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15 Mouthwatering Truffle Recipes

In our family, buying each other treats when something exciting or celebratory happens is just what we do. There are, however, certain treats that we always buy for certain things. If something very special like a graduation or a college acceptance happens, we always make sure to get the guest of honour a nice gourmet box of truffles. Just because a box of truffles is fancy and delicious, however, doesn’t automatically mean it’s store bought! In fact, in our family full of DIY and crafting enthusiasts, the things we gift each other are usually homemade, treats and candies included!

Check out these 15 mouthwatering truffle recipes in unique, scrumptious flavours that we’ve actually tried making in real life and gifted to our family members and loved ones time and time again.

1. Chili and chocolate

Chili and chocolate

Is your favourite kind of chocolate one that has a little bit of an unconventional kick to it? Some people enjoy sweet and salty tastes together but if you’re craving something a little more spicy, try making these little homemade chili and chocolate truffles from Green Kitchen Stories! They’re a rich, pure dark chocolate covered in a light layer of chili powder for extra flavour.

2. Apple Cinnamon

Apple cinnamon

Contrary to popular belief, not every truffle has to be chocolate based! Many of them are and we’re always big fans of those ones, but adding another flavour or a few special ingredients makes for something extra delicious. That’s why we love making these apple cinnamon truffles by Christine’s Kitchen Chronicles! They taste just like a delicious apple crumble, but bite-sized.

3. Mayan chocolate

Mayan chocolate

Did you like the idea of making a chocolate truffle with a little extra bite, but dusting your treats with actual chili powder might be a little too much kick for you? Then try this Mayan chocolate truffle idea from Tasty Kitchen instead! In their coating, the spice is mixed with cocoa powder to make sure things stay sweet.

4. Chocolate chickpea

Chocolate chickpea

Perhaps you’ve been looking through this list hoping to find something made with healthier ingredients that will be diet-friendly for your friends who have to watch things like their sugar or dairy intake each day? Then we definitely think you should check out these chickpea truffles from Keep it In Kind! Making the chocolate with chickpeas gives things a deliciously rich texture.