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15 Different Ways To Use A Muffin Tin

They’re used for a lot more than just for baking, well, muffins. Actually, they’re one of our favorite pieces for organizing and DIYing new, innovative ideas for surprising nooks of the home as well as recipes that wouldn’t come to mind at first glance. Check out all the wonderful ways, 15 to be exact, to use a muffin tin. You’ll be surprised of all the fun things you can do!

1. Hardware Storage

Hardware storage in a muffin tin

Health alike showcased a lot of wonderful ways to utilize a muffin tin. And this one caught our eyes immediately. Instead of all these pieces rolling around the garage floor, organize them and have then easily on hand when you need them!

2. Succulent Planter

Diy muffin tin planters

You could transform an old tin into a planter for your succulents. We love this quirky, funky way to upcycle and reuse. Check out the details for this one by hopping over to Ann-Marie Loves!

3. Boiled Egg Holder

Boiled egg holder in muffin tin

Whether you’re preparing brunch, serving up a meal to loved ones, or maybe just getting ready to dye some eggs in honor of Easter, this one will help. Your muffin tin can hold you hardboiled eggs without any frustration. Thanks for the awesome idea One Crazy House!

4. Dot Painting

Muffin tin dot painting

We’re absolutely living for this artistic and creative idea we found at Party Like It’s Your Birthday! Grab an old muffin tin, lots of paint, and the kiddos too! This is a perfect project for a rainy day and to have a little imaginative time with your little ones – the art will always look good in the end.

5. Lasagna Cups

Lasagna cup recipe

If you’re looking for some fun, new recipes, then your muffin tin could be the inspiration. Check out these delicious lasagna cups we found over at Food Network! And they’re so, so easy to make too.

6. Make Crayons

How to make recycled crayons

All of those broken crayons can be put to good use. Instead of throwing them out, follow along with the details of this upcycled project over at HGTV. You’ll love these round pieces and the kids will want to get right to work in their coloring books.

7. Condiments

30 muffin tin condiments

Don’t have anything to serve up the condiments at the neighborhood BBQ? Well, The Gilley Group showcased this genius idea and we snatched it up quick. Just grab a muffin tin and fill it up. Everything will be neater, tidier, and easier to get to.

8. Ice Cubes

Summer beverage ice cubes

Greens & Fries used a muffin tin to create some ice cubes – extra large ones to be exact. Of course you can make some plain Jane ones for your lemonade. Or you can add some extra bits (fruit) and create an infused version for the next get together with the girls.

9. Desk Organizer

Muffin tin desk organizer

You could easily use one as a desk organizer as well. Just grab and older tin and then paint it! That’s what Shabby Grace did and look how shabby chic and charming it ended up being!

10. Cookie Bowls

Cookie bowls out of muffin tins

Here’s another fun recipe that you can utilize your muffin tin with – aside from baking regular ol’ muffins, of course. Muscly shows us how to make cookie cups! You’ll use the bottom of the tin for this one.

11. Advent Calendar

Diy muffin tin advent calendar

Hip2Save turned a muffin tin into a fun advent calendar for the family. You can hop on over now to check out the details but it’s pretty simple. Create some numbers, fill up with small toys or candy, and then watch the kiddos enjoy all month long!

12. Oyster Holder

Muffin tin oyster holder

How cool is this setup from a la mode? It’s such a funky and easy way to serve up those oysters! Whether you’re hosting a brunch or bringing them to a potluck – quirk up the table with this one.

13. Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

Mini deep dish pizzas

A final recipe that we’re loving that utilizes a classic muffin tin comes to us by TIPPER. You can make mini deep dish pizzas! Check out all the different fillings too, from pepperoni and cheese to veggies – absolutely delicious and adorable too.

14. Votive Holder

Muffin tin votive holder

SF Girl by the Bay always has a great amount of inspiration she features and finds. We snatched up this idea because we thought it was one of the cutest ways to use vintage baking pans! Just turn it into a votive holder and voila!

15. Snack Tray

Muffin tin as a snack tray

And finally, we picked up this idea from Healthalike as well. Create a makeshift pinic for you and the kids by filling up the holes with treats everyone loves. The little ones will love to help you out with this one too.

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