries for extra flavour. They’re refreshing and filling all at once, making them the perfect breakfast muffin.

5. Chocolate zucchini muffins

Chocolate zucchini muffins

Have you always been a huge fan of recipes that secretly sneak some vegetables into the equation for good texture and a bit of extra nutrition in your sweet snack? Then you simply must check out these chocolate zucchini muffins by Little House Living! They’re pure chocolate taste but with a little extra something that kids won’t even notice as extra vegetable intake. Bonus!

6. Snickerdoodle muffins

Snickerdoodle muffins

If you’ve ever tasted how delicious snickerdoodle cookies are, then there’s no need for us to even start explaining why these muffins from Mommy Enterprises are so darn good! Even so, we like to make these because they taste exactly like the classic treat, but are at least a little bit more acceptable to eat as a breakfast snack or on your lunch break than just a pile of cookies.

7. Sweet potato pie oatmeal muffins

Sweet potato pie oatmeal muffins

Do you love the idea of sneaking vegetables into your baking because they make good ingredient substitutions where dietary needs are concerned and you just appreciate the rich, spongy texture it gives you, but you really don’t like zucchinis? Even if you can’t taste them, sometimes even just the knowledge that a recipe involves something you don’t like is enough to put you off of eating it. Instead, try these scrumptious sweet potato pie muffins that taste just like a hand held version of the classic holiday pie you’d find in a store. Check the whole ingredients list out on Mom Foodie!

8. Peanut butter muffins

Peanut butter muffins

You’ve probably had peanut butter cookies before (and, if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably also eaten too many peanut butter cookies in one sitting before too), so you know how rich and irresistible peanut butter caked goods can be. Have you noticed, though, that peanut butter muffins aren’t very common in stores and coffee shops? Personally, we think they’re so delicious that people should eat then more, so we sought out and tried a few really great recipes and this one by Busy Creating Memories was my favourite!

9. Greek yogurt berry  muffins

Greek yogurt berry muffins

Just in case you really don’t want to work with vegetables in your baking process, there are other ways to get that rich, spongy texture that you love. One of our favourite alternatives is to make our muffins with Greek yogurt. Some of This and That shows you how to do that with delicious blackberries for a taste that will have you reaching for a second muffin (or maybe even a third) almost immediately.

10. Sneaky veggie double chocolate whole wheat muffins

Sneaky veggie double chocolate whole wheat muffins

Are you still caught on the idea of sneaking vegetables into your baking so you actually don’t have to feel guilty about eating them for breakfast so many mornings in a row? Then these super rich chocolate muffins that are actually chalk full of different veggies as a base are the perfect recipe for you. Find out what’s in them at Bare Feet on the Dashboard.

11. Fresh peach spice muffins

Fresh peach spice muffins

We’ve talked a lot about fruit based muffin recipes of different times, but most of those recipes usually call for different types of berries and we know berries aren’t everyone’s favourite. That’s why we went and found ourselves a muffin recipe involving another kind of fruit so that we have options! This delicious peach spice idea from Live, Love, Texas is full of fresh summer flavour that will make your mouth water.

12. Triple chocolate bomb oatmeal muffins

Triple chocolate bomb oatmeal muffins

Oatmeal muffins are often our favourite because they’re so filling that they actually make a delicious meal, but we don’t find that there are too many recipes that use it in chocolate recipes. That’s why we were excited to find this one by Mom Foodie! They’re made with three different chocolate elements, making them absolutely mouth watering.

13. Raspberry banana crumb muffins

Raspberry banana crumb muffins

Just in case you can’t tell yet, we’re absolutely obsessed with banana muffins. We don’t even mind what they’re mixed with; throw in some other fruit, some chocolate chips, or nothing at all and we’ll always be excited about them! Our absolute favourite kind, however, are these banana raspberry ones from Domestic Mommyhood. There aren’t many places you’ll find bananas and strawberries together outside your morning smoothie, so we’re always excited when we get this treat.

14. Healthy strawberry lemon muffins

Healthy strawberry lemon muffins

If you’ve ever tried lemon baked goods of any kind then you already know how insanely delicious they are. Like bananas, though, there aren’t many options for lemon treats that are combined with other flavours in stores besides perhaps cranberries, which aren’t everyone’s favourite. That’s why we’re so thankful to Homemade for Elle for this version of a lemon muffin that involves mouth watering chunks of strawberries with each bite for a perfect flavour contrast.

15. Funfetti breakfast muffins

Funfetti breakfast muffins

Okay, so maybe this isn’t the kind of breakfast you could serve your kids every day, but these colorful funfetti muffins sure make for a great treat on special mornings like birthdays! The Pinning Mama guides you through the process of making a deliciously sweet cake-like muffin full of fruity, colourful breakfast cereal your kids will have a blast eating.

Do you have another favourite but super unique muffin recipe that you make all the time and it’s always a hit, but you don’t see it on our list? Tell us all about how they’re made or link us to your recipe in the comments section!

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